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Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Ceremony Awards 2007

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  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Ceremony Awards 2007

    Okay, I came up with that idea last night. I thought it would be cool that Buffy had its own Ceremony Award. Let's see how it's gonna work. There's gonna be 20 categories, first step: Nominations.

    For each category, you'll have to choose one, two, or three names, three would be better of course. Just send me a PM with your votes, I numbered the categories so just give the number, followed by your votes. For example, for the category "Best Episode", if you wanna vote for I Robot...You Jane, Bad Eggs and Beer Bad , just write:
    I Robot...You Jane
    Bad Eggs
    Beer Bad

    After counting the votes, there will be 5 nominees for every category (well...maybe not 5 for every one) and then it will be the second step.

    Here's the categories, some inspired by the Oscar and Emmy awards, some not.

    01. Best Episode

    02. Best Episode - Drama

    03. Best Episode - Comedy/Musical

    04. Best Actor - Drama

    05. Best Actress - Drama

    06. Best Actor - Comedy/Musical

    07. Best Actress - Comedy/Musical

    08. Best Direction for an Episode

    09. Best Writings for an Episode

    10. Best Art Direction (Best Set, for example "The Magic Box" or "Buffy's Home")

    11. Best Costume Design, Hairstyle and Makeup (Be specific, both character and episode, for example: "Buffy-Becoming Part II" or "Spike-Fool For Love, New-York Style")

    12. Best Song (Which means with Lyrics, for example "Goodbye To You", "Sugar Water" or "Going Through The Motions")

    13. Best Original Music (Which means wthout lyrics, for example "Devil Child" or "Close Your Eyes" and if you don't know the music title, describe the scene like: "Becoming Part II, Buffy kills Angel")

    14. Best Moment - Drama (Again be specific, for example: "Passion - Giles finds Jenny dead in his bed"

    15. Best Moment - Comedy/Musical (Same here, for example: "Life Serial - Mummy hand loop)

    16. Best Villain

    17. Best Guest (For a character who appeared in 5 or less episodes, for example, Amy won't be accepted cause she played in 8 episodes, so watch out!)

    18. Best Season

    19. Best Fight

    20. Best Foreign TV Show (No, I don't mean foreign country, vote for a TV Show which is not Whedon's)

    Okay, I'm waiting for you to PM me your choices, I guess I will open the votes for a week and see if there's enough votes. If you don't have enough time to vote for every category in one time, no problem, Pm me your results little by little. Please do not suggest me new categories, I tried to do "not so much" categories to avoid Superlatives 07' problems.
    I'm still looking for a name for the awards, so if you have suggestions, just PM them with your votes, something like "The Sunnydale Awards" for example.
    Okay I hope, there will be a lot of participation, any question? Just PM me.
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