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    Hey everyone

    I've recently been thinking about traits that become evident in our characters in both Btvs and Ats. Over time I've noticed that characters appear to act very much the same and we get to see little insights into want makes our characters happy, what makes them tick and what makes them sad. Basically if anyone notices something a character always does, state what it is and your reasoning behind it.

    I'll basically start.

    Buffy- She has a problem with people touching her in an aggressive manner. This is evident in a number of seasons of Btvs and what it basically sums up to is that Buffy doesn't like to be touched when she is pissed off.

    The first scene that springs to mind is in Amends when she reaches for Angel as she tries to convince him to come inside. Angel swats her hand away rather angrily and in return Buffy strikes him against the face, a reaction that becomes fairly familiar in later episodes. Another scene that springs to mind is in Smashed when, as she begins to walk away, Spike reaches out and grabs her by the shoulder. Buffy yells at him not to touch her and strikes him hard to the floor. Now this is a different instance to when she hits Spike just because she can, this is a direct response because she was touched in an aggressive manner. When Riley snatches her by the arm to stop her from leaving Buffy tells him very firmly to take his hand off her, it seemed it took a lot from her not to punch him in the face as well. It is fairly evident that Buffy has a problem with anyone touching her when either she is in an aggressive mood or they are, her natural reaction is to strike out at them.

    Now I think this has a lot to do with being the slayer and how violent her life is. I'm sure Buffy pre-slayer wouldn't have reacted in this way when being touched. The slayer's life is so aggressive that she strikes out when she is touched in an aggressive manner, wether or not the person who touches her is actually attacking or intends to harm her in any way. Perhaps she is prone to lashing out because it has become a common defence mechanism for her; to lash out at anyone who touches her aggressively. I think this demonstrates that the violence has hardened her in one way, or has at least shaped her into a different model than what she would have previously been.

    Angel- Now this is just a small thing I've noticed. Angel is quick to deny others opinions at times if he believes he is correct, however upon a little reflection and sometimes as short as a scene later, he'll say "Maybe we should have listened" or something to that effect. One instance that springs to mind is in Damaged when he states maybe he should just get out there and look for Dana like Spike suggested. Another is when he arrives home and says that maybe he should have just told Cordy the truth from the beginning like Connor did, instead of trying to protect her with lies.

    Do you think this is because Angel spent 90 years on his own to the point that he feels so isolated that it is hard to understand people's opinions or suggestions before what he believes is right? His natural instinct is to go with his own gut feeling or reasoning because for so long he was alone.


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    I've said this before, but Xander - whenever he faces a conflict of interests, he does whatever he feels like.

    Evidence of this includes Becoming Part II, when he's supposed to deliver the message to Buffy about Willow performing the curse, and he says "Kick his ass". Then there's Hells Bells where he leaves Anya at the alter, and in Selfless when he protects Anya after she killed all those people. Then there's Xander's attitude in Revelations, when the Scooby's are confronting Buffy about Angel's return. He doesn't even try to be anything other than callous.


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      I can't believe I haven't noticed this thread, it sounds great.


      The obvious thing about Buffy is that she tends be a girl of her emotions. She is often motivated by the feelings for her friends and innocents/helpless. Buffy's feelings for her friends have been both a strength and a weakness.


      Doesn't want to dust Angel until she thinks he's hurt her mum.
      Falls easily for Ford's trap because she wants help the vamp wannabes.
      Buffy's actions in WML. What's her motivation? "Nobody messes with my boyfriend!"
      Wanting to save Willow in Choices even though it's risking the entire town.



      Well in a way I split Xander into his 'Replacement' parts.

      SuaveXander: Can get stuff done (like in the Zeppo) is actually a good boyfriend, can be confident and brave if need be even though he has no powers ( backing up Buffy in Becoming with a rock, lol, that's brave and standing up to Angelus in Killed By Death was most impressive). He's also hypocritical and impulsive.

      ZeppoXander: Tends to be insecure about his place (see Zeppo, most of Season 4 etc), probably the same Xander who stands Anya up at the wedding because of his fears. He is also funny Xander.


      The obvious thing is her run on sentences but we love it when she does that. Her love of science: she tends to view magic in the same way. I think Tara was more about balance but Willow was about knowledge and the power that comes with it.


      Tending to favour Buffy and Willow over Xander or Cordy. Letting out the ripper if he needs to. Sometimes looking at the big picture (Season 5). Being more a intuitive than by the book, Watcher (seeing that the Slayer Handbook would be no use in Buffy's case).


      Making decisions without consulting people especially if it concerns them.

      Buffy, Connor, the entire AI team.

      Having a tendency to think about the past and the future without seeing what is right in front of him.

      Lying: to Buffy, to AmnesiaCordy, goes off to Holtz with telling Connor, lies to Wes and Cordy about looking for Darla, etc

      That's all for now, maybe I'll add to list later.