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Buffyverse creature designs on myspace....

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  • Buffyverse creature designs on myspace....

    I hope this is in the right section. *g*

    Anyhoo, FX artist John Vulich has some lovely sketches of early Buffy and Angel monsters up at his MySpace site.

    Well worth checking out.

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    Wow, we were treated to some awesomely ugly monsters. I wish there was a website where we could view all the demons and monsters on either show.


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      Dude I still think Moloch from I Robot You Jane is still an awesome looking villain! I think I might be in the minority on that one. It gets a bad rap because of the episode as a whole but as a villain, he looks uber awesome!
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        Great sketches (I wish I could sketch like that), although sometimes I think that the sketches are more scary than the demons ended up being. The woman from the demon brothel in War Zone looks way more scary in the sketch, but then again if she was that ugly in real life she wouldn't really be working in a brothel anyway, also the Thesulac demon, Lagos and Der Kindestod too.

        They were all made brilliantly though considering the comparisons between the finished product and the sketch, I just wish there was one of the Gentlemen. I get the feeling that the sketch for them was the one Olivia "drew" in Hush though.