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    So I've been thinking about how I became a Buffy fan: how I started watching, which season I saw first, what attracted me to the show, my age and occupations at the time etc. I've been thinking about this primarily in respect to how it may have affected my feelings about the show, preferences, perspectives, etc. And I am wondering if we could find some common threads. So I thought it would be fun to share my becoming Buffy-obsessed story and a few thoughts on how I think it may have affected me. I am hoping that others will do the same.

    The first thing that you need to know is that I saw the movie. Now that you know that it will probably not be a big surprise to hear that I had serious doubts about the show. In fact, Buffy was only on as reruns before I saw any. (In my defense, I went to college in the middle of no where Vermont and cable was not to be had. So no tv those years.)

    The First Time

    Setting the scene: I was hanging out with a friend (well boyfriend at the time) and I went into the kitchen to grab us a couple of drinks. I walk back out and notice that he has changed the channel.

    Me: What happened to X-Files?

    Friend: It was the one about the Chuppacabra that we saw last week.

    Me: They play that one too much. What's this? (noticing SMG) Oh, I don't watch this.

    Friend: Really? I'd think you'd really like the Buffy.

    I glare.

    Friend: You like vampires.

    Me: True, but this is a bit silly.

    Friend: Well yeah that's kind of the point. But it's really pretty good. Have you ever tried it?

    Me: I saw the movie. It had that guy from 90210. I wasn't impressed and I was like fourteen.

    He looks confused.

    Me: Fourteen, easily impressed.

    Friend: Just watch it.

    I sit down grudgingly and hand him his drink.

    We catch the last few minutes of All the Way. And then, as luck would have it, they played Once More, With Feeling.
    Friend: Oh good, this is the musical one-you'll get a kick out of this.

    We watch for a bit.

    Me: Hello Pretty

    Friend: Nice.

    Me: No seriously, who is that? Cause hello.

    Friend: Yeah that would be Spike, he's a vampire. I think he is sort of good at this point. He might be dating Buffy.

    Me: The vampire slayer dates vampires, isn't that like a conflict of interest.

    Friend: Just watch.

    Me: Isn't that the girl from American Pie.

    Friend: yup

    Me: I like her.

    Friend: Everyone does. That's her girlfriend.

    Me: The band girl is gay?

    Friend: Here she is called Willow and Yup.

    Me (impressed at the cool representation of alternative life styles): Wow

    Friend: Yup it's hot.

    Wanting to see more of Spike and hopefully more Spike/Buffy smooching brought me back the next evening when they ran Tabula Rasa.

    When they said this I was hooked:

    SPIKE: I must be a noble vampire. (Buffy looks dubious) A good guy. On a mission of redemption. I help the hopeless. (chuckles) I'm a vampire with a soul.
    BUFFY: (frowning) A vampire with a soul? (beat) Oh my god, how lame is that?

    Any show that was able to pull off self-deprecation so perfectly clearly deserved a closer look. I immediately began renting the discs. I started by finishing season 6 and then season 7 and then I went back and started at season one and watched the whole serious in about a month. I followed that by Angel, first season 5-cause I love Spike and then 1-5.

    So I wonder because Spuffy was the first Buffy relationship that I saw, if that plays a part in my preferring it over Bangel and Ruffy.

    Also, I absolutely prefer the later seasons. I know that this is not the norm. I think it could be that I saw them first. I also think it could be that by the time I saw them, I was older (in my mid-twenties) so perhaps I was able to relate better to them struggling with adultness.

    So, now that I have rambled for an eternity, share your story. Do you think it affected that type of fan you are or the ships you follow?
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    You must have got into the show quite late. The first episode i ever watched was "Bad Eggs" when it first aired and i was hooked ever since. I must say that i dont know what my impressions of the show would have been like if i started watching in season 6 but i dont think it would have been as positive. Im my opinion season 6 is the worst season and season 7 is only marginally better.


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      I really can't remember my first ep except that it was somewhere in the midst of season 3.

