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    I realized I don't belong to any of the clubs on here because I'm impartial to all of the relationships that have been on Btvs. I think all of the relationships Buffy has been in, worked at the times in her life. Bangel was good because it was the normal on/off highschool relationship. Ruffy was good because it was the normal college relationship. Where you have to find your place in the world which can be the demise of the relationship. Which it was! Spuffy was the perfect love/hate relationship. It was a destructive one at that which again at the time Buffy's life seem to be falling apart before her eyes. IDK. I was just wondering if there were any other impartial people with sort of the same opinions as me. If not that's okay too!
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    I guess you can count me in I'm neither Bangel nor Spuffy, but I can certainly appreciate both in different ways. Actually, I'm probably one of the few Ruffy shippers left on this planet, but it doesn't mean I don't recognize what Angel and Spike meant to Buffy...


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      I don't really go for any ship although I have preferences for which ships I like and which ships I hate. I hate Spuffy for what it put my fave character (Buffy) through, I can appreciate Angel for the sacrifices he was willing to make for her to have a good life. I appreciate Ruffy because it was the most normal and stable Buffy relationship was in, pity she didn't realise this until Riley was away into the night sky

      I like Buffy on her own, she is at her best when she is completely free to be herself without having to worry about the person she is in a relationship with, so I guess in some ways I am impartial.

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        *suggests we change the name to 'This Ship Won't Sail'*

        Count me in...though in time you may consider me a traitor. I've been working on a rather *clears throat and glares at the room* florid piece of fiction that involves a pretty obscure ship. Doing it because it's beneficial for the characters...dun need a better reason...really could give a rat's haunches about who ends up together. Okay...well that and it can be a lot of fun to create the circumstances that put two unlikely bodies into the smushing position.

        I did like a few of the couples but mainly for the funny... Anya and Xander together were a hoot. "They're orgasm friends, Xander." Putting the clueless with the overtly honest...good plan.

        Yup sign me up.