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  • What Spin-off would you choose?

    If you could choose Joss's next TV show, what would you choose?
    Theres obviously loads you could pick from.

    Id love to see something about the fanged four, or a tales of the
    slayers/vampires. Also a kind of 'lost stories', like a few episodes for each
    of the 7 seasons of Btvs, making up a 22 ep season, and it would just feature random stories throughout the full series.

    Id also love to see something starring Gunn the vampire.
    And of coures Faith would be a favorite.
    And altough ive never read Fray, it sounds like a good concept and could be
    the future, like the new Btvs.

    If i had to pick one though, id have a series about Faith, with the first Big Bad being

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    I've always want to learn more about Giles. A "Ripper" show would please me. His early years till ending up in Sunnydale.


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      Id like to see something about Giles/Ripper, but i doubt they
      could make a full season from it. It would have to be like a 4 episode mini series.
      That actully sounds good, a 'mini series'. 4 eps. They could do one
      fror Giles, Faith, Gunn, Fanged four.... they could do loads.
      You would think if Joss wanted to do this then surely some TV company would
      produce it, and it would almost definetly be a big seller. I wonder why
      nothing like this has ever been done when theres somuch material to work with
      and fans to watch it!


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        Definitely Faith. There's so much to explore with her. It would've been amazing, guest starring Angel and Buffy at times, maybe even Willow or having Xander as a regular, cause, come on, Xaith is hot. So, yeah, Faith. She kicks ass, she's a complex character, she's hot, and Eliza Dushku is totally awesome. She can carry her own show as seen with "Tru Calling" and the soon to be "Dollhouse".


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          i think the only hope for a new joss show is fray. you could even have the immortal characters pop up occasionally (spike, drusilla, illyria, possibly angel, etc...). you could also have flashbacks of the tales of the slayers/vampires variety. and maybe even get smg for an arc.

          faith would have been the best one, but eliza wasn't happy with the more btvs-tied direction which dealt less with faith's ats journey/ties and put faith mostly with btvs stuff. that was one of the heavy rumors besides not wanting to constantly play faith as a hardened bad girl, but show her softer sides.

          ironically... joss is more interested in btvs-faith and pretty much has tried to make btvs-only viewers not even need to know anything changed her on ats. suddenly, faith is getting buddied with buffy, giles and spike... when faith even says that the only person who ever believed in her was angel... wesley probably being the second closest relationship she has. dirty girls was an attempt to set up the faith spin-off with faith and spike.

          eliza didn't like the idea of playing more of the bad girl side of faith. that's why she turned it down. with buffy's friends, she's never anything but the bad girl--she's always seen as the opposite of buffy. with angel and his friends, she can be good and heroic--they don't see her as the opposite of buffy.

          connor would be a great spin-off, but i don't think vincent kartheiser would do it. i would sell my soul for a connor and holtz in quor'toth flashback.
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            If I had to chose a spinoff show, It would invovle illyria and spike and have the two of them working together. That would be just so much fun to see.


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              I'm also for the Connor spin-off. I'm not a big fan of taking major castmembers like Wesley or Willow as the lead characters in their own spin-off because they are important in Ats/BtVS. And Spike and Faith are very different than Angel and Buffy as characters, but I'm afraid that their shows will look like Ats and BtVS.

              Connor is young, has a very interesting life and is an amazing character to work with ... he wants to save the world, but he isn't needed in Angel's story like Wesley is.

              And if that not possible, a fanged 4 spin off ... I would love to see more about those 4 together, only the bad accent and the evil wigs ...


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                am i the only one turned on by angelus' beethoven hair? i'm also green with envy over darla's wardrobe.

                and yeah... i'd be all for the fanged four spin-off or a movie. might be hard to get david boreanaz (bones and all)... which is why a connor spin-off would be great with david making an occasional appearance.

                faith is turned down.

                spike and illyria, imo, would suck. illyria belongs to the wesley storyline. i don't want cheap giggles and coolness... i want emotional drama. those two bring NOTHING dramatic out of each other. at best, there's fred angst... and spike is a cheap insert for wesley.

                faith, fray and connor are the only ones that could make their separate marks.
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                "If there is no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."
                "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions."


