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  • Who would you date?

    I'm making a Nina (the character)/Angel signature and she is that normal girl with a normal life (family, university etc.), who dates Angel. And I was thinking if I would do the same, go for the mysterious vampire ... or would I pick the normal men.

    Who would you date? Count the whole package, not just if you like them but also their looks, life, problems etc.

    My favourite characters are Angel and Wesley ... but I decided that I wouldn't date them ... ever. They are too complex, psychotic (Wesley's case), dangerous and in Angel's case ... undead. I'm not sure if I would prefer Riley, Xander or Gunn ... but right now, I'm thinking about Gunn who is funny, sweet, cool, smart and I love his style. Only his problems with the law would be less fun. Weird, because Gunn was never one of my favourite characters.

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    I think I would go with Riley on this one. He's the nice normal guy which was a really nice change when it came to Btvs relationships. I mean he sort of has it all, he's nice, charming, he's a hottie, he can kick some ass when needed (therefore I would have some sort of protection from baddies) and he's from Iowa so really it would only be like a 6 hour trip by car for me if he still lived there. All in all it sounds perfect. Although you know one of the guys I always liked who apparently we find out in season 7 is gay, Scott Hope. He was such a cutie pie. But then he broke up with Buffy and then I didn't really like him anymore. So yeah, I would go the normal guy route if I had to choose.
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      I'd date Connor. I find his hairstyle (always an important factor for me physically) pre-Season Five as well as his build very attractive. After he got used to our wrold and when he wasn't around Angel, he was just a normal kid with superpowers.
      A very cute normal kid who I just want to hold and make feel better.


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        aw i agree, i really liked connor too. i don't think i've seen enough angel to judge that one yet though.

        spike is my favorite character, but i think he's the type that you just want to fantasize about more than actually date... lol. if i had to choose someone, i'd choose oz. he was such a sweety and so very cool and funny.
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          Yeah, Spike would make a pretty scary boyfriend, bless.

          I'd go with Gunn, I think, even though he's not particularly a favourite of mine, as a character.

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            Well, I've never dated the "bad boys", I always thought that would be a too dangerous zone, you know, so even though I think Spike is hot as hell and I melt every time I see him on screen I probably wouldn't date him, well not the Spike of season 6 anyway, maybe I'd date Spike of season 7 though , when I see him going down a better path, more reformed. Yeah, I'd give him a chance then.

            But I have to admit that Wesley is more my type, not geeky Wesley but season 5 Wesley, intellectual, good looking, the guy that knows how to make tough choices. That's more my type. Plus, he's sexy too.
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              Tara would be exactly the sort of person I would love to date. Or Willow. Unfortunate for me that they are gay? I guess I'm licked just like s6 Spike.
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                I'd go with either Riley or Xander or Gunn, they're sweet, funny, have apartments and cute. I like that type of guys, down to earth and normal. I'd even go with Doyle but the way he was living his life is a major turn off for me.

                While I like other male characters, I just don't see myself enjoying their company in real life. They're too larger than life for my taste, which is simple and sweet.
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                  Definitely Spike! He is pretty much exactly like all the guys I go for, except, you know, undead. I don't think I'd mind too much about that. Plus, hell of a talking point! 'So, where's your boyfriend today?' ... 'Oh, he can't come out in the sun. These vampires, tshhh.'

                  But Oz and Riley would definitely get a look in - Oz is so sweet! But possibly a little short (which is definitely a factor!). Riley has that charming boy-next-door thing going for him as well


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                    I would try to do a "Chasing Amy" on Tara, probably. But probably Nina, Vi, Buffy, Dawn, or Kate Lockley. I would secretly long for Faith but know that the maintenance costs are too high, emotionally.
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                      I'd date Willow, Tara, or Kennedy. OH-kay, yeah, they're all lesbians. But, then, like Riley, I'm something of a lesbian myself. And I'd be willing to share with the others...
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                        I'm gonna share Spike w/Retrograde. (Aww c'mon - you know he'd go for it! ) The only other guy might have been OZ or maybe Wesley. Dark Wesley was very sexy!!
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                          I think we know I would date Tara.

                          But that wouldn't happen unless I am a girl lol, on the straight side let me think, maybe Fred? Yeah probably most likely to be Fred or Dawn

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                            well, i'm a huge geek with depression problems... and i actually appear to be one of the few that actually relate more to angel and wesley than any other characters, despite them often getting called 'larger than life'. i actually find them the most relatable of all.

                            well, first off, i'd be looking for some serious brains. i would hate myself if i didn't end up with a massive set of brains. so, that leaves wesley, angel and giles for the cream of the crop there. spike is a bit less of an existentialist, but he's quite smart. i'm an over-analytical thinker. overall, i'd say i'd still choose angel and wesley. my problems can meet their problems and have a party. and then we can philosophize and existentialize until the cows come home. angel's art skills and broody nights by the fire with old literature are also pluses. plus, that photographic memory... mental yummyness. i'd spend all of my time picking his brain for history bits. and then we can converse in foreign languages.

