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Who would have played them? (Quick reply please?)

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  • Who would have played them? (Quick reply please?)

    Hi ppls, I am doing this story (Won't ever been seen) called Normal, it's a different sort of story with different people, like the Actors (Real life) aren't actors in the story, but the shows still exist, so I was wondering if these following Actors didn't play the characters, who would have? (Surely Amber wasn't the only one auditioning for Tara or Jensen wasn't the only one for Dean).

    James Marsters/Spike and Amber Benson/Tara (Buffy)

    Julian McMahon/Cole and Rose McGowan/Paige (Charmed)

    Erica Durance/Lois, John Glover/Lionel and Allison Mack (Smallville)

    Ali Larter/Nikki (Hereos)

    Jensen Ackles/Dean (Supernatural)

    I think that's about it, it's for my story and I wouldn't mind knowing who would have been next in line of Amber, Ali, John, Jensen etc didn't get the role? Or if there wasn't anyone or nobody knows, who do you think would been the suited one?

    On a side topic, can anyone picture these actors NOT playing them? I can't, would Tara really have her sweetness without Amber? Would Dean still have that hard but yet soft and funny face without Jensen? Could Lionel still be evil but managed to have some netural if John Glover never became an Actor? Who could play two characters with different personality at once if not Ali Larter? Who could be the funny Chloe Sullivan or play the quirkly Lois well enough without Erica/Allison? Who could fulfill the part of Paige or Cole without Julian or Rose?
    I truly can'y imagine anyone else playing these characters/

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