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  • James Marsters' new movie...

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    Thanks for posting Chamber!

    Not a huge Dragonball Z person but I am a James Marsters's fan. I'll be there opening day! I'm excited for him! We've been waiting for this!
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      They should totally make this a trilogy.

      Part one can be where they float in the air charging thier power.

      Part two can be where they are still floating, and they charge thier power levels even higher.

      Part three, I figure most of the movie should feature them charging up thier power. Then maybe we can have a small fight scene or something. Nothing too big though, it should stay true to the anime.


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        I've never seen Dragonball Z in my life, but shouldn't this be in Outside The Shows? As it has nothing to do with the shows and definitely nothing to do with season 8.

        Also, I honestly thought a Spike movie had been announced, but you meant James Marsters' new movie.


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          Totally misleading... and wrongly placed... and titled...

          I am excited for this movie for a few reasons.

          a) If this movie does well it will totally open the way for a live action Sailor Moon movie. Fox owns the rights right now so I am guessing they will wait too see if there is any money in turning animes into movies, so HOPEFULLY this does well and Fox greenlights a Sailor Moon flick ^_^ MOON PRISM POWER!

          b) It actually looks good. I think there will be a nice balance of american and Japanese culture.

          c) James Marsters is in FULL make-up and is pretty much unnoticable. James is a great actor, but it is hard to look past SPIKE and see who he is. Which is why watching him on Smallville is weird...


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            Does this movie have anything to do with dragonball except for the name and some characters (by the way, why is bulma a badass warrior?) I don't think Dragonball could ever be made into a good movie. Why won't they just let Dragonball rest in peace?
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