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  • See. Take. Have!!!

    Simply, if you could have any three items from the set from any season what would you take?

    Make sure to give your reasons why you love it or why means something to to you. Feel free to list more than three or to do the list for each season. No taking home actors/actresses though!

    Bonus points for creativity, obscurity, and specifics.


    I'll go first:

    Buffy Season 2 is my favorite season so I naturally want to grab items from there first.
    1. Statue of Acathala - That is a wicked statue and the face is both grotesque yet somewhat comforting. Reminds of a gargoyle. And would looks so awesome in my living room!
    2. Buffy's tank with the duck that says "Hug Me" worn in Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered. She opens the door after Angelus rings it and she just looks so lost and here's this adorably sweet shirt telling us exactly what she needs.
    3. Mr. Gordo - Seriously who wouldn't want to spend some quality time with the little piggy! Such a great representation of happy and simple dreams in a grown up dark world. Angel totally would have made off with Mr. Gordo if Buffy hadn't interrupted him!

    Lydia made the punch!

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    -That egg from bad eggs that was left over at the end of the episode. Wanna see if it hatches.
    -Buffy's prom dress. Ok, might be a weee bit small but...this is a fantasy so it will fit!
    -One of Sunday's stolen student posters, because I always found her quest to see if Monet or the other one was more popular very amusing.

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      Whole things makes me think of Xander's thoughts for the master bones -- "trophy? Horrible conversations piece?"

      Well, if I'm taking them as props and not as mystical objects, that rules out all or part of RJ's jacket :ninja:


      1. Faith's Jackal (first appearance, 3.19 "Choices") -- no, not at all obscure, but irresistible. The stylized knife, actually a production novelty blade since well before Season 3 of Buffy, has become synonymous with Faith's character and her entire relationship with Buffy. Even to the point of being aptly included in the variant cover for Buffy 8.08 "No Future For You", Part III.

      2. Buffy's Charm Bracelet (1.03 "The Witch") -- the silver bracelet that Xander gives Buffy in "The Witch" had the inscription "yours always", and was unfortunately lost to Buffy when it was taken by Amy's mother to put a hex on her. But, as a Buffy/Xander 'shipper, what more simple and lovely prop for my favorite couple in the Buffyverse?

      3. Giles' Check (6.05 "Life Serial") -- If I owned it, I would know how much money he gave her -- or, at least what goofy message somebody scribbled on it to see if they could make Sarah break during shooting

      Lou, that painting thing was *hysterical*, great pick. The other painter was Gustav Klimt, by the way -- "Monet still well in the lead, but look
      out for team Klimt coming from behind."
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        Great idea!

        1. Spike's Leather Coat, to get chicks.
        2. Buffy Scythe, love the weapon.
        3. An Orb Of a paperweight.


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          1) Faith's body switching device ... *Pleased to meet you Mr. Gates! *
          2) The rocket launcher used to defeat the Judge - how cool would that look in a display case above the mantelpiece??
          3) Spike's motorbike, for sheer coolness factor.

          (Oh, and if I have a motorbike, could I cheekily go over to AtS, and steal the pink helmet Angel had to wear. 'Hop on board gorgeous' = Hehehe.)


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            Oi, there were a lot of pretty thinns I wanted to have.

            1. I wanted Miss Kitty Fantastico ... can I have her or is that part of the 'not taking actresses and actors home' rule? In my house she wouldn't get herself killed so soon, I promiss.

            2. Just like Ehlwyen, I want to have Mr. Gordo. I loved him since I saw Angel holding him. And I think it's cool the pig is called 'Mr. Gordo'. If I had bought it, he would been called 'the pig'.

            3. And I want to have Anya's bunny suit, I love it. We don't celebrate Halloween here but I want the suit.


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              1. The cool looking box from "Choices." It just looks neat. I wanna put stuff in it.
              2. The funny slides from "Hush." What a great item to just have. And hey, wide Buffy!
              3. Oz's name tag for his halloween costume in Fear, Itself." Hello My Name is God. That's a classic one!

              And I have to say, the Orb of Thesula is extremely awesome looking.
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                1. I'd have Mr. Gordo too. I love stuffed I'd take him home
                2. Mr. Pointy. How cool would that be? A stake...called Mr. Pointy...classic.
                3. I'd also take that 'Vampyr' book as seen in Welcome to the Hellmouth. I wanna know what actually is in that book

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                  1. I would get that mechanical blood sucking machine from The Wish. What? I could use it as a juicer or somthing.

                  2. The drugs Giles was giving Buffy in Helpless. Who knows, it could be a cure for cancer. We won't know until we test it out.

                  3. Buffy's Doublemeat Palace uniform. I look very cute in orange!!!!

                  Originally Posted by KoC:
                  3. Giles' Check (6.05 "Life Serial") -- If I owned it, I would know how much money he gave her -- or, at least what goofy message somebody scribbled on it to see if they could make Sarah break during shooting
                  OMG that is a fantastic one! I wonder what it does say. I know if I was the prop person I would've put something dirty on it just to get a reaction.
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                    Great Thread

                    1)Willow's marker board: The board from 'Hush' when Willow writes "Hey Giles" on it, always wanted that. And if Ally wanted to write a little message on it for me I wouldn't say no.

                    2) The cross Angel gives Buffy in 'Welcome to the Hellmouth': Ok I'm a guy so I probably won't be wearing it any time soon but come on it is a pivitol prop and managed to stay in the opening credits for seven years. It saved Buffy's life, she wore it a lot in the early seasons and it symbolises that great scene of the two of them meeting for the first time.

                    3) The Buffybot: Ok hey not an actress classified as an object!
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                      Spike's Leather Jacket - I would give it to James Marsters - it should be his.
                      Spike's silver lighter - because it was like the only other posession he always had with him.
                      And this really cool sweater Anya wore in...Season 7... It looks like a normal sweater from the fron but when she turns - its completely backless... I LOVE that sweater - I could wear the heck out of that sweater...
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                        1) I know you can actually buy these but the claddagh ring angel gave to buffy
                        2)The cross angel also gave buffy in welcome to the hellmouth
                        3)And I also would like spikes lighter cos its cool


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                          Ok, this is a hard question..
                          -I'd take Buffy's dress which she wore in "Prophecy Girl",
                          -I'd take the Buffy&Spike wedding toys in Something Blue,
                          -Lastly, the necklace Buffy gave to Spike in Chosen "champion"


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                            1. The Scythe 'cause that is the coolest weapon ever made in the history of warcraft.
                            2. D'Hoffryn's talisman 'cause if I were to get pist at someone: vengeance, vengeance, vengeance!
                            3. The Trio's invisible gun 'cause that is a dude's fantasy toy. Period.