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                  I'm not a fan of Angelus' haircut in the old days and his mustache in Amends was the worst thing ever ... but Darla's clothes and hair (after 1800, the wig she had in 1753 was not pretty.) I love!
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                    i think darla was gorgeous (including the wig with all the pearls in it) in the 1700s flashbacks--those are my favorites! i'm a little obsessed with the era though... then again, i'm constantly turned on by tom hulce in amadeus--pink wig and all. i even have a little crush on the historical mozart... but that's another story entirely. let's just say dead historical personages isn't a turn-off (see avatar. ::cough:: ).

                    hey, i'm possibly the only girl who dug angelus in the red velvet breeches. really, i love the 18th century in all its fashion faux pas-ness today.

                    the becoming, pt. 1 flashback is probably darla's most gorgeous moment.

                    i have a thing for 18th century costuming. and angelus' main beethoven wig is actually quite masculine for the era. good choice. looked great in the boxer rebellion flashback combined with the cravat and long coat. and darla's dresses... me want.

                    the mustache was atrocious, though. no argument there. david boreanaz looks best clean-shaven. had a bit of a problem with that 5 o'clock shadow, though. funnily enough, so did vincent kartheiser.
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                    "If there is no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."
                    "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions."


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                      I'd love to see a show about Faith or Illyria.

                      Maybe in the Faith one we could actually see what happens in 8.06-8.09 for real, which would be quite interesting, especially if it occurred during the season and didn't start off from there, also it would be interesting to see Faith and Giles working together like they planned at the end of 8.09, (side note, I hope we see them again in season 8.)

                      But Faith the Vampire Slayer sounds so good.

                      I think Illyria would be like watching Anya integrate into the Scoobies, but on a larger scale, it'd be interesting.

                      Or a huge mixture of Buffy and Angel where they have to join forces, but then again if they didn't join forces to battle the First I doubt there's anything worse they could fight, tbh. Then again that was incorporal, so kind of didn't work. Maybe they could battle against an old one, like Illyria which would see the group split because Illyria would want to fight with it, or something. Just to see all the gang together again and how they react with various characters.

                      I think Fray would work as a series, but they'd have to flesh it out a bit, also it may cost a lot considering all of the stunts, like falling hundreds of feet and flying cars, but it'd be pretty good.


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                        ats had a lot of people jumping off of skyscrapers and being thrown out of windows, so if they keep fray to that level, it might work. there'd have to be a lot of c.g.i. and blue screen, though (flying cars). gunther would either have to be c.g.i. or a dude in a latex creature from the black lagoon fish suit swimming around on wires. the cityscape might have to be a model with battle of yavin-style models or c.g.i. (likely the latter), with blue-screened-in shots of characters in cars being tilted around.

                        fray's world looks like blade runner to me, basically.
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                        "If there is no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."
                        "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions."


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                          I'd like to see a spin-off about Spike, 'cause well, I love him and I can't have enough of him. OR a spin-off about Connor, he was a great addition to the show and I think we need to explore more about his character. He's the perfect for his own show, you know, the son of two creatures of the dark, one evil, one good, ripped away from the arms of his parents and raised in a hell dimension, and now trying to find purspose in life. Yeah, that'd be a good show.
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                            Well Illyria and Spike would work for me too, as well as the proposed idea that got dropped 'Ripper'.


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                              Tales of The Slayers mini-series. And a drama detailing the trials and tribulations of dating a skinless, misogynistic, boy-toy.


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                                Either a Faith show, because the character has an incredible amount of potential to be explored, or a Illyria/Spike show - mostly because I'd really, really love to see more of Illyria dealing with living in the 21st century and interacting with the people/demons therein. She's a really awesome character. And I love her interactions with Spike, they have great chemistry. Not to mention that I usually tend to believe Amy Acker was the best actress on the show, and I'd love for her to get her own show.


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                                  I'd love a Faith mini-series or movie detailing her life pre-Sunnydale, then if the reception is good (Which it would be, between all of us BTVS fans and Eliza fans), they could do a series. My dream faith series would include Faith, Spike, introduce a couple or few new Slayers, and then the occasional appearance of Buffy, Angel, and others. Yup. That's what I wish lol