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    There's a 2-part episode thread; so why not arcs? Arcs are usually trios or more than two episodes containing a similar or very close related plot. An example of an arc is "Tough Love"/"Spiral"/"Weight of the World"/"The Gift" in BtVS Season 5. So, what's your favorite?

    Mine is easily "The Trial"/"Reunion"/"Redefinition". Contains two top 10 episodes and the other one is pretty epic, too. Darla and Dru are pretty much the best duo ever and so much fun to watch. They're so amazing.
    Tough Love/Spiral/Weight of the World/The Gift
    Seeing Red/Villains/Two To Go/Grave
    Touched/End of Days/Chosen
    The Trial/Reunion/Redefinition
    Belonging/Over The Rainbow/Through The Looking Glass/There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
    Loyalty/Sleep Tight/Forgiving
    A New World/Benediction/Tomorrow

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    I didnt vote. My favorite is This years girl/Who are you?/Five by five/Sanctuary.
    Faith just an amazing character.


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      My favorite arc were the endings arcs of Season 5's and Season 6 of Buffy. I Think those are 2 of the best arcs in the series


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        I had trouble not voting for all the Ats arcs ... those are amazing (except the Pylea arc, which was average).

        My favourite is the "The Trial"/"Reunion"/"Redefinition" arc, but also the arc with Wesley in season 3 and the Faith arc in season 4 are fantastic.


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          I voted for three, but I think there should've been an "Other" option 'cause I would've chosen "This Year's Girl", "Who Are You", "Five By Five" and "Sanctuary".

          However, I chose "Tough Love", "Spiral", "The Weight of the World" and "The Gift" from Buffy and "Offspring", "Quickening" and "Lullaby" & "Salvage", "Release" and "Orpheus" from Angel.

          The reason I would've chosen the Faith arc from season 4 of Buffy and one of Angel was because I think it's interesting to see things (mostly) from Faith's point of view and I think you get to see her at different emotive stages, like vulnerable, regretful... everything really. You see the ultimate breakdown of a character and then their attempt at redemption.

          I chose the end arc of season 5 because I just think it has a great build up, I mean, with Tara having her brain-sucked and Willow going completely dark, the revelation of Glory discovering Dawn is the Key, their escape to the desert, the battle with the Knights of Byzantium, the Catatonia and the final sacrifice. I think it's just a great range of episodes with a completely amazing, yet sad, ending.

          I would've chosen the Darla/Dru arc in Angel, but I decided I couldn't vote for that many, it was really great though.

          I chose the season 3 arc with Darla because it was good to see Darla acting human, again, and giving up her undead life to let her son live, which was great and sad 'cause Darla was one of the best characters, but also to see the development of Holtz and to learn the backstory.

          Finally, the Angelus/The Beast/Faith story in season 4, what can I say? It's just awesome. Evil Cordelia, our favourite witch turning up, the destruction of The Beast, which was great. And then Faith and Angelus'/Angel's soul trip through Angel's life. Not to mention the magic battle between Cordelia and Willow. I think it's great, I might have to go and watch these episodes again now.


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            I chose the Seasons 6 and 7 ending arcs in Buffy. As I've said many times and will probably say many mores times, destruction is so much more interesting to watch than peace and harmony. I find Dark Willow such a fascinating character to watch as she spirals into a place she can never get back out of.

            The end of Season 7 for me was about Buffy being "The Slayer" for the very last time. The fact that she got thrown out of her own house and still carried on fighting proves to me that she really is a true warrior, fighting not only physical demons but social ones as well. Also it is the first time we ever see her draw strength from someone else: Spike. Before then, she has never admitted to herself that she needs that support and that strength in someone other than herself. I love seeing how she finally accepts herself as The Slayer, rather than considering 'Slayer' and 'Buffy' as two different people.