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    is it like hella dork if I wanna reconstruct the buffy library in my house someday. Obviously not for a looonnngggg while cuz I have like NO money to afford such a project.

    but as of right now if i have a house, that i own, and have the means, id like to take one of the rooms and have it made out to look like the library. Obviously it'd prolly be smaller and not exactly like the one in the show, but the basic set up anyway.

    I just always loved that set. Even though it was the school's library, they were always pretty much the only ones in there, (though its kinda unrealistic no other students came in) but it was like their own special place. Just the look of it and the feel of it was great. It was kinda sad when wilkins destroyed it. I loved when Buffy went to college and was all amazed at how much bigger the library was hahaha.

    I was hoping for a rebuilt library in season 7 when the school was rebuilt, but no such luck. I mean i know the school had one but i was hoping it would look the same, or similar.

    Anyway to have the library in my house is my dream. may not ever happen, or by the time i can afford it i may not want it after all, but i'll sure try!
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    I thought it was a joke that the scoobies knew that the school library was a place where they could talk without much fear of being disturbed.


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      Wow. Buffy's library in yuor house. Sounds cool. A little crazy, maybe. And really, really hard... And do you have that much books?
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        The library is my favourite Scooby hang out in the series. I just love the look of the set, you can almost smell the musk of the books and it’s so warm and inviting and cosy. I love the atmosphere of the place and how it’s so rich and detailed and the colours and style of the place did really well to establish an old gothic feel to the earlier seasons, which worked excellently in contrast to the very “in the now” characters. I was devastated when they blew the library up, I remember being genuinely upset when I realised it was gone in ‘Graduation Day’ amongst other things.. Sunnydale High, Cordy, Angel.. Ect

        In fact I realised how much I really didn’t care for the Magic Box set in comparison when I was completely indifferent to it’s destruction during the Willow/Giles confrontation in ‘Grave.’ It hit me that if it had been the library being completely destroyed I would have noticed, it would have been symbolic to me of their relationship crumbling down around them, but I was genuinely “meh” and uncaring when that set was destroyed during the fight. I just never really was invested in it at all, which is a shame.

        My second favourite set has actually been the Scottish castle in season eight of ‘Buffy.’ That’s an awesome set and a nice return to that gothic look I admired about the library. It’s a very cool setting, pity though that we’ve apparently lost that one now to

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          DanyDanger that's an awesome idea. I'm assuming you have a lot of books? Make sure you remember to install the cage to lock away any weapons or werewolves.

          I loved the library as well. It was the best set in my opinion, with Buffy's house coming second, and the Hyperion a close third.


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            Yeah, I'd say that was 'hella dork' to do that, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be awesome at the same time. The Library is a well designed set. I wish the Library at my old school looked like it. >.> Personally, I was more of a fan of the Magic Box set. It made more sense to me, I guess. Angels office in Season five of Angel is probably my favourite 'gathering point' for the characters though, as its pretty much the only place where it makes sense that people never walk in and disturb them.
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              I don't currently have a ton of books. Not enough to fill the Buffy library anyway. But I would have more by then I assume and then I would prolly just fill in the empty space with any cheap or free books I could get. And of course season 8 of buffy would be amongst the books
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                Hehe, dorky but cool, inmy book.

                I loved the library set too, though unlike Mogs I liked the Magic Box as well with all the funny little detail (like the "shoplifters will be transfigured" sign ).
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