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Lokis, jokers and wild cards in the Jossverse and beyond

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  • Lokis, jokers and wild cards in the Jossverse and beyond

    Dorian's Kitten made an interesting parallel in the chat thread...Lorne on Angel is a little like Jack on Doctor Who - adds spice (and smutty innuendo!). It got me back to thinking about the various characters in the Jossverse and in other shows who play similar roles - the characters who shake things up, subvert things, generally monkey around with the "straight" characters.

    That's not saying those characters can't have their serious sides...tears of a clown and all that. I thought it'd be interesting to see how many characters there are out there that play a Loki*-like role - even if it doesn't define them.

    I see these characters as people who can never quite be heroes (Jack, imo, doesn't work so well on Torchwood)...always the bridesmaid, never the bride. They inject a random factor into events, they don't fit in with the universal order, or they don't fit into their surroundings (Lorne had to leave home to find a place, and the place he fits in is a place where people run away to, a human and demon sargasso sea).

    Spike plays that role some of the time - especially in seasons 2 and 4 of Buffy (teaming up with Buffy for his own motives messes up Angel's "doilies", then in season 4, playing the scoobs off against one another creates mahem, and not necessarily even the sort of mahem that Adam wants).

    In fact, you could say the Doctor is that kind of figure to a's a show where the maverick, the trickster, becomes the main character...but to sustain main characterness, he has more of a Grand Tragic Hero thing going on (in the new who anyhoo).

    Perhaps a lot of characters have the trickster spirit within them? But I'm particularly interested in characters who are defined by it, who play that part as their main role - the fool, the shIt-stirrer, the court jester.

    Andrew, deffo has some jester/fool qualities. Sometimes, fools are able to tell the truth when no one else can, having fool's licence.

    What do you think of the fool/trickster/joker characters in the shows you enjoy? Do some shows not have any at all?

    *a norse god of mischief

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --

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    Well, I think Xander played that role a lot of the times as well. The 'zeppo' as so aptly titled may have showed that he has some importance to the scoobies, but for the most part he was more of the wise-cracking side-kick.