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  • Go ask Malice, A slayer's diary.

    I just finished reading "Go ask Malice, a slayer's diary. In case anyone doesn't already know, it's a book soley based on Faith! I loved it! It really delved into Faith's perspective, and made her more human than a fictional character. The story is based before she goes to sunnydale, and it tells how she lived, and about her becoming a slayer! I highly recommend it! Has anyone else read it? How did you like it? What was you favorite parts, and what didn't you like about the book? I wish they would write a follow up book.(If they haven't already and i just havent discovered it)

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    And I thought I was the only one who had read that book! It is such an amazing book and a great story of Faith. Unfortunately, there has never been, and I don't think ever will, be a follow up book. I would also recommend it as well. Definitely worth the money and a great read!


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      Yeah I read this as well and was a fan. It was nice how we got a bit of foreshadowing for what's ahead in BTVS season 3, but it was also a great story in it's own right. It gave life to characters that were only mentioned in the series, and I think it deserves a place in canon.


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        I was totally creeped out by her dreams.. i actually had a nightmore of my own of maenads coming after me.. lol.. I'm also glad we got to meet her watcher,.. omg don't want to spoil anything but did anyone else think that the connection between her watcher and giles was weird?.. The timeline doesnt really match up i dont think...


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          I was totally creeped out by her dreams.. i actually had a nightmore of my own of maenads coming after me.. lol..
          Whoa, looks like another Potential Slayer slipped throught the cracks.

          I didn't have a problem with the timeline, but then again I've never been very good at keeping track of that sort of thing.


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            Sounds like a great book! Love me some FAITH! I love the Buffy paperbacks - wish some of them were canon!
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              Seriuosly read it... you won't regret it. Another thing is that it shows that Faith and Buffy have rediculous amounts of stuff in common! Don't want to ruin things, and i dont know how to do the spoilers, BUT i will say their similarites have to be the reason they can appear in each others dreams. Not saying it said that in the book just my opinion.


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                okay... people know i've been working a lot on my 1990-2009 timeline project... but i haven't read any of the books. would anybody mind giving me a known date list for various events?

                i can already destroy two of the dates given in this book... kendra didn't die on may 12 because oz was present with willow at the hospital on that night--and may 12 would be a werewolf night. the second date that is bogus is faith's birthdate... which would put her cruciamentum about 3 weeks before buffy's and by giles. if so, giles should have had a problem also doing it to faith right after amends. in fact, faith would probably already be getting injected circa amends. may 12 is certainly not the date of kendra's death in becoming due to the oz/werewolf factor.

                i don't buy it, since it would be giles being able to do 2 cruciamentums in 3 weeks.

                also, that would mean faith's sentence would be completely of crimes as an adult--is 25 to life an adult "murder 2" record? anybody knowledgeable in crime sentences? if we make faith a minor during her crime life, she'd be at least 1 to 2 years younger (depending if you put just her 2 of 3 recognized human murders or also include her L.A. assault rampage as just juvenile record).

                similarly, the only date that works for buffy's birthday is january 20th! it helps to look at a calendar and work out school schedules.

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