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    What's your favorite scene for every of those famous Buffy sets?

    The Body, when Buffy discovers her mother's body, the whole scene is amazingly directed and Sarah is perfect in it.

    Sunnydale High
    Becoming Part I, the scene in slow motions where Buffy discovers Kendra's body...

    The Bronze
    I'd say Buffy and Spike kissing during Tabula Rasa, I was so spuffy since Intervention and actually seeing them together was so so amazing

    UC Sunnydale/The Initiative
    I'll probably go with Primeval fight because there isn't Riley in that scene , and becaused she rocked in it, I love when she tries to grab Adam power source and her eyes turned red!!!

    Without a doubt it's gonna be Giles discovering Jenny's body in Passion, so horrible and pretty at the same time...It's the third time I have body discovering in my that bad doctor?

    The Magix Box
    I'll go with Willow/Giles fight, I'm a Darth Rosenberg worshipper, every thing she says or do is amazing...

    Angel's/The Factory
    Is that necessary? It's Buffy/Angel last scene during Becoming Part II, the music, the cry, as a Spuffy fan I must admit, that scene was beautiful.

    So your turn....!

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    Sunnydale High Hall::
    Where Buffy is running round the corner to her friends aid.

    Factory/Giles House::
    On the episode 'The Wish' where Giles is about to crush Anyanka's amulet and she does a voice over.

    Summers House::
    When Buffy discovers Joyce on the couch.

    The Bronze::
    When Darla gets staked by Angel.

    Magic Box::
    When Anya keeps conjuring those Bunnys in 'Tabula Rasa'.

    UC Sunnydale::
    Where it shows Buffy standing in the crowd, she's standing still as others are running around, in 'Freshman' season4.

    Adam killing Maggy Walsh.

    When on OMWF(one more with feeling) that dude that Buffy rescues he says to her "How can I repay" and she says "Whatever". I thought that was funny.
    -oh cordelia how i love to feel ya-


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      My first post!

      The Body - What a great piece of production that was, the entire episode was flawless and the set up for the discovery was just right, frozen and stunning.
      I have to agree again, Giles's house when Jenny's body has been laid out, a complete dichotomy and like The Body, it hit you right between the eyes.
      Another favourite of mine is the Master's lair, the whole sunken church, old candels thing really added to the whole effect.


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        Great idea for a thread Cl?ment!

        Buffy's House
        I would have to say the scene in After Life when Buffy is walking down the stairs and Spike looks up and realizes it's her for the first time, then taking her over to the couch and holding her hands and talking to her about how long it's been since she's been gone...

        Sunnydale High
        Hmmm...I'm going to go with a tie between Angel confronting Willow and Xander, Jenny, then Buffy in the hallway in Innocence and telling Buffy to 'dream on, school girl' and in I Only Have Eyes for You the Buffy/Angel possesion scenes.

        Sunnydale High Library
        Definitely my favorite scene is the end of Helpless when Giles is fired for his 'father's love for the child' the look on Buffy's face, and then Giles trying to comfort and care for her wounds.

        The Bronze
        Hmmm....I have 2. The first being the Sugar Water dance between Buffy/Xander in When She Was Bad. The second being when Spike sees Buffy for the first time dancing with her friends. Both are incredible scenes with great music, couldn't not mention both.

        UC Sunnydale - Buffy's Dorm Room
        Favorite scene in the dorm is a small scene at the end of Living Conditions when Willow bites into Buffy's sandwich, and Buffy gets that 'I'm going to kill you' look on her face. Obscure, I know, but I really like it...

        UC Sunnydale - Outdoors
        This would probably be in the episode Hush when you see the Gentlemen gliding down the paths to all of the dorm rooms.

        UC Sunnydale - The Initiative
        Hmmm...I was never a big fan of the Initiative...but I'll go with the rescue of Oz in New Moon Rising.

        UC Sunnydale - Walsh's classroom
        Without a doubt, the best scene on this set was in Hush when Giles is presenting his information on the projector... Buffy *ahem* miming staking the bad-guy was just rotf hysterical!

