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Spike&Drusilla or Spike&Buffy??

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  • Spike&Drusilla or Spike&Buffy??

    I know that it's quite hard to answer this question. Because we all know that Spike loved Drusilla and Buffy so much. Howewer, in my opinion, Drusilla gave the real love to him. Buffy didn't really seem to care Spike in season 6 but I think in season 7 she started to love Spike. Also, I think Spike's love for Buffy is heavier than his love for Dru. Buffy never said yes to Spike, so it might affect his love in a positive way. On the other hand, Spike told Buffy that he didn't say I love you to go out with her right away, he just loved her because of her Buffyness So he says that he didn't need an answer for his love. Then we can understand the love with Dru might not be meaningful for Spike, when he falls in love with Buffy...

    Well, think of these and answer. Who is the true love?? Buffy or Dru??

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    So hard question Beste!!Nice job I prefer Spuffy all the way but I also adore Spike&Drusilla. They are the best couple to show us that vampire love is real
    Spike&Buffy has a different place in my heart..Spike&Buffy is what I prefer for "Buffy" character. I would say "Drusilla" for "Spike" character in some ways, Drusilla because they loved each other and they dated kinda officially. What Spike&Buffy had was a different relationship through all Btvs couples.
    Spike loved Buffy more than Drusilla. But he really loved both so much that I can't really compare. However he gave up after Drusilla cheated on him. On the other hand, he never stopped loving Buffy!
    [Ps:I was full of sorrow when I saw Dru cheating on Spike]


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      Dru perhaps loved Spike but her way of expressing it was not the way in which he would accept or appreciate. She tended to be more connected with Angelus who shares her passion for sadism, destruction and evil in general which Spike couldn't really understand on a deeper level. Also if we are to believe Angel, she really is kind of fickle.

      If we are to believe Spike then Buffy is 'the one', only one he's ever been sure of. This doesn't mean Dru means nothing to him but I'd say he's moved on lol.


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        Personally I would go for Drusilla and Spike.

        The first thing reason for this was the way that the relationship first developed. Drusilla was the first person to sense that there was something special about Spike, something that made him different from others and while she showed this fact in the wrong way (siring him) the fact remains that she had enough feelings from first sight that she was willing to spend all of eternity with him, or at least a number of years. While on the other hand Buffy and Spike are the complete opposites she's a vampire slayers, he's a vampire. They spent several years wishing each other dead and even when they were sleeping together they could never be fully considered together. Even at the end of Season 7 Buffy never truly loved Spike and this was something he himself realized and showed through his words

        "No you don't, but thanks for saying it."
        The dynamics between Drusilla and Spike were almost the most interesting. It was clear that Spike loved Drusilla and though her feelings towards him couldn't be described as full blown love considering several of her actions such as cheating on him with Angelus during the early years and again running back to him after Angel lost his soul in season 2. However Drusilla clearly did care about Spike she just didn't go about showing things the right way. I also think that Drusilla and Spike are far more suited to each other than Buffy and Spike.

        As we all know especially with pre soul Spike his idea of loving and showing this is much different to Buffy's idea of this. However I do think that as a vampire herself Drusilla would have a much better understanding of Spike and the way that he shows his love for her. I am also not a great fan of the Spuffy relationship in general. I feel that through this relationship he tried to lower the level of my favourite character. Throughout the duration of Season 6 rather than showing Buffy the support that she needed, he chose to eat on her fears trying to convince her that she was a creature of the dark like him and trying to persuade her to cut herself off from her friends. I am sure that we as viewers would agree that if this had of happened Buffy would have died fairly quickly. Hell Spike knows this he himself says in Fool For Love

        The only reason you've lasted as long as you have is you've got ties to the world... your mum, your brat kid sister, the Scoobies. They all tie you here but you're just putting off the inevitable.
        Then there's the AR something, which in my opinion is inexcusable especially due to the fact that while Spike did feel guilt for his actions. That wasn't what he was concerned about, what he was concerned about was why didn't he go through with it? So yes I think that Spike and Drusilla are more suited to each other than Spike and Buffy ever will be.

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          Oh, Spike and Dru for me, without a doubt. I dearly love Spike's character when he is paired with Dru. He was such a caring and gentleman with his Queen.
          One of my favorites scenes between the two comes at the end of What's my line. Spike has captured and drained some of Angel's energy to restore Dru's health, despite the risk to his own health that he knew would be coming at the hands of a serious honked off Slayer. Buffy gets the best of Spike but at the very end, we see that Dru will now care for the injured Spike as she carries him out. Creepy visual but kinda romantic at the same time.

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            Spike and Dru for me as well. I always found Spuffy to be, well, gross. In every way imaginable. So that in itself would be enough for me to pick Spike/Dru but it isn't. They're one of my favorite couples on Buffy when they're together and have wonderful chemistry. I actually enjoy Spike's character when he's with Drusilla, and I'm not a big fan of his in general. Plus, I think they look better together as well - all evil and gothic (particularly her).
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              Spike and Buffy, no contest. Buffy inspired the best changes in Spike, and, for all his comments on his chemistry with Juliet, I think Sarah brought out the best in James, too. Has Spike/Drusilla ever elicited a comment of such emotional intensity out of him?

              "I remember -- God this is so powerful, I'm gonna cry. See, here's the actor's secret. What Spike wanted to do with Buffy when he was in love with her? He wanted to give her a garden, a rose garden. (pauses and paces a minute to collect himself, takes a drink of water) (voice shaking) because that was alive."

