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    We all know that(at least most of us); before SMG got anointed for Buffy role, Charisma Carpenter did. Also for the Cordelia role firstly SMG anointed. But then I heard that (actually watched an interview of SMG's) SMG didn't want the role of cordelia because she had lots of roles like that.

    Now the image of Buffy is SMG but what if It was Charisma Carpenter? Do you think that anything would change the image. I personally think that when a show becomes a hit, the character's personality unfortunetly sticks to the actors/actress. It's a drag but it happens. So If the roles were exchanged, Do you think that the image of SMG and CP would change with the characters?
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    julie benz, charisma carpenter and elizabeth anne allen tried out for buffy. sarah michelle gellar and bianca lawson tried out for cordelia. nathan fillion tried out for angel.

    julie benz, imo, i think could have done it, though smg brought a more deer-in-the-headlights optimistic innocence to early buffy, that julie never really portrayed. julie gave off a more jaded sarcastic edge. even when she was playing the catholic school girl vampire, she came off as being in sheep's clothing... which granted, that was the character. but smg in a short plaid skirt would have been cute and girly. with jb it comes off a bit more sultry, which gives it the naughty edge.

    charisma had some acting problems when it got to drama. she was good at comedy, not so good at drama. that would be the biggest problem if she were cast as buffy. the young innocent tiny blonde girl image just doesn't work for charisma, who is the epitome of vixen. also, she was considerably older-looking than smg and ah. she was db's age, and it showed even early on, but they got away with it because she was playing the overdeveloped womanly, rather than girlish popular girl.

    honestly, julie is the only one that i think could have given an honest stab at buffy, but in many ways, i'd say darla was the meatier role, despite being not being a regular.

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      yeah, I agree with everything Niles said...CC just couldn't hold a candle to SMG when it came to dramatic acting, especially early on. (Go watch Room With a Vu for a prime example). I think the show would have flopped if she was was SMG's incredible acting skills that had me looking past the complete cheese of the first season. I do think SMG would have done fine as Cordy, though. She played Kendel on AMC for years, and well, that role made Cordy look like a sweetheart

      Julie Benz could NOT have pulled off Buffy. Again, she couldn't hold a candle - acting wise - to SMG. And quite frankly, the sound of her voice grated on my nerves everytime she was onscreen, so I know that for me personally, the first time I would have seen her in the role I never would have tuned in again...her voice is like nails on a chalk board for me for some reason.

      Now Nathan Fillion as Angel...hmmmmm, that could have been interesting. I think he could have pulled the role off well. But it's hard to picture anybody by DB playing Angel - especially in the early years.


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        Firstly, I cant really imagine, Charisma playing the role of Buffy actually..I know that if I wasnt used to SMG with the role of Buffy, maybe I could have look this idea warmer.
        What's more, if the sit. was like that(I mean charisma=Buffy), from the beginnin, maybe I would have told the same thing for SMG being Buffy..
        To sum up, it's all about getting used to imo


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          I think most can only say they cant see Charisma playing Buffy as we have Sarah already. So it confuses many, I mean myself I can only see Sarah as the role but I bet if it started as Charisma playing Buffy we would like her as Buffy and not see her being Cordy only who ever they ask, maybe she would do a great job I mean she gets pretty serious in Angel.
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            kristy swanson is very underrated. there were moments in the movie where she did some very credible innocent acting (granted, i've also seen her in "flowers in the attic" which is one of the most haunting, sad, depressing stories ever!--that movie alone is more credible than smg's entire film career). sure the film had a valley girl edge, but the heart was still there (and i've read the origin comic, sorry joss, it doesn't hold a candle to the movie you don't like). the highlights of that movie were really kristy, luke and donald's chemistry. that was the part that worked. it makes season 1 of btvs look like oscar material as far as how seriously vampires are taken, but the emotional content and point of the feel of the human back story was intact. if anything, i think kristy and luke should have had cameos in the series (they were only 4 years apart (if you consider that season 1 started filming in 1996--the pilot was done in the summer of 1996)! heck, it was a missed opportunity to have oliver pike swing through town (pike was out of high school and working as a mechanic, so it would be fine with the age gap--i mean, seth green had a bit in the movie that got cut).

            the key is sort of an innocence and isolation from the crowd. a bit introspective. the deer-in-the-headlights look. those were very important early on. sort of a young and perky feel, rather than sexy vixen, which is kind of charisma's racket and julie's acting style has a jaded sarcastic edge (i like her voice, personally). elizabeth anne allen managed some innocence in "the witch" towards the end facing catherine madison, but i feel her look didn't quite shout lead character. but she would certainly be a lot closer than charisma (who was a perfect cordelia).

            oh, and i forgot. mercedes mcnab ALSO tried out for buffy. sad thing with her is she kept trying to get the writers to give her something serious, from what i've heard. they mostly just kept her playing the same stock blonde ditz that she's been playing since she was a child actress (see: the addam's family & the addam's family values--"are they made with real girl scouts?"). on ats they gave her a handful of introspective scenes, which was nice for her (particularly the one at the end of "in harm's way" with spike and the "what it was like to be human" bit).

