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Brown paper packages tied up with string: favourite things in the Jossverse?

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  • Brown paper packages tied up with string: favourite things in the Jossverse?

    What are your five favourite things (off the top of your head, today, doesn't have to be in order) in the Jossverse (I mean, both Buffy and Angel). Could be an episode, could be a story arc, could be a character, could be a moment, could be a particular piece of clothing worn by a character, anything!

    1) Spike's obsession with bad soap operas.

    2) The Pylea arc in Angel - nothing gives me greater joy than a story arc that blends the gayest musical of all time with a deconstruction of a main character (Angel being broken down into his itty bitty buggy...well, plus the reveal that the bearded creature is Lorne's mother.

    3) Buffy grabbing the sword in Becoming and saying "Me".

    4) Buffy blaming herself for the deterioration of the English language in "Time of your life".

    5) Giles's tone of voice when, in Hush, he says, "Yes that's exactly the most appalling thing you could've said."

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    Just 5? ... I've way too many favourite moments ... but let's see;

    Buffy in Innocence, "That was then, this is now." and the moment where she kicked Angelus between the legs.

    Buffy in Becoming ... 'me'.

    Mandy ... Angel singing Mandy, Angelus reaction when flashback!Angel listens to Mandy ... Connor and Angel singing 'Jasmine'.

    Epiphany speech

    Angelus' smirk
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      1) In 'Release' on Angel, when Faith and Wes are in the demon bar, and a demon sneaks up behind Wes, and without even looking, he shoots it, then reloads his shotgun, points it at the demon being interegated, and comments that the other demon's head should grow back, and Faith, grinning, asks 'Think yours will?' I wish there was more Wes-Faith interaction on Angel, they had so many interesting parallels. Plus, that scene = pure slickness. Wes could completely hold his own by that point, even when surrounded by demons. Plus when working with Faith, they were just ... cool.

      2) Storyteller. 'We are as Gods'. Completely sums up Andrew's way of turning everything into stories and myths. Plus, funny!

      3) 'There's no-one in the world with the power to stop me.' BAM!!! 'I'd like to test that theory'. Badass personified!

      4) Tara: 'It's a long... important process, and ... can we just skip it? Can-can you just be kissing me now?' Then kissage. = HOT!

      5) The Mayor, having a checklist of 'Things To Do', including 'Call Temp Agency', 'Meeting With PTA' and ... 'Become Invincible'. Hence, avvie.

      And what's with the cat-related tags??!


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        Originally posted by Nina View Post
        Just 5? ... I've way too many favourite moments ... but let's see;
        Me too, but I thought I should put a cap on it so people think carefully. But then again, I'm tempted to post a different five tomorrow

        Mandy ... Angel singing Mandy, Angelus reaction when flashback!Angel listens to Mandy ... Connor and Angel singing 'Jasmine'.
        How could I forget Mandy! You came and you gave without taking!

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          No real order here --

          1. Xander's silent moment of intuition in "Innocence".

          2. Buffy and Xander's "how did we get here?" exchange in "Seeing Red".

          3. The group reaction to Giles singing "Behind Blue Eyes"

          4. The "Hush" Scooby meeting

          5. Buffy and Faith's pre-fight face-off in "Graduation, Part I"
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            1.) ENEMIES!!!! It's honestly the greatest episode ever! We get a Angelus, Faith and Buffy triangle. Come on that's awesome. Plus we get: "Why Faith, what's in it for you?" "What isn't? You know I come to Sunnydale, I'm a slayer. I do my job kicking ass better than anyone and what do I hear about everywhere I go? Buffy. So I slay, I behave. I do the good little girl routine and who does everybody thank? Buffy" Awesome is what that is.

            2.) Buffy's dress pants in Potential! I can't find them anywhere and I want them badly!!!!!!! They're so adorable.

            3.) "Tara's your girlfriend?!" *from above* "Bloody hell." Hysterical. I love drunk!Giles.

            4.) I love all the ships the show had. Like I've said before, I'm the president of the impartial club so it's not an odd thing that I adore all of the ships the show had. I go through my moments of being in the mood for Bangel or Ruffy etc. but I've never really been a shipper for one in particular which is nice.

            5.) The Cheese Man. 'Nuf said.

            Honorable mention: The Oedipus Rex play during the credits of The Puppet Show. it.
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              Originally posted by Wolfie Gilmore View Post
              Could be an episode, could be a story arc, could be a character, could be a moment, could be a particular piece of clothing worn by a character, anything!
              I think you're just trying to torture people, is what I think. How are we supposed do choose between characters and story arcs? Fortunately, everyone seems to be concentrating on moments, so I'll do that too. I suck at "off the top of my head" though, so I looked over the episode list before posting, and I ended up with 10, not 5. So sue me.

