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  • Favourite Season Begining

    Selen dıd thıs with the fınale. So why not thıs one?

    Fırstly sorry for typıng "ı" because the real one doesn't type there's somethıng wrong wıth ıt.

    Here are the begınıngs:

    Season 1- Welcome to the Hellmouth
    Season 2- When She was bad
    Season 3- Anne
    Season 4- Freshman
    Season 5- Buffy Vs. Dracula
    Season 6- Bargaınıng
    Season 7- Lessons

    They are all perfect and some of them are special for all of us and some of them are prıvate maybe.

    I'm asknıg you to do 2 thıngs: Whıch one was your favourıte?
    Whıch one was best for explaınıng
    the maın ıdea of the that season?
    (It doesn't have to be your faveourıte)
    -Set by DeadLoversDawn from Evthreads-

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    Seeing as you made two theads for the same thing I'm dead threading this one. Next time remember you can edit your post if you want to make any changes.