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Buffy The Vampire Slayer - THE WORST!!!!

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  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer - THE WORST!!!!

    My way of celebrating Christmas holidays?
    Awarding the worst of Buffy!!!
    It's gonna work pretty much like the two other ceremonies I hosted, but to remind people here how it's gonna work.
    20 categories, 3 steps.
    - First Step: you will decide which are the nominees by PMing me your choices.
    - Second Step: the answers the more frequently suggested will become the official nominees, nominees you will vote for!
    - Third Step: the results!

    Here are the categories, a lot different from the other ceremony with a little explanation for each, I suggest you to read it carefully. They are divided in three divisions to be more clear.
    You can give from 1 to 5 names for each category, 5 would be better of course, by PMing me.

    I suggest you check this IMdB page to help you vote:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series 1997–2003) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

    01. Worst Main Male Character (who played between 144 and 20 episodes)
    02. Worst Female Main Character (144-20)
    03. Worst Guest Male Character (19-2)
    04. Worst Guest Female Character (19-2)
    05. Worst One-Shot Male Character (who played in one episode only)
    06. Worst One-Shot Female Female Character ( who played in one episode only)

    I suggest you check this IMdB page cause just looking at episodes titles can give you ideas:

    07. Worst Direction for an Episode (name the title, not the director)
    08. Worst Writings for an Episode (name the title, not the writer)
    09. Worst Episode Comedy (that category includes every Comedy Episode)
    10. Worst Episode Drama (that category includes every Episode which is not a Comedy Episode)
    11. Worst Episode
    12. The Cheesiest Scene (I won't give example because they have the tendency to end-up nominated, so be imaginative and check the Episodes List, it'll help!)
    13. The Most "Gimme a break!!!" scene (This time I will help, for instance Buffy sleeping with Parker or Anya decapitating a Turok-Han, every scene that makes you say "Gimme a break", and don't fall into a ship thing, there's an other category for that, I gave Buffy/Parker example on purpose, I will accept it because the "Gimme..." factor is Buffy sleeping too soon after leaving Angel, it's not a ship thing....)
    14. The Scene You Would Be Embarassed If Someone Catched You Watching It (the title sum-up the idea I think, the most ridiculous, the most stupid, the most cheap scene...)

    Again, that page will help come-up with ideas:

    15. Worst Ship
    16. Worst Season (not more than three votes for this one)
    17. Worst Arc (any story that goes through more than one episode: "The Harvest arc", "The Order Of Taraka arc", "The Initiative arc", "The Mayor arc"...)
    18. Worst Villain/Demon
    19. Worst Style for a Demon (the demon the more ridiculous to look at or the cheaper costume, your call)
    20. Worst Style for a Scooby (be very specific of the character, the episode and the moment, it can be hair, outfit or make-up)

    For any question, just post it in the thread!
    Okay, that's it, again I really ask you to take some time to think of it and come-up with original and the-most-fiting nominees and try to give 5 names if you can!!! Have fun!!!!!!! Happy Worst Christmas Ever
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