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  • Best BTVS Season Opening?


    Firstly, I'll explain what I wanted to mean with opening. We watch it in every episode It's introducing the actors/actersses, where the buffy theme plays. Sorry for this explaination, I should probably have a name but I remember so.. I chose this way. This opennings were different for every seasons. But as far a I know, season 1&2 opennings are same.(If it's not please correct me) So what I ask is, which one was your favourite and was special for you.

    I'll start: Season 3. It was just amazing.. every character's videos were suitable for the subject of the season. and It was impressive. Everytime I watched; I had those goose-bumps.

    Ok I remembered OPENING CREDITS!.
    Season 1&2 opening
    Season 3 opening
    Season 4 opening
    Season 5 openning
    Season 6 opening
    Season 7 opening
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    They were some differences between season 1 and 2 opening credits, but nothing big.

    I voted for Season 3 opening because it has rythm and a lot of good moments, mostly by using lots of images of "Anne" which good or bad was visualy pretty good. And what I love is the end of the opening credits with the music going crazy and lots of images and that part disappear on the season 5, 6 and 7, so that's why I choose season 3.


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      Season 3 opening credits all the way! It includes BecomingPart2, etc. I luv it


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        Season 3, definetly. first you have the new Buffy font which is all sorts of cool.
        and you got the action of becoming and stuff! .. it's all sorts of exciting!


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          season 3 opening credits, because it has more season 2 btvs than season 1 btvs. i prefer nerfherder's version of the theme rather than the remix... it was a bit harder and moodier before. i like the theme song better in the first 2 seasons' credits--i wish joss hadn't changed it. the new font was an improvement though. if i made my best of, it would be the innocence group shot, but the power buffy "created by joss whedon" shot the blue one from the harvest--i liked it better than the one from anne.

          the differences between season 1 and season 2's credits are: david boreanaz got added to the cast and there's a few early season 2 shots--most noticeably in the sunnydale high courtyard.
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            thanks guys for the difference of season 1 and 2 Yes season 3 all the way! It was the one that impressed me mostly with its everthing. the scenes fit perfectly and at the place for every character. Yes, It has more on season 1 and 2 and of course 3 which means my bests so it means a lot for me too.
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              I personally couldn't watch any opening after/during season 6 as Gnarl scares the bejeezus out of me! However, I voted for seasons 1 & 2 openings because they were the first ones I saw and always kind of liked. Oh, and the hunky Angel is in them so that's always a plus


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                Love season 2.. not sure why, but it instantly puts me in a good mood for a little while Yeah, and it's also cool having David and Charisma in there. But after that I kinda like season 4... the power shot is the best one I'd have to say (Buffy in Anne, when she gives the look to other demons).. hmm wanna watch that now.


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                  I voted for season four. I think they're good opening credits. Plus you gotta give them props for how often they had to change it. Oz left, Spike became a regular, Anya became a regular, Riley became a regular, it was just a nuts season for them and kudos to the credits, lol.
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                    I chose S1&2, mostly cuz I absolutely love the Buffy power shot of those credits (from The Harvest) I also like the power group shot for S5+ (from Primevil), but don't really like the one from Anne too, that's for me...I'm a power shot freak
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