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Young Michelle Pfeiffer and Young Amber Benson?

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  • Young Michelle Pfeiffer and Young Amber Benson?

    I was just going through Facebook and doing a quiz where I saw a photo of Michelle Pfieffer in the Stars that look younger quiz or something, in about her twenties or something and she looked remarkably like Amber Benson did in her twenties with light blonde hair, I would have shown a picture but Photobucket decided to mess with me and not upload the photo.

    Does anyone else think Michelle younger looks like Amber? (Btw, I remeber someone saying Annette O'Toole, you know Martha from Smallville looked like Amber when she was young but I never saw a pic of it)

    Edit: Oh and in the picture I saw Michelle here looks like she was leaning against a rail, in a picture that I have of Amber, she's also leaning on a rail (Althought the picture is taken sideways)

    Hilda Celeriac: You better tell me everything or I am gonna go Lex Luthor on your ass!
    Hey guys, if you know Amber is coming to Brisbane or anywhere near it, then page me (Well PM, just referencing Buffy)