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  • Best Match For Connor?

    Connor was always searching for love and acceptrance...he found paternal affection from Holtz and Angel but he never found genuine romantic love from anyone besides Jasmine who of course was merely using him.

    So, Pros and Cons of Connor/Faith and Connor/Dawn - why they'd work and why they would not work.
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    Honestly, I always imagined that Dawn & Connor would be a great couple. I don't know exactly why, but maybe because they are the people that were not suppose to exist but they do anyway, they are about the same age and well, they would look cute together.
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      Actually, I love the fact that he dates Gwen. She is older, sexy and not a mother figure, so he is happy and she seems to really like him. So I'm for Gwonner (Conwen?).


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        I dunno, I think a new original character that suits Connor would be better. I just don't see Dawn and him meshing well and him and Faith, damn he is a bit young for her isn't he?


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          But Connor likes older women (Cordelia, Illyria, Kate, Gwen) ... the only thing he needs is a woman who likes a younger man.
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            Yeah I really like Connor/Gwen as well. I liked that she stood up for him or at least tried to make Angel understand where he was coming from, I thought it was pretty great.

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              Surprised there's no more Connor/Faith shippers. It e good at least for the "like father like son" factor. Plus it would tie together my two favorite characters.


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                Cordy is clearly the best match for Connor.

                Just kidding .

                Seriously, I think that Gwen is probably the best match for him so far. I get the feeling that Dawn is a little too perky and youthful to be with Connor and Faith is too old and wouldn't really give a crap about any of his drama. Really, Faith has enough relationship and trust issues on her own, let alone mixing them with Connor's. I follow a Connor-centred virtual series where he's in a relationship with a demon (who looks human sans the purple hair) and it's pulled off very well. Connor just needs someone who is his equal and can accept all his angst.

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                  Honestly, I don't think any character in the 'Verse would be suitable for Connor. This may be due to the fact that I find him pretty repulsive and don't want any of my 'beloved characters' with him (eurgh, just got shivers, and not the good kind!)

                  I think he'd be better off with someone 'normal'. I haven't read After The Fall so I don't know any more of his character than what I've seen on Angel, but I think although he's attracted to older, stronger women, he'd be better off wearing the trousers in a relationship, with someone who wasn't as physically strong as him and needed 'looking after'.


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                    You know I also wondered if they would ever put Dawn and Connor together, I don't think it would work long term but I think they definately would understand each other. So maybe a fling and then really good friends. I have to say it might be worth it for the Buffy and Angel reactions alone

                    But I picked other because I am loving the Gwen/Connor thing. Surprised me but it was a pleasant surprise.

                    Faith? NO WAY..She needs to hook up with Spike And I just don't see her looking at him that way.


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                      gwen is actually OLDER than cordy!!! she was at least kindergarten-age in 1985, which means she was born in about 1980 or earlier (judging by the fact that gwen wasn't allowed to start school until late). cordy's birthday is may 22, 1981.

                      connor's birthday is november 19, 2001, but it comes out to november 19, 1985. dawn's approximate age group is those born in 1986.

                      connor is only 4 years younger than the scoobies. because of charisma's age, it's hard to remember that cordy was only 22 when she DIED.

                      during apocalypse, nowish, the bodies of cordy and connor were 17 and 21 (to match up with all the consecutive episodes, that episode took place well into 2002--like SUMMER due to the fact that there's no way around the fact that conviction took place one month before october--fred and nina make some pretty specific comments that date episodes--and the majority of season 4 ats happened in 4 weeks from about the end of july until mid-august--meaning the potential that gets called in school was in the southern hemisphere--satsu in japan can be explained by their very different japanese take on having year-round school activities). cordy's not quite mrs. robinson. lilah, yes, would be a mrs. robinson (her clearance code is clearly a birthday--"0112773" = november 27, 1973). cordy was not that old and a year younger than gwen. if you're going to whine about cordy's age difference, gwen is actually older.

                      just take out what you know of the actors and think of how much younger the characters are compared to the actors (and vincent is a lot older than his character as well). it was probably mostly the size difference that helped people not question angel as connor's father (in after the fall they'd be physically 7 years apart). the actors themselves are only 10 years apart.

                      as for connor--i'm still having hope that dawn came across connor while they were both at STANFORD. wouldn't that be a great shout-out?

                      maybe we could get a flashback of dawn's time with kenny and nick. though, come to think of it, connor was at stanford from fall 2003 to spring 2004 and then went to hell (and i guess he must have been doing online classes in the spring or something, because those 2 episodes weren't both spring break + the last mail day at the reillys--stanford is in palo alto which is near san jos?/san francisco). dawn wouldn't start stanford until fall 2004. strangely, connor reilly didn't get held back with his birthday in november, so perhaps vail must have had him either skip a grade or not put his birthday in the november/december zone.

                      and depending on what you choose to believe about when season 8 takes place, it either starts at least 3 months after the fall school year 2004 starts or the 2006-2007 season, when the movie references (namely, casino royale) all make sense. unless willow has been playing magicks by letting everybody watch movies from the future.

                      i always thought it was cute that at some point connor and dawn went to the same college. that's just begging to have them bump into each other unknowingly... i guess if connor and dawn ever go back to college.
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                        Wasn't Dawn going to Berkley?

                        I never expected that Gwen was older than Cordy, but I never saw the age difference as the problem of their relation ... more the idea that Cordy was the closest thing to a mother.


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                          Maybe Faith. I don?t know how but I see the two of them together, at least Faith would kick his ass a lot, just to teach him a lesson, maybe she would discipline him.


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                            dawn goes to berkeley? why did i think stanford? dammit. i'm usually on top of trivial things like that.

                            never mind, then.

                            and i reject the notion that cordy was the closest thing connor had to a mother. or perhaps i'm protective of darla's relationship with connor. the REAL cordy called herself "auntie cordy"... no different from the rest of A.I. it would be like calling lorne a fatherly figure instead of an uncle figure. lorne arguably spent the most time with connor besides angel.

                            and, imo, in the cases of both connor and dawn, they needed to be treated like they were born in 1985 and 1986. in at least one set of their memories, they were. neither are going to start dating toddlers. and in the case of connor, he had a full childhood that wasn't fabricated (the one with holtz). before connor got the last batch of memories in after the fall, connor would have only known what holtz told him of his parents. in his mind, his biological parents were angel and darla and his step-parents were holtz and justine. holtz wouldn't have known much about cordy. if there was one member of A.I. holtz might have told connor about, it'd be wesley--the only one holtz really got to know.

                            in connor's mind, there would have been not a lot wrong with a 21-year-old woman who was pretty much being forced to go after him (he didn't know it wasn't cordy). he had no memories of "mother-figure" cordy... or more accurately, "auntie" cordy.

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                            "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions."


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                              Hello. I'm new. This is my first post actually besides the welcome thread. I never thought of Dawn/Connor but it really thrills me. That would be a really interesting ship. She's already shown that she has a thing for demons or whatever her first lover was. LOL!

                              I'm fuzzy on who Gwen is. If she was in Season four that's why. I couldn't get past Riley and the lame army plot.

                              My watching of Buffy and Angel was a huge hodgepodge so there are big holes in the story for me.

                              As far as Faith goes... NO. Just... No.
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                                I always thought Connor and Dawn might make an interesting couple. The both have extraordinary origins, they are around the same age, and what one lacks the other makes up for.


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                                  gwen raiden is in season 4 of ANGEL, not buffy (riley is in btvs, not ats). gwen is often referred to as electro-girl. she is played by alexa davalos.

                                  connor and gwen are dating in angel: after the fall.

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                                  "If there is no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."
                                  "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions."