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buffy charecter development *spoilers*

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  • buffy charecter development *spoilers*

    I am just curious on what people think of how buffy changes throught season 1-7 i mean she starts as a young women who is coming to terms with everything and eventully accpets it then she dies twice then she comes back and evetully has a relantionship sort of with spike and seems abit like i don't care about what i do attitude some people i know refered to her as becoming a sl*t in later seasons i however don't agree with this since i think she is just confused and doesn;t know what to do since she idnt want to be brought back

    what do you all think ?

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    Second to Willow I would say, Buffy blossomed a heck of alot. The way I see it, Buffy progressively faced a new stage every season:

    season 1: She was young and innocent. Just a girl.
    season 2: Then came the teen angst. Buckets of teen angst.
    season 3: High school closure; leaving childhood, emerging womanhood.
    season 4: College freedom; the world is bigger and way badder
    season 5: Adult roles mean facing adult responsibilities
    season 6: Depression; where's the light at the end of the tunnel?
    season 7: A woman.


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      thats a good point seems about right