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    Who is a big fan of the buffy game choas bleeds i for one think it is great fun just to kick butt and it is fun in places only problem is the camera

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    i was thinking of getting that, can u get it for PC? as i dont have any game machine thing lol

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      no you can't it is for playstation 2 ,gamecube and xbox. If you ever get an xbox for some reason it would be good because you can get choas bleeds for it but also you can get the other buffy the vampire slayer game which is meant to be very good i havnt played it but i have heard it is a very fun buffy game but choas bleeds is very fun imo


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        I, like you were talking about major_buffy_fan, own an xbox and I actually like the older game more than the knew one. Although I can't remember which one has Faith fighting Kakistos. Anyway whichever one that is, my disc would freeze EVERY. TIME. I was soooo pissed because it did it every time I would get all the way to the end to fight him. Then I would have to redo the entire level, yet again. BUT I am proud to say that a while back I went and tried the game out again after not playing it for like a year and at about midnight. WHAM!!!! I beat the game. Granted it was after like 4 hours of freezing. I was so excited I started yelling because it was a joyous occassion and my parents got pissed but they knew how angry I was at the game so they understood.

        If you have the chance to play either one they're great fun. Just hope yours doesn't freeze up on you!
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          I owned a Gamecube and owned Chaos Bleeds. Now I don't

          But, when I had it, I was mildly amused I played it, never got too far because I suck at the games It was enough fun but not addictive like the series or other games I've played and just loved. It kicks ass, and some levels are fun just to kick ass, but, I didn't play it very often, just occasionally.


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            I have Chaos Bleeds on PS2, i dont really play it much anymore though. It is pretty fun to dust some vamps every now and then


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              I've rented the game a fair few time because I can't find a copy to buy (Darn it) but I must admit I haven't had that much fun playing a PS2 game since I played Destroy All Humans. Anytime you get to stake a vampire in a game get's an immediate A+ in my book
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