            plus, charisma as buffy would have been a bit too wonder woman-esque than tiny scared-looking girl in an alley--which she would never pull off. imagine charisma doing an episode like "helpless". it simply wouldn't work. smg's physical slightness makes the whole idea of her being the little blonde victim who looks like she couldn't defend herself, but in reality is a superhero... it sells the whole point of the character.

            another thing that actually worked next to smg with db was the fact that in size he just dwarfs her. that also sold the point of buffy leading a double life. she still wants to be a normal girl, but at the same time she also has this fighting evil side that she loves. she wants to be protected, but she also wants to protect.

            db of course, in comparison to nathan fillion, naturally has a slightly darker, more menacing look, yet excels at the sweet shy smile or smirky grin, while kind of looking sad at the same time. of course, we know david boreanaz is goofball extraordinaire, but he didn't seem so confident early on, which actually worked for the character. the fact that fillion played mal, who was a clone of han solo, says it all (though harrison ford has a lot more range with acting fallible or sad than fillion, sorry). there's a snarkiness rather than sort of a sad soft smile. david has a very soft voice, which is another thing. and of course, he also can do a very credible creepy sick-minded bastard, too. he also cut an imposing figure... he's credible as the leader of a group. that big boss man thing is there, too, but with more sensitivity than i've seen of fillion. the flashback costuming always made db look like quite beethoven-like--the whole wild hair with the high collar and big cravat.

            one of fillion's negatives if he had been chosen for angel, is that there isn't a whole lot of tone change in his voice. his voice doesn't really get soft and whispery like db's often does. db has a lot of inner child sparkle and is really good at staring down people in a threatening manner, whereas fillion is a bit more sarcasm-bound. caleb is probably our closest look at how his angelus would be. sure, caleb's a creep, but he's not threatening in the way he looks at people or softly pre-meditating with the slowly spreading evil smile. db's soft-spoken tonal quality was very important for the role. for such a big guy, db could play as if he were very weak.

            granted, we would probably have gotten used to people whomever they played, but fillion just doesn't play mysterious, which ultimately was what they were casting for when they were looking at angel--way before they gave him a back story, made him the love interest or even a recurring role. joss was right to listen to his office full of ladies who chose db, despite not being his first choice. that scene in the alley had to be the mysterious beautiful dream man who was playing with her jibes a bit for young buffy. plus, can you really see somebody who wasn't so physically "pretty" as somebody who could pass as a character named "angel"! the "demon with the angelic face". angelic to me means sweet and soft.

            certainly, they could have cast a girly-boy, but with that name it would have just been plain effeminate. what they found was someone who was clearly a physically imposing, tough and classically handsome *man* who had the sensitivity and softness to be called angelic. it's actually not something you see a terrible lot of nowadays with actors.
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            "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions."


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              I think CC and JB both have a funny edge to them that Buffy as a character did kind of acquire over the seven seasons, but that Buffy was always trying to deny. I think this 'edge' would have made the angst about sleeping with Spike less believable in season six. If I were to look at any of the other women in BtVS I would suggest Alyson Hannigan could have pulled it off- that innocence she exudes could have really worked for the Buffy character too, although I do think SMG had it in the right balance.

              I also think Emma Caulfield could have made a good Buffy, she plays irony and twistiness in a fun lighthearted way, and in some ways I think Mercedes Mc could have too, but I can't be sure because I think she got not quite enough screen time to see if she had the acting scope to go beyond what she was given.

              Could I see NF as Angel? I'm a little scared of NF, to be honest- love him as Mal, but Caleb freaks the crap out of me, so I would like to see him as Angelus- but not that interested in him as Angel.


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                I think it would be interesting if Charisma was Buffy; no offense to any blondes, but is it just me or is that the only ones you see playing the main roles? I always thought Buffy would be better as a mean Valley Girl than Cordelia - not that they didn't both have excellent acting with their real roles, but still I'd have loved to see it. I'm a little frightened to think that Nathan Fillon auditioned for Angel though! :S


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                  Sheesh, would it change any thing!?, well yes! definetly. I actually pretty happy with the pick of SMG and really couldn't see it played by anybody else. Kirstin Swanson did a terrible job at it.


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                    Okay, my first question is: where in the world does anyone say that Charisma was actually chosen for the role of Buffy? I know she tried out, but the commentary only states that they had already cast SMG as Cordelia, then they had her read for Buffy, and she was perfect for the part...

                    Okay, moving on now...I honestly don't think CC could have pulled off Buffy. I highly doubt I would have stuck around, considering I came in three eps late as it was. The high emotional levels required for the part of Buffy, well, SMGs just a master. CCs a great actress, but not for a deeply emotional drama part. I'm really happy with the choice of SMG. Then of course, as has been mentioned, it's hard to imagine anyone but SMG in the role anymore (I did enjoy the movie, though, with Kristy).

                    As far as NF for Angel...hmmm, kinda scary. I really can't see him pulling off that part. As Nile said, the 'vampire with the Angelic face'...DB was just perfect for that part. He had the charm (which was necessary for both Angel & Angelus) and that slow, sexy smile...yeah, the stranger in the alley definitely had to be the guy full of mystery, and I just can't see that exuding from NF as it does from DB.
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