        Giles's House
        Gosh, I don't know if I can choose just one...there are so many that I adore! Firstly, the entire episode of Something Blue...from Spike chained in the bathtub, to Giles being blind and yelling at Spike and Buffy 'Stop that right now! I can hear the smacking!' To Buffy/Spike's betrothal! Giles: "It's ok...I have more scotch!" The entire episode is just perfect.

        The other great episode at Giles's house is Pangs. From Buffy conning Giles into having dinner at his house and her hysterical ricer line, to Xander's 'funny syphillis' to Spike being tied up being shot with arrows and yelling 'A Bear! You made a Bear! Undo It! Undo It!' To the final scene around the dinner table when everyone looks down the table at Buffy when she realized that Angel was there....that episode just had some of the funniest scenes!

        And then thirdly in The Yoko Factor when the gang is all fighting at his house....Giles is rotfl drunk...throwing his clothes down the stairs Willow's 'you two are the two who are the two, I'm the other one'....Xander's 'Tara's your girlfriend?!' And Buffy's line 'the funny drunk drooling on my shoe.' Really great scene.

        The Magic Box
        I would have to say the entire episode of Tabula Rasa that took place there...from 'Randy Giles' to Giles and Anya fighting over the magic bunnies, those scenes just had me in stitches.

        Angel's castle:
        Hmmm....I'd go with the obvious of Becoming 2, but since Cl?ment all ready mentioned that, I'll go with the other obvious choice...."drink me" in Graduation Day, holy hotness for a rather violent scene...

        The Factory:
        This would have to be Drusilla in Surprise...from coming down the stairs to the song Transylvanian Concubine to her 'these flowers are all wrong' she was just very memorable in these scenes/set.

        Wow, so many great scenes - probably a high majority, have occured in the cemetery, and I'm having a tough time recalling any of them... I think I'll go with the one I can remember the most right now since I just watched it, and that would be when Buffy is analyzed in Conversations With Dead People by the guy that played Knock in Ats .

        Spike's Crypt:
        How could we forget Spike's crypt? My favorite scene here, without a doubt, would have to be the end of Intervention when Buffy kisses Spike for the first time... (If you don't count Something Blue).

        Xander's Basement:
        I think it's in Doomed when Spike is having his issues... Telling Xander to 'don't turn around' because he was wearing Xander's clothes was hysterical. Then at the end his 'Christmas and puppies' speech was awesome!
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          Buffy's House:
          In "Angel" where he spends the night and she asks if he snores, the kiss and vampire reveal where he dashes out of the window when she screams (one of my favorite moments in the series). Buffy and Angel kissing at the window while Buffy's on restriction, Joyce and Spike's marshmallow bonding in the kitchen, and Tara getting shot.

          Sunnydale High:
          "I Only Have Eyes For You" with all the reenactments, Buffy and Angel's possession, Grace Newman, Ms. Frank and Angel falling over the edge--especially the shot of DB lying with his eyes closed and then looking up (the excessive use of makeup that season and that high-contrast shot is utterly stunning and unique to that season), the Flamingos on the record player while the gun raises to the head and Willow getting sucked into the stairs. Other scenes that come to mind are: Buffy's confrontation with Giles and Angel in "Prophecy Girl" and Angelus burning the computer print outs, shattering the Orb of Thessulah, chasing Jenny Calendar down the halls and snapping her neck. The entire prom sequence also stands out, especially Jonathan's speech, the "blueberry scone" Giles/Wesley talk and Angel's arrival.

          The Bronze:
          The incidents that stand out most are when Darla spins around in the hanging chair and gives her sheep's-clothing smile to Jesse, Angel's gypsy-curse speech to Buffy in "Angel", the strobe-lighting fight with Darla's guns, Angel killing Darla, the "I Will Remember You" dance at the Bronze with Angel getting the cross burning on his chest, Buffy's "Surprise" dream sequence with Willow's french monkey and Drusilla staking Angel with the disintegrating slow-mo hand and the Clauddagh falling, the dream sequence with Angel clutching the Clauddagh, his hand bleeding and blood seeping from his shirt, and Faith and Buffy's "Bad Girls" dance.