      It was recommended to me by a friend so i started to watch out of curiosity. It wasn't long thoug until i was startng to look forward to thursdays (when it aired in th u.k) and not long after that until i was making excuses to stay in.

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        About a year ago, when I was 11 or 12, I was watching a rerun of a random program and was interrupted by my dad. He told me I should start watching Buffy and put in Disc 1 of Season 1, and we went from there. I was hooked from the start, even though in retrospect S1 was pretty awful compared to S3 and 5-7 (what I've seen of it). We are up to 7.03 "Same Time, Same Place" and still watch each episode together with my brother.

        I would have to say that yeah, the later seasons are better. S3 was excellent with its government vs. people theme and S5 was just epic. S6 I hated because of what they did to Buffy but I admit it was better written than the first two, plus it had a great ending with Xander saving the world.
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          Funnily enough, the first BTVS episode I saw was the premiere of season 4, which would later on become one of my least favourite seasons. But anyway I watched Buffy vs. Dracula and was intrigued. I was living in London at the time for a few months (in the year 2000) and they showed one episode per day on BBC2 (I think, can't quite remember if it was on this channel or another). When I got back home to Switzerland, I started watching BTVS on TV over here as well, even though I was deeply disturbed by the German dubbing, having fallen in love with the show watching it in English. I then decided to order the VHS tapes of the earlier seasons I missed, which was when I became an obsessive fan. I ended up buying all seasons on VHS and later on DVD. To this day, I'm still very glad that I decided to turn on the telly on that afternoon in London and watch my first BTVS ep ever. So many things wouldn't have happened in my life if I hadn't.


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            I actually didn't start watching until s6 was airing. But I started watching reruns in order on a cable channel and became hooked after a week. I just really wanted to know what would happen next and appreciated the sci-fi/fantasy as a way of commenting on society. I always thought of the show as cheesy and inferior. But then I watched it and after a few eps, I was amazed at what I was missing. My fiance laughs that I like it. He thinks the same way used to about it. But you know what? He hasn't given it a chance. Yet.
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              hehe my first episode was the first episode and I was like 7 years old ^^; I was into vampires and things at that age and loved getting the crap scared out of me. When I saw advertisments for the show I got giddy and decided to watch. Of course it wasn't for a few years till I understood half of it But I always thought that the characters were cool and wanted to be just like them when I got older.

              The only reason I actually was allowed to watch was every tuesday or whatever night we went to my grandparents for dinner and they always didn't bother us when we watched tv If it were at home odds are my mother would have made me wait till I was 11 or so.


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                I watched the first episode when it first aired when I was seven years old and have watched the show ever since. I didn't understand the metaphors or much other than the general plot but that's the great part of Buffy, no matter how many times you've seen it you keep discovering and thinking about new things. As I grew older I began to appreciate the show more and more.

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                  The first episode I've ever watched was Bad Eggs. I watched it with my cousin, who was a fan at that time. It was the first time that the ep was airing in Quebec. I was 11 at that time. I loved the concept but I stopped watching it because I was easily scared at that age. I rewatched it when "Anne" aired in French but stopped watching it again. Someday, I watched "Grad. Day Part 2" and I was hooked. I watched almost all of S4 in French. Then, someday, I watched English reruns of the second season on Space. I bought the dvds and watched S5, 6 & 7 on Space. Buffy really, really helped me understand and speak English but it was the first show that I was really loving. I was a big fan at 14 and I still am today.
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                    The first episode i ever watched was ''Angel'' & i fell in love with the show,mainely bcuz of Angel himself then he's relationship with Buffy.
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                      How I began to watch BtVS...

                      Buffy was always on when I came home at night tired, hungry and beat from work. It was brain fodder - anything to keep me from thinking about all I had been through that day.

