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    Has anyone ever read any books in the Buffy Stake your destiny series? I was wondering on what people thought of them. They are the choose your own adventure version on Buffy. Are the endings actually based on what can happen in the TV series? Also, are the bad endings pretty harsh on Buffy or are they just kind to her? It would be bad to get a bad ending in one of those books as we are all fans of her beating the bad guys.

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    No i have never read any of these books, but i do like the sound of picking your own ending.. but i would always end up reading both a loser like that.


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      I have two of these books and they're not anything to do with the actual storylines, they're just like the other Buffy books, but you decide what happens. I mean, one of them I read had most of the past Buffy villains return randomly, so yeah.


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        Never read 'em. But I'd really enjoy the idea of a book like that that takes things that actually happened in the show and explores various "alternative dimensions" versions of events (EG the world in which Buffy doesn't kill Angel and Earth gets sucked into hell). Especially if there was one ending where everythign was made of shrimp

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