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Jossverse: The Imaginary Games

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  • Jossverse: The Imaginary Games

    as we know, the buffy tarot was canceled.

    what games can you imagine the jossverse characters taking a part in?

    here's my idea for a chess set:

    King - Angel
    Bishop - Wesley
    Knight - Faith
    Rook - Connor
    Pawns - Cordelia, Fred, Gunn, Lorne
    Queen - Buffy
    Bishop - Giles
    Knight - Spike
    Rook - Willow
    Pawns - Xander, Dawn, Anya, Oz

    King - The Master
    Bishop - The Mayor
    Knight - Angelus
    Rook - Glory
    Pawns - Drusilla, Caleb, Adam, Warren
    Queen - Lilah
    Bishop - Jasmine
    Knight - Holtz
    Rook - Illyria
    Pawns - Darla, Hamilton, The Beast, Lindsey

    how about monopoly, tarot, etc...?
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    My Chess Set for the Buffyverse in General unbiased towards certain characters as we all are would go something like this.

    King - Angel
    Queen - Buffy
    Bishop - Wesley & Giles
    Knight - Faith & Spike
    Rook - Connor or Reilly
    Rook - Willow
    Pawns - Xander, Dawn, Anya, Doyle, Tara, Fred, Lorne, Cordelia

    King - The Master
    Queen - Glory
    Bishop - The Mayor & Jasmine
    Knight - Angelus & Holtz
    Rook: The Beast & Illyria
    Pawns - Drusilla, Caleb, Holtz, Warren, Darla, Hamilton, The Beast, Lindsey

    Pretty much the same but for a few changes.
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      King - Angel
      Bishop - Wesley
      Knight - Connor
      Rook - Cordelia
      Queen - Buffy
      Bishop - Giles
      Knight - Willow
      Rook - Xander
      Pawns - Spike, Dawn, Anya, Oz, Gunn, Fred, Lorne, Doyle

      Black: (I'm doing a vampire set)
      King - Angelus
      Bishop - Drusilla
      Knight - Penn
      Rook - Harmony
      Queen - Darla
      Bishop - Spike
      Knight - Gunn

      Rook - Trick
      Pawns - James, Elisabeth, Lyle Gorch, Lawson, Tector Gorch, Jesse, Luke, Sunday
      and her haircut.
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