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Vote Dr. Horrible: Message From Joss

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  • Vote Dr. Horrible: Message From Joss

    For those of you who have not subscribed to receiving emails containing the latest news about Dr. Horrible, I share with you this message from Joss...

    Dear Horrible Fans, Hammer Groupies, Penny-Savers, Bad Ponies, Fake Thomas Jefferson's Axe of Congress and of course the Towelettes,

    It has been brought to our attention that some of you have been using your powers for good. This we can not forgive! Your fierce and effluvia-removing punishment can only be forestalled by quick and decisive action: Vote for Dr. Horrible on the People's Choice awards site (under "Favorite Online Sensation"). Every day. This is the kind of exposure that will allow the doctor to continue his reign of hummable terror. The time is now! Actually, the time is always now. Like, right now - still now. Hmmm. Neat.

    Fear us! Vote! Kisses! -Team Horrible.
    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to you! Our fans! This literally would not have been possible without you. And because of you, there is more to come...


    J, M, J, Z
    ...Time for us fans to unite once more and show our support!

    Here's the link to vote:

    The competition doesn't stand a chance in my opinion!

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    Just voted for it! I cannot wait for the DVD to come out! It's coming out tomorrow!!!!!

    Question: The DVD says "Amazon Exclusive"...does that mean we can only buy it from Amazon? Or can we just get in Best Buy or something?
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      I voted for this yesterday. Thanks for the link, Erin. I really, really hope Dr. Horrible will win in this category.

      BlasterBoy, I think it is going to be available only through Amazon, at least for the time being. You can read all about it here. I think, eventually, it will be available at others places.
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        I voted again today.

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          I think if Paris Hilton's McCain parody beats Dr. Horrible, I will officially lose all faith in humanity. Seriously.

          It's a bit of a pity the link to the actual video doesn't work to non-USers (that's US-ers not users). It means that we can't attract casual voters who watch all the videos to decide....

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            I think if Paris Hilton's McCain parody beats Dr. Horrible, I will officially lose all faith in humanity. Seriously.
            I totally agree with you, Andrew. I honestly think none of the others stand a chance against Dr. Horrible, but you never know. It will definitely be a sad, sad day if something the likes of Paris Hilton defeats Dr. Horrible and the magnificent minds of the Whedon's.


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              Well, Dr. Horrible won but much like with 'Buffy' at the Emmy awards last year, nothing was mentioned on the actual show.
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