              1. The cliffhanger in the middle of "Becoming"
              2. The epic first-day-of-school steadycam shot in "Anne"
              3. The Wishverse
              4. Faith forcing Buffy to follow her into the manhole in "Bad Girls"
              5. The Willow-Tara arc: first joint spell in "Hush", consummation in "New Moon Rising", break up in "Tabula Rasa", reconciliation in "Entropy", main credits for "Seeing Red"
              6. Spike retrieving his leather coat in "Get It Done"

              7. Drusilla's return in "The Trial"
              8. The "Where did everybody go?" shot in "Tomorrow"
              9. Wesley breaking Faith out of prison in "Salvage"
              10. Illyria killing everyone (the first time 'round) in "Time Bomb"

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              And what's with the cat-related tags??!
              Yes, I wanna know too.
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                I love drunk giles!!!!!!!!

                I love willow/oz interactions, and willow/tara evenly..


                Angel coming behind buffy when she was still standing at her mothers grave.. and them both just standing there as one.. priceless moment!

                Cordelia staking her first vampire.


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                  I'm gonna go with moments too.

                  1. The beautiful scene between Xander and Willow on Kingman's Bluff, especially the first time Willow hits Xander with a thunder and feels the pain she's causing!!! Love her facial expression!

                  2. "We're not supposed to move the body", Buffy's breakdown instant is breath-taking, litteraly.

                  3. Spuffy kiss at the end of Tabula Rasa, what I was dying for to see, happened when I didn't expect it. So chilling.

                  4. When Spike realises it's Buffy and not the BuffyBot who just kissed him, the compassionate look of Buffy just before she kisses him is so moving.

                  5. Buffy holding Spike's hand and telling him "I love you".

                  Runner-ups: Goddess Willow, The Prom Award plus Angel showing, Giles finding Jenny dead plus Buffy and Willow's reaction at the phone...
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                    Originally posted by The_Narrator View Post

                    And what's with the cat-related tags??!
                    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
                    Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens
                    Brown paper packages tied up with string
                    These are a few of my favourite things.

                    I've got another....David Nabbitt. I love him with all my heart.

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                      1) Dark Willow
                      2)"Bloody hell!" drunk Giles (also "Yes quite a bit actually" from the same scene)
                      3) The slide show scene in Hush. Everything from Buffy's 'staking' mime to Anya with the popcorn telling Giles he has the slide in upside down. Genius.
                      4)Giles walking into the lampost in Earshot
                      5) The possession scene in I Only Have Eyes For You between Angel and Buffy.

                      And far too many more.
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                        I just about managed to control myself and didn't spit all over my keyboard when I read most of these - I love being reminded of funny moments!

                        I'm going to cheat and have 5 funnies and 5 seriouses. Yeah boiiiii!


                        1) Spuffy kiss at the end of Tabula Rasa - Pandora's_Box I definitely agree. So unexpected but so needed.

                        2) The Willow/Tara break-up arc in Season 6. I think this is pretty much just morbid fascination.

                        3) On the Willow note, Oz/Willow! Their relationship (IMO) saves Seasons 2 and 3. Not a Bangel fan and Cordy isn't my favourite. I doubt I'd rewatch those seasons if it wasn't for the cutesy Willow/Oz moments (Woz? Zillow? Is there an appropriate term?)

                        4) Buffy's breakdown at the end of 'Dead Things'. My heart breaks every time I watch it.

                        5) And of course, predictable for me! The 'Touched' Spuffy speech. Oh man!


                        1) I know this is cheating. But throwaway comments that don't get much cred. For example:
                        Giles: Uh, Ms. Calendar?
                        Ms. Calendar: Oh, no, please call me Jenny. Ms. Calendar's my father.
                        Wood: Buffy, what are you doing tonight?
                        Buffy: Preparing… for tomorrow’s counselling sessions!
                        Wood: No, really.
                        Buffy: Watching a reality show about a millionaire.
                        Willow: Well, that's a dark time, night. Traditionally.
                        Giles: Right. It's good to see you. Um, no need to panic.
                        Oz: Just a thought: poker: not your game.
                        GILES: Welcome to the nancy tribe.
                        2) OMWF. In its entirety. I tried to pick one moment to put on here and failed miserably. But if I had to pick, it would probably be the mustard song!

                        3) "Nothing can defeat the penis!" Now that DOES make me spit out whatever I'm eating/drinking at the time (because Buffy without food is wrong.)

                        4) The Spike/Joyce dynamic. It's immense!

                        5) Andrew. I am as far completely and hopelessly in love with him as it is to be in the platonic sense!


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                          This is Btvs. In no real order (and bloody hell this is hard Wolfie!)

                          1) Angel's "second best" and Faith's slow mo turn around as she realises she's been played in 'Enemies' - just bad ass

                          2) The entire Graduation Day fight between the students and the Mayor. It's wonderfully put together, very suspenseful, I'm so proud of pretty much everyone in that scene, Angel's kick ass, Xander orders the troops, Cordy stakes a vamp and Larry.. poor Larry The whole thing just gives me shivers.

                          3) Buffy standing up to Sunday in 'The Freshman' she's amazing in that scene and then with Xander, Oz and Willow charging in to save the day. Makes me so proud, those kids rock.

                          4) Angelus- "Take that away and what's left?" Buffy- "Me." That's the real essence of Buffy right there.

