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  • HBO-pilot for SMG

    Sarah Michelle Gellar is eyeing a return to television with a half-hour project set up at HBO from screenwriter Charles Randolph.

    Set in Gotham, "The Wonderful Maladys" ensembler revolves around the dysfunctional lives of three adult siblings who lost their parents at a young age.

    Randolph described Gellar's character as having "a kind of zealous immaturity -- like a drug addict with a to-do list."

    Randolph wrote the script on spec last year with Gellar and HBO in mind. HBO recently bought the script and is aiming to shoot the single-camera pilot early next year. Gellar and Randolph will serve as exec producers should the project go forward, along with Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

    "We're on a fast track," said Brillstein CEO Jon Liebman.

    Gellar has focused on features since "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" ended its seven-year run in 2003. She called the chance to do a series with Randolph, Brillstein and HBO "a terrific next chapter for me."

    Randolph's feature credits include 2003's "The Life of David Gale" and 2005's "The Interpreter." At present he's writing "Gucci," for helmer Ridley Scott and Fox 2000.

    Gellar and Randolph are repped by Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

    So, more and more BtVS/Ats actors find a place in a new series ... nice. I think that this can be a good series ...

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    Nice to see she's got an executive producer title as well as starring in the show, go Sarah! Woot! Personally it doesn't sound like my kinda show but it's very good to see she's done well for herself.

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      Thanks for the news! I've never been a huge SMG fan but I think she would fit pretty well in an HBO series. I'm interested enough to learn more about it.
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        I did hear about this earlier. I watch anything that has SMG in it and this won't be an exception. Good to know that she will be credited as an Executive Producer.

        EDIT: Has an air date been announced for this?
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          Originally posted by Ameer View Post
          EDIT: Has an air date been announced for this?
          Doubtful, I think. Esp. since the pilot hasn't even been shot yet.
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            This sounds like a really interesting concept and I'll definitely watch it, it'll be interesting to see SMG in another show.


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              I just found out about this like 20 minutes ago! It's exciting. Granted I didn't want her to go back to tv but hey, I'll pretty much watch her in anything so it doesn't really matter if it's on tv or in movies. My only problem is that I don't get HBO.
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                I'm not sure about the premise but HBO is nearly always good. I would love more Sarah in my life so here's hoping.


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                  I look forward for it. I?m glad she?s having a lot of chances and something with SMG in the credits, it?s sure to have a viewer that?s me!