                      I wasn't an avid watcher like I am LOST. For LOST - I must be home to watch the episode in person. I tape it and watch it again after the episode. Then I will most likely watch it at least 2 more times before the next epi airs. Do not call me, or bother me on Wednesday nights at 9pm. I have not missed an episode of LOST - yet. Have Season DVD's the day they are released!

                      Buffy - well, if I missed one - I'll see it on the re-run. Didn't own the DVD's until Season 5 - when things started to get juicy.

                      Loved when they introduced the Spike character in Season 2!! He was cute and funny and loved how he terrorized the Scoobies!

                      Around Season 3 things were a little "ho-hum". Liked Faith - love dark characters. And was watching more miss than hit at that time. But then WHAM! They brought Spike back in Season 4!! WOOHOO! Began watching with renewed interest! As the storyline between Spike and Buffy began to heat up - I was GLUED! Still not as much as LOST but it was rare that I missed the show or at least didn't tape it if I wasn't home.

                      Cried buckets and buckets in the finale when Spike "died". Even though I already knew at that time he was going to Angel in Season 5.

                      And - I also saw the BtVS movie!!! I love "campy horror" (Anyone catch Nathan Fillian in "Slither"??) and Buffy was right up my alley! I own the DVD now.
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                        The first time I watched BTVS was during a 'back to school' marathon on FX or some silly channel like that.

                        I caught the sexy dance of When She Was Bad as I was flipping through the channels and watched for a few minutes, cuz, you know, sexy. Then as I was flipping through again Faith Hope & Trick was on, and Buffy was dropping the ring that Scott gave her. I watched for a few minutes, and I remember being intrigued with Angel falling from the portal. I decided to watch the next episode to find out who that guy was, but the next ep they aired was The Freshmen, and I was totally confused.

                        It turns out that I was watching this before the S7 premiere aried. I got a hold of the episodes, watched them all in order from Seasons 1-6, and started on 7 in time to watch Chosen on TV.

                        I remember after finishing S3, before I started S4 not being able to comprehend how they could get rid of Angel from Btvs. I didn't think the show would be the same without him. I also remember going to different forums and seeing threads for Spuffy, and I'd think, you've got to be kidding me? The blonde vampire from S2? The one who's evil? Buffy would never go for him! LOL. And I'm like the biggest Spuffy freak now!

                        After S3 of Buffy, I started watching the ATs episodes in order too, though I didn't initally watch them opposite of Buffy, so I didn't understand the continuity. I had them all caught up before S5 aired on TV, and I watched Season 5 of Angel on TV...and had to wait each week for the next episode to was so annoying!


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                          First episode of Buffy I watched was 'The Witch' when it first aired, and I thought the show was pretty cool. I was a senior in high school at the time, and I liked it, I saw some of early S2 though I hadn't been a regular watcher of Buffy yet. Anyhow the episode that completely sold me on Buffy was when I saw 'Passion'. That episode was so amazing I was hooked on the show ever since. I went on IRC to get the episodes I was missing, bought the VHS tapes that they released of the first two seasons, and watched pretty much every episode of Buffy and Angel as they were released.

                          Once the shows were over I found I preferred Angel, overall, to Buffy, but I did love them both.

                          So yeah, I guess I was an early fan, apparently much earlier than most people on here. Probably why I am both a bander supporter, and why S2 was my favorite season. Not knowing Angel was going to go evil, watching it as it happened was AMAZING. The show just threw so many surprises at me, and it went for the jugular in the early years. I loved it.


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                            The first episode I watched was 'The Witch' when it first aired in Denmark (which I think was possibly 6 months after it aired in the US - not sure) and I was hooked straight away.
                            I am one of the few who enjoyed the movie so when I discovered there was a tv show some years later, I was definitely excited.

                            I watched the show religiously ever since I saw The Witch and even when they aired it on silly days like saturday midday, I taped it and watched it later. I didn't miss one single episode. (except for when my vhs recorder screwed up and failed to tape OMWF - I was devastated! )
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                              I am really loving hearing how differently everyone got hooked. I would love to see more about how you think your start may have affected your particular brand of fandam. Do you ship with your first ship? Did you start watching in high school and still prefer the high school years?

