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Universal movie set burns - Becoming Part 1 stage set?

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  • Universal movie set burns - Becoming Part 1 stage set?

    Hey guys... could someone tell me if what I think happened actually did?

    Today a fire destroyed a number of film sets at Universal Studios - including the one where "Back to the Future" was filmed. Now, I understand that the film's clock tower also served as Hemery High School in "Becoming, Part One" ? the place where the Watcher Merrick first recruited a then 15-year-old Buffy into the slaying fold.

    Tell me that I'm wrong.

    Here's the CNN report on the fire, in case you haven't heard.

    A pressurized cylinder exploded at Universal Studios on Sunday, injuring two firefighters as they tried to fight a blaze that began earlier in the day, Los Angeles authorities said.

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    marshall high was the hemery high school used in the 1992 movie. not sure what was used in becoming, pt. 1. marshall high was also marshall college in raiders of the lost ark.

    sunnydale high is torrance high. buffy's house is also in torrance.
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      Yea, I heard about this. Thats sad but at least they saved the videos in the Video vault that was destroyed. The back to the future set was destroyed as well as sets from the TV show "Ghost Whisperer"