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Alien Western with JM

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  • Alien Western with JM

    I stumbled across some pictures of James Masters' new movie Alien Western. Which, by genre, is an alien western. You say.
    The pics (I mean, James ) look very good.
    So what do you think? Judging by the description etc I don't expect anything, but of course I will watch it

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    Yes, I'd seen this already. It's probaly going to be incredibly daft fun by the looks of things. Of course it does help that he looks sooo cute dressed like that.

    Aww, who's Mummy's little Cowboy then?


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      Alien Western? Oh, I've heard about this one, I don't know how they come up with this kind of idea, honestly. But it's JAMES! so, of course I'll watch it. Seen the pics, he looks good, even with stubble! LOL
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