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    I think it's fair to say that everyone has their favourites ships in the verse and those that they wish had never happened. Instead of the usual threads where you talk about your favourite ship in a good light, or your least favourite one in a negative light. Let's switch the role. In this thread write about a scene that you enjoyed of your least favourite ship. Doesn't even have to be overly shippy, it just involves the two characters in question. Here's mine as an example below.

    Favourite Ship
    I don't really have a favourite, but for the purposes of this thread. I'll go with Lilah and Wesley though to be honest there was nothing really about the relationship I didn't like. The only thing I can think of is Lilah feeling the need to dress up as Fred to please Wesley. Throughout her time on the show she was always shown as such a strong and confident woman and this scene just irked me. The one thing that I enjoyed about their relationship was anyother time we were shown that the two showed eachother who they were and didn't try to be anyone else.

    Least Favourite Ship
    Spike/Buffy. I was never really a fan of this ship as I didn't enjoy seeing my favourite character in the verse in such a destructive relationship and one which was based on a mixture of Buffy wanting to just feel something and Spikes ability to use her fear and insecurity to his advantage such as the scene in 'Dead Things' (?) when he tells her that she doesn't belong with her friends and that he belongs in the dark with him. However I did appreciate the relationship shown towards the end of season 7, even if I think they should have dealt with the rape issue more. One scene that stands out for me in particular is the one of Buffy and Spike in 'Touched' how he now understands Buffy much deeper than he did in Season 6, but rather than use this knowledge to bring Buffy down used it to give her the motivation she needed to go back into the fight.

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    Favourite Ship
    Buffy/Angel; I've two problems with this ship and that's also the reason why I'm not always sure if I want this ship to happen again. The first is the overdosis of drama; I love their moments when they are normal people (their kiss before fighting in 'Bad Girs', their talk in 'Ted' or their little moment in 'The Yoko Factor') but those moments are very rare. In the most cases they try it but are interupted by something supernatural. And lot of their conversations are about magical things or their doomed relation. A bit more of the light moments wouldn't hurt.

    The second problem with the ship is that the relation was in the most cases all-about-Buffy. At the start that wasn't a problem, actually it made sense. Not only was it Buffy's series, but she was still young and Angel tried to hide himself as much as he could. Only after a while you would expect that the relation would be more in balance. And it really looked like it in 'Sanctuary'. But if you compare their deeds for eachother after Angel leaving Sunnydale, there is no balance at all.

    Less favourite ship
    Okay now I'm going to sound like a pathetic dellusional Bangel-supporter and I'm sorry for that. But my less favourite ships are Spike/Buffy and Cordelia/Angel.

    I loved their pre-relation episodes like 'Something Blue' and 'Intervention'. It was funny and the actors were clearly having fun with eachother and the scenes. The teasing was for me so much better than the actual relationship. But if I really have to pick something of the actual relationship it must be Buffy feeling save with Spike in the last part of season 7. Even if I wished that she would spend that time with her friends instead, it was nice to see Buffy being less scary in season 7.

    My biggest problem with this relation is my gigantic love for their friendship. Not only do I hate it when a pretty man and a pretty woman can't be friends on tv without falling for eachother after a while, it's worse if the actors and the writers can't sell it. Which was the case with Cordelia/Angel. At least they couldn't until 'You're Welcome'. My favourite moments of their relation is when the friendship blends with the romance and both characters are still IC. And the best thing about Angel/Cordelia is that I never doubted the love. Even if I can't buy the romance, the love between the characters is for me more than clear. And this makes the relation unique in the 'verse where the most relations are a bit one-sided.

    I'm also no fan of Willow/Tara, but I already worked out two ships I'm no fan of and I'm less attached to Willow and/or Tara, that's why I talked about the other two ships.


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      Favourite 'Ship
      Spike/Buffy. What I didn't like... hm. The easy answer here is "middle and late Season 6", but I did really appreciate that for what it was (theme-wise and writing-wise and acting-wise), so instead, I'll say... the shortage of snark in Season 7, and some of the "wet" scenes that popped up instead. I like the drama when it has rhyme and reason and order, as in Beneath You and Chosen, and I like it when they're just sitting together and being people ("Sounds dire." -- "I didn't see a lot. I came, hit Faith a bunch of times and left." -- "Really? I mean, I'm not glad of that..."); but I don't very much like overblown stuff like "You're a hell of a woman" and "God help me, Buffy, it's still about you".

      Least Favourite 'Ship
      I could be petty and competitive and pick Angel/Buffy, but it wouldn't really be how I felt, so... Angel/Cordelia. Thought its development in Season 3 was clumsy, thought Charisma's acting could use some work, and thought the writers didn't play to its strengths. However: I liked watching the first sparks in Season 2, Waiting in the Wings is sizzling hot, Angel's fantasies in Deep Down are very touching, and You're Welcome, which is all about Angel/Cordelia, is one of the most amazing Whedonverse episodes ever filmed.
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        Least favourite ship:

        Angel/Cordelia: I just don?t buy the romance between both of them. Maybe because I love the bond between them so much, their friendship is amazing and very strong. I really like in S3 the scenes where they are cuddling the baby, they feel like a family.

        Favourite ship:

        Buffy/Angel: I love them to death and I love their romance, but there is one thing that irks me a little: Angel always assuming he knows what?s best for Buffy and I think he underestimates just a little.