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    Has anyone else seen this yet? It was written by Joss Whedon. Its online if u haven't. It's really funny and the end was actually really good. It really got to me more than I expected it to. NPH is awesome as Dr. Horrible displaying very funny and dark characteristics.

    (side note: a fan fic idea, that im sure i'll never write, just popped into my head. Dr. Horrible meets Dr. Howser! Think about it. hahahaa)
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    We used to have a thread about it when it was first coming out but no one posted in it for a while so it got closed eventually.

    It was great, I didn't see it until after all three instalments were finished but once I did I was glad I took the time to give it a look. It was very funny and well acted, I thought it looked very impressive given its low budget as well. I really enjoyed the style of it and Dr Horrible's costume. Especially when it turned red after the death of Penny.

    A lot of people had problems with how they killed off Penny and gave this light-hearted romp such a dark ending but I actually enjoyed that. Comedies don't usually do much for me (except for 'The Office') so giving it this dark serious moment actually got me interested in this a lot more than if it hadn't been included. Felicia Day was fabulous in that scene and made me realise how poorly used she was in Btvs season seven.

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought it had a touch of ‘Mighty Boosh’ in it. Especially with the utterly ridiculous ‘Evil League’ and ‘Mad Horse.’

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      Amazing. I saw at least five times and I loved it even more each time. The songs were great, all actors were amazing. I love Dr. Horrible and I was sad for Penny, but with Joss you can expect anything.
      I?m anxious to see if Dr.Horrible will be released here on DVD.


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        I've heard about it, but never seen it. Any good? Worth the watch?

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          I tried to start a discussion thread about it, but no one ever posted so I assume it's either already closed or will be soon. I can't believe more people didn't want to talk in depth about it!


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            Yes its VERY good and WORTH the watch! its only 45 minutes, which is about the average length of an hour long TV show, so if u got the time check it out!!! I will even post the link to it below so u dont have to search in the google .

            Its really funny and the ending really takes a dramatic turn. Even with the reveal of the somewhat ridiculous super villains, (u'll know em when u see em) ur still thinking about what Dr. Horrible has just gone through and u can actually understand y he would go through with his goal.

            "Screw you, dawn! Hope that doesn't get taken out of context."


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              It has great songs and great dialogue. I especially like the line, "I have a PHD in horribleness" and who here loves Moist?
              Also, Joss has said that a sequel will be made.


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                hahaha yeah I love moist! its so random! kinda reminds me of pigpen from the peanuts. hahah or stain boy. I recently just rewatched the ending scene and that last song has been stuck in my head. Especially the last line when it goes back to him in his lab.

                A sequel will be awesome! although the first one is kind of hard to follow. Though it was kinda short, the ending seemed complete. Although the Buffy finale seemed pretty complete yet Joss found a way to continue that, so I hope the Dr. Horrible sequel be just as good!
                "Screw you, dawn! Hope that doesn't get taken out of context."


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                  Very entertaining, definitely worth watching. And who doesn't want to see Nathan singing on the top of a car? Priceless.
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