                          5) The shot of Buffy in Prophecy Girl with her white dress, leather jacket and crossbow as she steps outside of Sunnydale High in the night and the camera pans over the scenery as she meets the Anointed One. Classic, amazing Buffy.

                          This is for Angel, again in no particular order;

                          1) Alleyway scene "I kinda wanna slay the dragon" in Not Fade Away

                          2) Angel double vamp staking in the opener of "City Of..."

                          3) Cordy- "And you're welcome" in 'You're Welcome' I admit it, I cried like a baby and what perfect last words to be said by Queen C herself.

                          4) Angel- "And yet somehow I just can't seem to care." The whole scene just sends shivers up my spine. Lilah's "for gods sake help us" the music rising, Angel locking the door shut and Drusilla's "daddy?" It's just scary and the terrified screams, the building music and then the abrupt cut out. One of the best and most shocking scenes ever...

                          5) Doyle- "is that it, am I done?" Nuff said.

                          I could go on forever about both series I might even change my mind tomorrow, but these scenes encapsulate so much of what makes Btvs and Ats for me.

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                            Because I see cheating around here, I want to cheat too. And because this topic has a serious BtVS overload ... I will give some good Ats moments;

                            so besides the 5 I already posted;
                            • Lindsay's evil hand.
                            • Wesley & Lilah, Lilah & Wesley ... doesn't matter. There is not one bad scene between those two.
                            • Wesley's death
                            • Fred's death
                            • Cordelia's death


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                              Oh that's so hard. I will try to keep me to 5 but I probbably going to miss some of the best things.

                              No specifik order:
                              1) Pylea. I don't really like the episodes in pylea but their is some really funny moments in their. Lornes hairy mother and his brothers dance just cracks me up every time, especially Angels surprised face when Lorne calls his mother mom. And Angels obsession with his hair and the fact that he don't burn in the sunlight is quite adorable.

                              2) The beginning of City off... I can watch it over and over again. Drunk Angel and then the music when he walks out of the pub, thats just wonderfull!

                              3) When Cordy kiss Angel in a try off getting ride of the vision she got from Doyle. That's hilarous.

                              4) Angel hitting and yelling on Buffy in Sanctuary. That's funny

                              5)You're welcome. That is a perfect episode. When Angel get's the call, him and Cordy watching Doyle on the Tv and Cordys comment about the first soldier down, Angel telling Cordy how much he need her, their kiss and the last call. It can't be more heartbreaking then that.


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                                Originally posted by vampmogs View Post
                                5) Doyle- "is that it, am I done?" Nuff said.

                                Oh my god. When Doyle left AtS, I really couldn't be bothered anymore with it. I cried like a baby on that episode!


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                                  1. By Far we have under your spell. Anything to do with Willow Tara and their relationship especially "I am you know what yours " and the "can't you just be kissing me now"

                                  2 Giles:Fort Dix? Starts laughing Go drunk Giles!

                                  3. Angelus/Souless Spike/Drusilla-so cool!

                                  4. "Walk through the Fire" in fact the whole episode.

                                  5. Faith's redemption arc

                                  you are so evil making us choose only 5. For this I had to just say what's on the top of my head. *frown*
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                                    The scene in graduation day part II where it pans to Angel and others waiting at the bottom of the steps for the vampires.

                                    Angel closing the wine celler doors.

                                    The whole Angel and Lindsey fight scenes, loved how lindsey seemed on par with angel and then angel just comes back with his 'beat the bad guys speech.

                                    Just the Mayor as a character.

                                    Most not violent Gunn/Angel scenes.
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                                      I'm gonna go with a variety of things instead of only moments. I reckon it's more interesting that way.

                                      1. Buffy season 2 - not without its flaws (think bad special effects and cheesiness) I still think this is the 'perfect' Buffy season. Spike/Dru and Angelus are the best seasonal bad guys of BtvS, every character is still in their likeable phase, and there's this really cool gothic feel throughout the whole season that Buffy never really has again.

                                      2. Wolfram and Hart - Lawyers as evil-doers, who knew? Plus, Lilah is one of my all time favorite Buffyverse characters and Wesley/Lilah my favorite couple. Lindsay has a great storyline until Angel season 5, and W&H were able to bring out the Dark side of souled Angel which was fun to watch.

                                      3. Angel (the character) - Whether broody and insecure, dark and tortured or just plain kicking butt he's consistantly entertaining (at least on his own show).

                                      4. Hyperion Hotel - I just think it's cool.

                                      5. Anne (the character) - Both on Buffy and Angel we saw her as part of a vampire cult, a homeless person, and finally, all growed up and a hero in her own right helping fight the good fight. I loved what they did with her.
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                                        Tough question, and lot's of interesting answers. I'll try too, from the top of my head:

                                        1) Spuffy - funny, serious, tragic, sweet, never complete, always new, always changing, always surprising. And I bet there's yet lots more to them
                                        2) Doyle
                                        3) Morbid/creepy jokes (take Willow & Spike scene in "The Initiative" for example)
                                        4) Andrew. "I prefer to think of myself as a "guestage""
                                        5) Wesley (in absolutely every form, be it geeky or tortured)
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