              Drusilla was never constant in her attentions, whereas Buffy came to consider Spike the most important man in her life, along with Angel. In his century-long relationship with Drusilla, Spike never had the intimacy he found in just a few years with Buffy, as he lets us know himself. And unlike Spike/Drusilla, I had the privilege of observing Spike and Buffy's relationship closely from start to finish ("finish" within the TV series, at least). Its development was bumpier and often uglier, but that's just what made its high moments so rewarding.
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                I personally enjoyed watching Spike and Dru more, but that isn't to say I believe he cares about Dru more so than Buffy.

                I just found Spike and Dru to be an awesome pairing, the two of them are iconic in the show, as is their face turn in 'Schoolhard.' This was a time when I really liked Spike's character before he lost all his spunk, and I loved Dru's character as well. The two were so interesting, brought a great gothic feel to the show and have so many years of amazing history worth exploring. I found them far more enjoyable than Buffy and Spike as both characters IMO gave eachother strength, whereas the Spuffy relationship at some point or another for a long period of time, made both miserable. Both relationships had their ups and downs, positives and negatives, but Spike & Dru are just iconic to me.

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                  Because it's richer, more multilayered, more rewarding and compelling story. It's a story about love and redemption I can identify with.

                  Don't get me wrong - Spike\Dru dynamics was also interesting for me but I never rooted for them the way I rooted - and still root - for Buffy and Spike. They went through so much together and they enriched each other.

                  And I agree with Enisy - actors also benefited a lot from the story. I think SMG and JM demonstrated their finest acting abilities in later seasons in the scenes where Buffy and Spike interact.
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                    It's really kind of hard cause Spike and Dru are AMAZING together and Spuffy, well it's Spuffy and recently I found my self as a Spuffy person.
                    But... I guess Spuffy. Because like people said above me, so much layers in their relationship that started with passion and was about sex and then became so deep...


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                      Wow... That's hard. I love Spuffy more than Sprusilla. However, I like them for different things. I like that Dru never tries to change Spike she accepts him for who he is - unlike Buffy who could not.

                      Dru also allows the illusion that Spike is in control in the relationship. But she is controlling and manipulative and is clearly open always to a relationship with Angelus. Spike was more faithful to the relationship with Dru. That we know of he never "strayed" when he was in the relationship with her. But there's was very much about the vampire side of his life.

                      But Buffy requires more of Spike. And she also appeals to his humanity. Treating him "like a man" instead of a monster. Trusting him implicitly in some instances which is a human trait.
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                        Originally posted by vampmogs View Post
                        I personally enjoyed watching Spike and Dru more, but that isn't to say I believe he cares about Dru more so than Buffy.
                        ^^ Agreed. If this thread is about who Spike loved more, I think it would have been Buffy. Not that I have to like it or anything. But if it's just personal opinion on which is the couple I like better, it would be Spike and Dru all the way, of course.
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                          Originally posted by Enisy View Post
                          Drusilla was never constant in her attentions, whereas Buffy came to consider Spike the most important man in her life, along with Angel. In his century-long relationship with Drusilla, Spike never had the intimacy he found in just a few years with Buffy, as he lets us know himself. And unlike Spike/Drusilla, I had the privilege of observing Spike and Buffy's relationship closely from start to finish ("finish" within the TV series, at least). Its development was bumpier and often uglier, but that's just what made its high moments so rewarding.
                          I completely agree. I don't really mind Spike with Drusilla, I mean they were kind of funny and creepy and stuff, but Spuffy was definitely without a doubt the best in my personal opinion.

                          I agree with Angel in Lover's Walk "She was always kind of fickle". And she really was. I mean she was sooo into Spike and they loved each other and they were 'soulmates' (so to speak) but as soon as Angelus comes back she's all over him and barely notices Spike accept to pout at him and smile at Angel. I mean Drusilla just seemed to go where the power was and where the 'fun' was, whatever she decided that was at the time.

                          Buffy didn't really appreciate Spike in season six, but he didn't have a soul and she was in a rediculously bad place. Season seven is where Spuffy lives and it's beautiful there. They love and trust each other and take care of each other. Far better than Spike and Dru ever were.
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                            Well, Season 7, a good chunk of Season 5, and some moments in Season 6 that highlighted how sweet their relationship could be under different circumstances (like the scene in "Hell's Bells", which was rewritten by Joss specifically for that purpose).

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                              I also adore Angel/Darla.- Vintage. I love love love love the vampire family.


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                                Spuffy by far. Spike and Dru were comedic, that's about it. Spuffy was everything wrapped into one pairing. They were incredible. Don't get me wrong Juliet was an AMAZING actress, but I'd prefer a lot of pairings before I'd choose Spike and Dru.

                                Spuffy all the way.


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                                  For the show- Spike and Buffy. I think they gave more to the viewers long terms, brought on by the fact that Dru and Spike were a villainous pair and it's in the show's interest to not have the baddies win the day.

                                  For Shy-becomes-evil!Spike? He and Dru ran rampant 'round Europe for 100 year. Spike and Dru all the way.

                                  For Changed!Spike? He got his soul back for Buffy, and this is not insignificant. I personally think though, that while she was the catalyst, she wasn't entirely it. I think he was ready to be someone new- he had been running about for 100 years, killing, etc- he was over it. In season two we see he's all about doing the individual thing- getting Dru strong. Sure, he'll kill Buffy if he gets the chance, but he's all about the dance, the journey in any case. He wants the 'human' aspect of it, he's not interested just in killing her. All the same, he's not playing with his food the way Angelus would, as far as he's concerned, Buffy can be an active player in the game, not a script part that he's written. Even by the end of season two, we see clearly that he'll mess around with demons, whatever for Dru, but he's not interested in ending the world. He likes it.

                                  So... um... Buffy all the way then