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Tom Lenk comes out of the closet!

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  • Tom Lenk comes out of the closet!

    The latest issue of The Advocate features icon Harvey Milk on the cover, but a minor icon of geekdom, Tom Lenk (who played Andrew on Buffy the Vampire Slayer), also makes news by officially coming out in the issue (the online site doesn't feature the article).

    It probably doesn't come as that big of a shock to fans of Buffy that Tom is gay, which probably isn't fair, as no doubt Lenk is capable of playing a wide-range of characters. Nonetheless, Lenk pinged quite a few gaydars including Buffy creator Joss Whedon, who told The Advocate that Andrew hadn't been planned as gay, but when Lenk auditioned they decided to take the character that way since "Tom has a bit of a fey thing going on in his persona that, you know, you can't really deny."

    Source and the rest of the article

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    Of all the surprises I've had in my life that's...not one. Well, it is and it isn't, given that the guy's an actor and I don't think I've seen him interviewed, but I do have a tendency to conflate actor and character (when they're a bit OTT like Andrew was) so...given that Andrew's gay, and Tom is Andrew in my mind...yeah, not a big shocker.

    Thanks for the link, look foward to reading the article...actually, already have, couldn't resist...agree with the comment that says they should deal with Andrew's sexuality in the comics. Come on, at least one panel of him getting some play. He's cute! He's an international man of mystery! There must be a guy out there who'll put up with him being a bit of a loser...?

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      Yeah this really isn't a surprise I assumed he was gay or just very very good at playing the part on Buffy. I can't believe that his management company was mocking him behind his back, so he's not butch, so what??? He is still a great actor.


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        Wow, thanks for sharing--it is kind of a surprise to me I guess, because I always just kind of assumed he was acting gay--I mean, gay guys act straight all the time (NPH, etc), so I didn't assume that just because Andrew acted gay that the actor was. But at the same time, it's not a HUGE surprise, given what we have seen of him before!
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