                              I am not surprised to read that The Poets's <3 was only a casual watcher pre-Spike. I will consider this as anecdotal evidence that my theory is sound.

                              Also, I did see Slither recently-lovely combination of utterly gross and witty dialog. ummm I just love all the new smilies and need to work them in.
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                                Slither was the best terrible movie I've seen in a while. Nathan was hysterical, and Elizabeth Banks = teh h0tn3ss, as does the other woman (Tania something?).
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                                  My mother wouldn't let me watch when season 1 started. She said it was "too scary". So, reverse psychology being what it is, I was absolutely addicted to the show. I was 8 or something. I used to go around to my friend's house every Friday so that I could see it. I think the first ep I saw was Angel.

                                  I got really really into it when I was 12, and season 6 was on. I was going through a really bad time, and Buffy was the best thing I had in my life. I watched it whenever I could and thought about the characters all the time. Season 6 really fit with my mood at the time. I sort of think I would have gone mad without having the Buffy fix that year, so THANK YOU BUFFY!

                                  Do you ship with your first ship? Did you start watching in high school and still prefer the high school years?

                                  I'm not much of a shipper, really. I liked Spuffy a lot when it first started and I still really enjoy watching the dynamic develop between the two characters, plus, you know, the sex. I like BtVS for its complexity, for the wealth and variety of characters that exist and how it often feels that almost any relationship is possible between the various characters. That's why I'm not a shipper: I like to keep my options open.

                                  Although I've been very firmly attached to both Spander and Fuffy over the years

                                  As for high school vs later years: I started watching in primary school, and I've just finally finished school forever (wow I've been a Buffy fan for most of my life :eek: ), but for a long time my favourite season has been 6, with much love for 5, 7 and 3 as well. I guess I'm pretty eclectic!
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                                    Originally posted by Dorian's Kitten View Post
                                    I am really loving hearing how differently everyone got hooked. I would love to see more about how you think your start may have affected your particular brand of fandam. Do you ship with your first ship? Did you start watching in high school and still prefer the high school years?

                                    I am not surprised to read that The Poets's <3 was only a casual watcher pre-Spike. I will consider this as anecdotal evidence that my theory is sound.

                                    Also, I did see Slither recently-lovely combination of utterly gross and witty dialog. ummm I just love all the new smilies and need to work them in.
                                    I still ship with Spuffy... No surprise there. I think Spike could have chemistry with an artichoke (and I will wish I were the artichoke!)!!

                                    I really liked when Buffy went to college. That was one of my favorite Seasons. Perhaps because I was an "more mature" viewer when I began to watch Buffy! I liked the more adult situations and relationships and themes that Buffy was exposed to during college.

                                    I do regret not being able to interact with other fans as I do now and how I have with LOST since it's beginning. It really makes the viewing experience more fun!
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                                      It was about was about 5 years ago when I was about 12 years of age. I just had moved to my new town. I was flippinh through the channels when I saw Dark Willow on TV and I was scared at first but I begin to watch it. At this time it was on UPN, so the next week I watched the next episode and I was addicted. When season six ended I was mad because I just started watching it and they didnt have the DVD's out yet , so I watched reruns on Fox and finally Season seven begin ang my Buffy fix was back. Then about a year or two later I got my first DVD series and that was season 3 beacuse I loved Faith so much. As the years past I bought all the season to Buffy and Angel.
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                                        I think my first episode was in season six, not sure which one though. So I saw Spuffy first. I watched some of season seven, not watching the last few episodes then I went back and watched the other seasons in order. So Spuffy was the first Buffy ship I saw but then I saw Bangel and it became my favorite. My grandmother watched Buffy and thats how I first saw Buffy, my grandmother was watching it when I went to visit her. I never saw Buffy while it was on the air, well season seven was on the air while I was watching season six, my first season.
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