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    I'm curious;

    Did the writers ever explain the names? Why did they went with unique names like Willow, Cordelia, Dawn or Buffy. Why do Angel and Spike share the same name? Has Robin Wood anything to do with Robin Hood?

    I'm not big with reading interviews or listening to commentaries. Maybe somebody who does know the answers?

    Also some of the meanings can say something of the character. Or other characters with the same name.

    Buffy is from 'Elizabeth', could she be compared to the queen?

    William and Liam are versions of Wilhelm, which means warrior/protector. Which fits ith the characters.

    Cordelia doesn't have a real meaning but it's the name of the princess in Shakespear's "King Lear".

    Alexander was the name of the man who helped Jesus bearing the cross. You could compare this to Xander who helps Buffy with her destiny.

    Winifred means 'friend of peace' which is fitting for Fred.

    Tara means 'star', which is also fitting.

    Are the writers looking at the meaning before naming a character or would they go for the name they like?

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    Why do Angel and Spike share the same name?
    Just luck of the draw in. In Spike's case he wasn't expected to stick around, so giving him the same name as Angels can only be viewed as a coincidence I think.


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      When did Angel get his real name? The Prodigal? In that case, Spike was already around for a while.


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        "Buffy", if I remember correctly, was chosen specifically because of it's fluffy, brainless, negative connotations due to the "Valley Girl" image of the 1980s (note that, while Queen Elizabeth's nickname was Buffy, our Ms Summers is actually named "Buffy", not "Elizabeth". It's been a running joke since the beginning.)
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          Originally posted by Nina View Post
          When did Angel get his real name? The Prodigal? In that case, Spike was already around for a while.
          I'm not sure, but I don't think the writers were looking that far ahead of themselves at that early stage somehow. I'm sure It was nothing but a coincidence that these two ended up having the same name.


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            It's still weird, somewhere a writer decided that one of the two vampires should have the same name as the other vampire. Spike already had his name 'William' in season 2 and if I'm correct Angel's real name wasn't used before Ats season 1, which looks like a writers did it on purpose.

            And thanks Rowan for the explanation of Buffy's name.


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              Alexander also means "Protector of Mankind" which fits Xander as well.


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                Maybe willow got her name because shes strong and beautiful, and rooted firmly with the friends shes has..... i dont know im just making stuff up. but i never noticed that angel and spike had the same name until now, thats pretty funny actually!


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                  I think sueworld is right about it just being a coincidence for Spike and Angel's name. And it is a name that is very common so I am not surprised they would share the same name, why not right? Plus its not like they both go by Liam or William, so it isn't that big of a deal.

                  I think Dawn was named Dawn just for the line "Be back before Dawn". And I think Anya/Anyanka was named after one of the casting directors since originally Anya was just gunna be a 2-shot guest character and not a series regular.


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                    The unique names chosen on the shows kind of annoyed me, not because they weren't good names, just because it'd be hard to come across any group of friends in society where they all have a) different names and b) really different names, like Cordelia, Buffy, Willow etc.


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                      I loved how every name was so strange and unique... Even though I never understood Willow... Willow's family looked quite traditionalist, so why name your daughter after a tree? I always thought that a Jewish name would have been more appropriate.
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                        I have to agree. Strange and unique names allowed for the series to be different and allow us to remember who characters are. Though I think some names maybe were kind of a stretch like Cordelia and even Faith. Alot of the times the names did work though and you can see that more conservative people had more conservative names like Riley and most of The Iniative had very simplistic names: Graham, Maggie...


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                          In Angel I have seen a few production names that seemed to move over.

                          Kelly "Manners".
                          "Skip" Schoolink.

                          Not sure if this was intentional. Should have been a Joss and Marty.
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                            Don't forget hairstylist Lisa Marie "Rosenberg".

                            A lot of the names are from production people. Zachary Kralik was after somebody's nephew.

                            The Alpert tomb is named after Mark D. "Alpert".

                            There's also a "Skip" "MacDonald", an R.D. "Price", a Mike "Gunther", a Christopher "Doyle", a Diana Acrey-"Doyle", a Robert "Papazian" Jr. (Little Tony), a George "Snyder", an Amy "Wolfram", a "Diego" (Lie to Me) "Gutierrez" (Ampata) and a Mindee "Clem".

                            Illyria was the name of an actual ancient empire, but was pulled from First Knight, I think. Moloch is the name of a biblical demon. Balthazar was one of the Three Wise Men, but has been used in countless pieces of fiction.

                            Pylea (also spelt Pylia) is a Greek province. Pylea/Pylia was also the daughter of Pylas in Greek mythology.


                            Anatole means "eastern". There's Anatolia in Turkey and an Anatole, France. Also, the name Anatolius.

                            Thelonius, the name of the 1418 monk in I, Robot... You, Jane was probably named after jazz musician Thelonious Monk, if I had to guess. There's also a St. Thillo (Thielman, Th?au, Tilloine, Tillon, Tilman, Hillonius), whose name is a variant of Thelonius.
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                              Considering the other Shakespeare references, it would not seem surprising that Cordelia is named after the honest and outspoken daughter of King Lear - the one whom he first banishes because he sees her as an ungrateful bitch, but who turns out to be the one loyal to him.

                              Here goes Nagging Nerd again... Illyria was a region more or less covering the Balkan, actually, inhabited by a certain tribe but only "organised" as an empire (or rather part of one) when it became a Roman province. Part of it formed the province know as Pannonia. (Since I live pretty much at the Western edge of the Pannonian fields, we obviously had to learn that in school. )
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