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To all of the James Marsters Fans!

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  • To all of the James Marsters Fans!

    I was looking at an old forum on TWoP ( and came across this little diddy. I personally think it's cheesy and kind of dumb but that's just me. I thought of the die hard James Marsters fans and I had to give you a link to this song. It's called "Please Mr. Marsters" (The James Marsters Song). Here's the link. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on it, it should load, or just right click and hit save as and it will download it. Your thoughts on the song would be appreciated. BTW it is NOT me who sings it, just so we're clear.
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    This would probably be more fitting in one of the Spike clubs as most of this kind of stuff is posted in there anyway.

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      LOL ive got that song and it is... the most HILARIOUS thing i have ever heard Kudos to the chick for making it.
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