          U.C. Sunnydale:
          Spike trying to attack Willow in the dorm while sitting on top of her and their couldn't-perform talk after. Also, Willow performing the "Something Blue" spell with the candles and red plaid pajamas, and the Gentlemen going through the halls.

          Sunnydale Hospital:
          Der Kindestod's eye suckers popping out and his walk by Buffy's hospital room with the evil laugh track (that gets on my nerves when the DVD menus play it looped).

          Giles' House:
          Giles coming home to find Angelus' romantic set-up and Jenny Calendar dead in his bed with the rising Pavarotti music. Also, the gang's hair standing straight up while taking out Spike's tracker. And Giles' "Behind Blue Eyes" moment.

          The Magic Box:
          Drusilla and Sunshine in the doorway, Spike eating another owner, Giles in a Merlin costume, Giles and Anya bickering, Anya making bunnies and Buffy playing with the mummy hand and replaying her sales in "Life Serial".

          Angel's Apartment near the Bronze:
          Darla's Catholic school girl skirt spread and opening his fridge with the "quiche" line, Buffy going to Angel's to hide from the Order of Taraka and laying down on his bed before Kendra interrupts, the "I like seeing you in the morning" bit in "Surprise", Angel and Buffy's rain-soaked about-to-have-sex scene and the morning after with Angelus pretending to be Angel.

          Angel's Mansion:
          "Becoming, pt. 2"s emotional finale, of course. Particularly that one shot of Angel looking up at Buffy after he gets his soul back. DB managed to pull off some of the saddest eyes I've ever seen. The other thing I remember most is Drusilla talking about digging herself a little burrow in the garden and the shots of Angelus and Dru teasing Spike in the wheelchair. And of course, Spike standing up and kicking aside the wheelchair. Angelus torturing Giles, too. Later on, Angel falling from Hell shaking and naked where Buffy left her Claddaugh, Spike falling down drunk in a flowerbed and getting roasted in the morning, Angel's ghosts talk with the First, Angel and Faith in chains in "Consequences" and Wesley's interruption, Angel and Buffy duping Faith in "Enemies" with Faith giving her "dog" speech and Angel holding the torture instruments, and Buffy opening the curtain and Angel scrambling out of the light.

          The Factory:
          Drusilla's red dress walk down the stairs to "Transylvanian Concubine" and her throwing the tizzy over the flowers being wrong. Angelus' line "In order to kill this girl, you have to love her." just might be one of the most important lines in the entire Jossverse. And of course, the Judge revealing that Angelus is completely void of humanity, but Spike and Dru would likely be burned. Angel being tortured by Drusilla with the holy water and then channeling our first glimpse of Angelus when he starts talking to Spike about Dru is memorable. Also, Dru's charred, naked old-fashioned doll in "Lover's Walk". And in the Wishverse: Willow playing with "Puppy", Angel backing up from Buffy's cross, Angel getting dusted, Willow being pushed onto the protruding cage and the Master snapping Buffy's neck.

          Cemetery (usually Restfield):
          Buffy's "Little Mermaid" moment in "Once More, With Feeling". Also, the classic "I'm Buffy and you're history!" Buffy's season 1 orange tiger plush jacket sipping a soda while Giles lectures her about duty stands out. Buffy and Angel second smooch-session in "Bad Eggs" with the future-related dialog is one of my favorite moments... the cut away to the grave as they are leaning on it is a favorite shot of mine. They had some nice scenes meeting in the cemetery.

          The Morgue:
          Giles hiding in one of the drawers.

