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  • What about Dawn.

    We met a girl, called "Dawn" in the very beginning of season 5. First, it was hard to accept that Buffy has a sis. We we sometimes found Dawn annoying. So what do you think about her? Was it good or bad?
    It's nice to see her in the show:) Nice character
    I don't want her in the cast of Btvs, she is so annoying! She should have never came.
    I don't think positive or negative./No idea
    I like her but not too much. I even sometimes find her annoying, but usually she's okay.

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    IMO, she was okay, actually, when I first watched eppis with Dawnie, I really found her annoying but by the time, Ive gotten used to her I mean she's not in my "favourite characters list" but I like her


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      I really like Dawn. Other people see her as this really annoying charecter. But I'm not. I relate to her because im the youngest. I see that people treat her like this little girl but still expect from her stuff...


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        I rarely found Dawn annoying, I don't know why. I was also one of those people who was indifferent to Kennedy.

        I didn't mind Dawn in seasons 5 and 6 but I liked her in 7. I just did. When it counted she was willing to give herself the cause without claiming the Glory. I liked that.


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          Originally posted by kana View Post
          I rarely found Dawn annoying, I don't know why. I was also one of those people who was indifferent to Kennedy.
          I really hated Kennedy and still do, actually. She is so annoying.. her attitude is freaking chiledish..
          and as for dawn, in season 5 I liked her because in many shows they bring a chiled cause something is missing or they have nothing to go on with. It wasn't like that with Dawn. it wasn't that natural.. for days i went around with the question of is Buffy really one of those shows that stock a new charecter, a new sister no less and don't explain. but in episode 4 or 5 I actually see how amazing Buffy is with that story line!.


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            I voted it's nice to see her in the show.Even though at first I didn't really like her and also thought she was annoying and selfish a lot but sometimes it was called for.In the end I really like Dawn.


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              Dawn, well...I'm looking for a word other than "owned" and it's just not coming. In season 5, she was an outstanding foil for Buffy, and to some extent Spike. I don't think any story in the 'verse was more powerful than Buffy and Dawn in season 5, but I could go on about that forever. Dawn brought Buffy to her senses about who she really is, and did it again in s6 when Buffy lost that sense of identity she had in the last few hours of "The Gift." Through these two seasons, and a little of s7, Dawn was sort of a "meter stick" for Buffy's humanity, health and happiness. If Dawn got mistreated at any point, we knew Buffy was off the deep end.

              Also, Dawn was a very interesting character by herself, and most of the time was portrayed realistically IMO. She had the teenage crisis of identity thing going on (Blood Ties, Potential, the klepto arc of s6 which I didn't really like), and beyond her unusually childish behavior in her first few episodes, she was very insightful and intelligent. She cared enough about the world and her friends to die for them. And the familial bond she shared with her sister never died, no matter what happened.
              Buffy: It sounds like it's difficult for you. Maybe your sister makes it hard for you to establish your own identity. You said she's controlling, she doesn't let you make your own decisions -
              Dawn: Yeah, and she borrows my clothes without asking.


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                She was fine. I really enjoyed her season 5 and helped keep Buffy interesting. The entire key storyline with Glory was amazing and made Buffy rock for me (tiss my favorite season.)

                Season 6 she was kinda dull, and a bit over powering in some episodes, but it was a normal reaction to all the pain she has felt. She had a nice end in the finale of season 6 when she is fighting along side Buffy.

                Season 7 was the potential season for Dawn, they could have done SO MUCH, but they really pushed her aside for a yawnfest Spike story, which always really upset me.


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                  I voted that she was okay....

                  In Season 5, she was bearable, until "Blood Ties", of course. Then, she got gradually better. Then, at Season 6, I hated her Her "GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!" was soooooo unbearable and I wanted her to just LEAVE! She was incredibly annoying. But, then, she became one of the great aspects of season 7. She really, really shined and not annoying, at all. "Potential" is actually a great episode because it shows a much better side of Dawn and really shows her character shine. So, basically, Season Five = Okay, Season Six = Bad, and Season 7 = Great....I think that equals out to okay


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                    Yes, I hated her in season6 like lots of people did. However, I was annoyed in s5 in some epis. Also, Buffy was sorta trying to find all the ways to insult Dawn in s5. And In season6, Buffy was ignoring Dawn imo.


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                      I chose the last option. I like Dawn but I never fely passionate about her. Yes, sometimes she's annoying, but it's natural. She's lonely, she tries to attract attention to herself at any cost.
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                        Dawn's quite a nice character... but she takes so much getting used to. I remember, not long ago, watching a season 5 episode and thinking about how the show was irreversibly altered with Dawn's insertion. Which is not necessarily a bad thing... some very good drama came from Glory and later Dawn-related things. But it was never really about Buffy, Willow and Xander anymore... and it was never the same as in 'the good old days'.


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                          I remember when we first were introduced to Dawn, I really hated her. I thought it was a stupid ploy on the part of the writers bringing in something like this so late, and especially without explanation. And then we get the plot going and then I start to think that she's just a whiny, annoying kid who has no real place on the Scoobies except to act a few years younger than her age... and then I started re-watching Buffy and I really love her character. It's hilarious how one's opinion changes over the years.

                          I think she was a smart addition to the show, mostly because it brought on a whole new set of challenges for Buffy's character, in that she now has a sister, a whole new realm of possibilities that weren't there for the first four sesaons. She also has the Glory arc of the season to play a part in and her moments of crisis over being the Key were very true to character in the fact that she's a teenager. I agree that her characterization about growing up in the world, not as the Slayer or the Slayerettes, is very honest. I loved the Kletpo stages that she went through, a cry for help that people weren't paying attention to her, at least not in the way that she craved. I adored the episode when they get stuck in the house on Buffy's birthday, especially then end when Halfrek explains Dawn's pain (and proceeds to get herself stuck as well - ).

                          She definitely grew up more in Season 7, which was awesome. We saw her getting more respect and responsibilities, as well as growing up and realizing that she has a part to play, and that it's important in its own right. Xander's speech in 'Potential' was gorgeous and explained her part wonderfully.

                          So, it was a love/hate and now it's love for Dawn.


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                            I remember when Dawn showed up at the end of 'Dracula'. I sat there dumbfounded...huh? Then in 'The Real Me' I just couldn't really figure out what was going on. But I kind of enjoyed having her around...although I noticed that the history had completely changed. But I really came to enjoy Dawn and the sisterly connection with Buffy. What annoyed me the most was the fact that she was constantly acting younger than her 14 years...(I know they were originally intending to bring in a 12-year-old and ended up casting Michelle, who did a great job, but it seems like their writing was still for someone younger...)

                            I like the way Dawn was the anchor for Buffy in the beginning of S6...

                            S7 Dawn really got to grow up, and I appreciated that they did that for her. She had seemed to find her place in the Scooby gang, she was growing and learning and helping, and then, suddenly, all these potentials arrive and shortly thereafter she gets thrown into the background again. I was so annoyed and frustrated for her.

                            All in all, I enjoyed Dawn's character and think she brought a lot to the show and gave it an even deeper meaning.
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