                            plus, i like my men with as strong of a personality as i do. introverted, but mentally strong. i also like dry humor verging a bit towards dry sarcasm. angel, wesley, spike, lindsey, giles, etc... all get points for masculinity.

                            musically, i'd get along with angel and lorne. lmao. i'm not lying. imagine the coming together of those oldies and classical collections.

                            actually, oz or connor would also appeal to me. connor, in particular, is also very appealing to me--even when he was psychotic.

                            then again, if i were gay, i'd probably go for darla, drusilla, fred and anya. does that say something about me? personality-wise, those are my female heroes. psychosis isn't exactly my biggest turn-off. points to spike, who stood by someone who was a bit batsh*t. i like that loyalty.

                            also a bit of a fan of blunt honesty and that i hate sugar coating. a bit of darla/anya/cordelia there in that respect. i speak my mind and am a bit lacking in compassion and diplomacy (or so i'm told). i'm also asperger's--so i ramble endlessly about the same topics of interest (think fred). which is part of the reason i'd need someone with a strong personality and a brain to sort of both be intellectually stimulating, but powerful enough a personality to match me that way--which might would be a problem with someone like tara or oz, for example. i have enough trouble reading social cues as it is. i'm a bit socially stunted--which doesn't equal mousy. i'm quiet when i don't know people--and i DESPISE crowds of people and social functions (oh, please, leave me at home, alone in the dark like angel!), but my asperger's is pretty obvious when i do start rambling. somebody who understands that would be nice. i also have hermit tendencies... so angel also appeals to me there.

                            angel isn't my favorite character by accident.
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                              Hmm. I'm not sure if I'd like to date a Scooby or a member of AI. I actually prefer the quiet life and I wouldn't want to feel as if my insides were about to fall out every time they faced the forces of evil.

                              This leaves me with few choices but perhaps I'd be most attracted to someone like Anne. Besides being incredibly attractive, her heroism is everyday, practical good deeds. Her credo is similar to that of Angel's mid Season 2. Even after Gunn talked about the apparent futility of acts of kindness in a world where the powerful controls everything, she still understood the concept of not giving up. I found this a more stirring statement than Buffy's 'empowerment' message and Angel's throwing a spanner in the works move against the SPs. I'd leave the huge gestures to the 'sword yielding' champions while Anne and I can make sure helpless are taken care of.

                              Failing that, Virginia Bryce would be great. She's actually smart and witty and we'd totally agree about dating someone who risked their lives to fight demons and such. I'd be happy to be her plus one at a glamourous premier. She is also kind hearted, a day dreamer and well read which matches me fine.

                              You'd have to pay me to date a Slayer.
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                                Maybe I would date Wesley, he looks hot and intelligent. Sure he has that bad boy look and attitude but that?s fine by me! He looks so damn hot when he?s playing the bad boy look and I would love to get with me the same way he did with Lilah. Talk about hot!


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                                  I'd probably end up dating someone like Buffy or Cordy, if they'd take me of course!

                                  Cordy because wether I like it or not, I am quite attracted to women who have a bitchy side but are caring deep down, and am attracted to women who give it as good back to me as I do to them. Come to think of it I'd be a lot like Xander and in the kind of relationships he is usually in, ones with lots of arguing most of the time even though ya know we really do care about each other.

                                  And Buffy because I find her humour appealing, as well as finding her appealing physically and I love all her heroic attributes and all her quirks.

                                  In fact lets just pretend I'm Xander, because woman who can kick ass turn me on, and women who are more than a match for me verbally do as well.

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                                    Well I am a wee bit older so dating Buffy, Cordy, Anya or Faith would be a bit like cradle robbing. And Dawn = Jail time!!

                                    So that would leave Joyce and Jenny, and they are both dead!!
                                    So I can't spell, so what!!!
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                                      I'd say Dawn Season 7, because by then, she's funny, confident, attractive, etc.

                                      But, I would usually go with Willow. She's hot, she's funny, she's nice, she's, well, she's awesome. Unfortunately, she's gay. Guess that wouldn't work, yeeees?


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                                        Originally posted by retrograde
                                        Definitely Spike! He is pretty much exactly like all the guys I go for, except, you know, undead.
                                        lol! yeah, he's usually the type i go for too, which is sad because i know i shouldn't. they only get you into trouble!
                                        Oz: Sometimes when I'm sitting in class... You know, I'm not thinking about class, 'cause that would never happen. I think about kissing you. And it's like everything stops. It's like, it's like freeze frame. Willow kissage.