          The Playground:
          "Lie To Me" is the most vivid. The playground equipment looks absolutely ghostly, Gothic and like it belongs in a horror film. Drusilla's dialog is gorgeous. It's also the entrance of the "Run and catch, run and catch, the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch." which is later repeated in "Reunion". "What will your mummy say when they find your body?" is one of Drusilla/Juliet's best lines and delivery. Angel interrupting and frightening the little boy off is a glimpse at the darker Angel to come.

          Spike's Crypt:
          Spike laying down on the coffin during "Rest in Peace". Also, Spike hiding in an occupied coffin with a skeleton, the Buffy shrine, his rant while Dru and Buffy are chained in the basement and Harmony going after Spike, Buffy kissing him after not giving away Dawn's identity to Glory, and Spike breaking the glass in his hand while reliving the "Seeing Red" AR.

          Xander's Basement:
          "Restless" and Anya's line about a cat pissing on the hot plate.

          Xander & Anya's Apartment:
          "I'll Never Tell" dance and song, plus the "I'll Be The Mrs." flashback.

          The Master's Lair:
          Buffy falling into the water in the white dress and her revival. Also, the Master's "5.1" bit and Darla's joy at killing the Three. The Master poking out one of his minion's eyes as well. Oh, and the Master rising from a pool of blood.

          Glory's Apartment:
          Glory taking her bubble bath with the blindfolded hobbits with leprosy. Also, Spike insulting her and her checking her butt. And of course, all the hair-pulling.

          Liam's becoming with Darla standing in the alley, Dru making the sign of the cross and not wanting to be an evil thing, Buffy in the orange jacket, pajamas and slippers staking her first vampire, Angel watching her cry as her parents fight, the NYC subway with Nikki--the pole twirl and the neck snap, the Buddhist temple fight, Boxer rebellion slow-mo power shot, William doing his poetry, "You're beneath me", William and Dru's dance in the parlor, vampire-Anne's words to William, "Burning baby fish swimming all around your head", etc...

          "If there is no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."
          "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions."


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            very nice thread subject.

            Buffy's home:
            Hmm.. I guess It'd be the scene in Becoming Part 2 where Spike sits with Joyce in the living room after Buffy introduced Spike as a band member who plays the drums

            Sunnydale High: This is my fave place so be it's gonna be very hard.
            Buffy runs through the library in Becoming2 and sees Kendra dead...

            Willow enters as the role of Vampwillow to the Bronze and then waves her hand and say "hi" to Oz. That was very funny.

            These are the ones I remember right now, I'll add later.
            -Set by DeadLoversDawn from Evthreads-


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              Buffy's Home
              I loved the scenes with early Angel & Buffy so anything with them in her room was always a favorite of mine. They seemed most content that way

              Sunnydale High
              Hmm... must go into inner SD Library in head to figure this out. I guess it'd have to be the big fight in the last episode; everyone's giving it their all and it gives a kind of feeling of nostalgia to have the old gang (well, most of them anyway) back in highschool fighting demons; a summary for the first season, IMO.

              The Bronze
              It's a cross between the scene of Buffy and Spike kissing in the end of Tabula Rasa and their little -ahem- stunt on the balcony in Dead Things

              UC Sunnydale/The Initiative
              For UC Sunnydale it's probably gotta be the Willow/Tara rose petal scene; it was sweet As for The Initiative, probably when Prof. Walsh is trying to talk to everyone and Buffy keeps asking questions LOL.

              Giles' Home
              I thought the scene with the body swap between Faith and Buffy was hilarious, so it'd have to be "Faith" and Giles having that conversation. "What's a steveadore?"

              The Magic Box
              I love the "Willow" hands scene, but just barely topping that would probably be the scene from Tabula Rasa where everyone wakes up having no clue where or who they are.

              Angel's Mansion/The Factory
              For Angel's mansion it would be probably have to be the one where Buffy's curled up on his bed in What's My Line? Part 2 (Pretty sure that's the right part...). It's an absolutely wonderful and heartbreaking scene. Although, I always loved the scenes in his garden; too funny some of them! For The Factory, it's when Drusilla's torturing Angel with the Holy Water.