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What would be justice?

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  • What would be justice?

    No, this topic is not to have a deep philosophical discussion about the concept of justice. But if you want to ... go ahead.

    I want to list some things that would be justice, like Spike kicking Angel ass for once in Damage, Angel being the one who gets the Shanshu, Xander saving the world where Buffy failed etc.

    I would love to see Wesley being better than Giles in something and that people actually notice that. Or Wesley saving the scoobies ... something to make up for Andrew's comment in Damage and their treatment of Wesley in BtVS season 3.

    Or Faith being the 'good' slayer for once.

    And I think that the CoW should get a moment to shine, they were flawed but so is a construction without watchers. And it won't be realistic to say that the CoW is incapable, bad and without good points. It would be nice to hear some slayers ask for a watcher or that the watchers help them out.
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    It would be justice ... for the Big Bad to win, for once.

    I guess that doesn't count...


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      What would be justice? One thing that springs to mind is Giles getting to have sex with someone without anyone going “ew”. Come on, the guy’s hot, He’s not exactly in his dotage.

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        -Angel and Spike putting the beatdown on The Immortal.

        -Drusilla having to, even if briefly, live with a soul (the other three did.)

        -Angel vs Undead Holtz


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          Originally posted by Wolfie Gilmore
          Giles getting to have sex with someone without anyone going “ew”. Come on, the guy’s hot, He’s not exactly in his dotage.
          Totally agree with you here, poor Giles, come on, he's handsome, he's not old at all, he's the only character with a sporting chance and enough maturity to have a complete relationship with sex included, he doesn't deserve the "ew".

          Anya not being treated as a child by Xander and the rest of the Scoobies most of the time, I mean, come on, she was like 1000 years old!! She's not a child that doesn't know what she's saying, she has centuries of backup knowledge, but they kept treating her as if she was.
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            Justice IMO would be...
            ~Joyce getting to through Ted down the stairs instead of buffy.
            ~Harmony getting a bad nose job, and having people make fun of her.
            ~Giles putting the "smackdown" on maggie walsh, before she was brutally staked by her own creation.
            ~Buffys hooded leapord print jacket(the one she wears in S1) getting burned.
            ~Parker getting VD.
            ~I do agree, Giles getting some loving more than a few episodes at a time!