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    Ok so who just loved the couple that was Cordelia Chase and Xander Harris??

    Ok yes i put my hands up and i believe Cordy did belong to Angel in the end...
    But another on of her relationships i loved and wished there was more of was her and Xander.

    I thought they were such a unique couple. Ok not really who you thought would have ever gotten togther, but im so glad they did.

    It was a comical firefiled relation ship, but i do beleive they did at a point love each other very much...

    It would have been nice to have seen more Xanderlia action, and to watch them grow as a couple, but i get why they had to split. But im just glad when cordy left, they pareted as friends.

    I did always wonder what would have happen thought, is A; She staied in Sunnydale...or B: if Xander ever showed u in LA....

    Guess we will never know.
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    I actually really did like this ship at the time it was, and I cried when Xander brought Cordy flowers in the hospital in Lover's Walk and she told him to go away...we didn't get to see many vulnerable Cordy moments. But I think it was a good relationship that did need to end at some point - not many people end up with their childhood sweethearts. Plus, Xander and Anya were totally meant for each other...


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      Yeah Anya and Xander were good, and he probably was meant to be with her.

      I just think Xandelia was great, theres never been another couple like it on any other show. Joss did a fab job with that coupling.
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        I did really enjoy them.
        Even though the more grown up relationships (Xanya and Cangel) are my bigger ships I loved them.
        THey were fun to watch and always brought light to the show, and I always wanted them to kind of rekindle in later years of Buffy and Angel, more so to see how they would be around eachother.
        My favorite scene with them though was more there goodbye to everything, In PROM when Xander buys her dress. Her first relization of him paying is so sweet and she thanks him for it (a more genuine cordy moment he he) I felt like it was both of them saying that they were going to be okay... that they were okay. And I always found that scene more endeering than all the other things that happened in the episode.
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          I think this was a much better and more realistic relationship than Cangel ever was, even under the circumstances. I instantly found it believable and loved the way they both interacted with each other. I loved how Cordy was so snarky with Xander and then would do sweet things like bringing him coffee and donuts, enjoying the fact he was a member of the swim team, having pictures of him up in her locker and sticking up for him against Harmony.

          I also loved when Xander brought her the dress, it was such a great sentimental moment and one that I'll always like; season three just rocked! I loved the 90's!

          Xandelia is easily one of my fave couples ever on Btvs or Ats, I enjoy it much more than Cangel or Xanya.. but especially Cangel!

          I think the relationship represented a time when both characters IMO were at their best. I adore s3 Xander and Cordy, I dare say more than I enjoy s7 Xander or s5 (that one ep ) and s3 (Ats)Cordy. Even without the character growth, I just love both of their characters during this season and being with eachother only made me love them more.

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            Xander and Cordelia together was so much fun to watch, and I believe that they truly were in love with each other. I was never truly enthusiastic about Xanya. Physically, Xander and Cordy were a very attractive couple. Emotionally, they were both crazy in an endearing way. They could both be terribly shallow in their own way, and also vulnerable and sweet.

            I also felt bad during the hospital scene. This is when I realised that they were in love. I think Xander never believed before this that Cordelia really loved him. Well, that's just a thought.
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              I think xander fell in love with Cordy first.
              But i really to think in the end Cordy loved him...and that seeing him kiss Willow really broke her up. She was in alot of emotional pain i think, she did love him, and i think given time she wud have told him...but he went and messed it all up. lol
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                I love Xander and Cordelia eventhough I rooted for Xander and Willow at that time... Wait, I still do... I often do find similarities with Doyle and Xander so Xandalia is a role model relationship for Doyle/Cordelia for me.
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