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  • You as A vamp!

    Angelus, Spike, Darla, Master,Trick, Sundae!
    What kind of vampire would you be?

    MASTER or MINION: Would you run a gang and give orders or be happy to sit back and let others take control.

    STYLE: How evil would you be. Would you be wild and out of control, or more calculating and sinister.

    SLAYERS: Would you want to find and fight a slayer.

    SOUL: Would you try to get re-ensouled.

    CURSE: If you did have a soul forced upon you, how would you handle it.

    Master/Minion: I think id rather run with a small gang of select vamps, like the 'fanged four'

    Style: Not sure exactly how evil id be, but probably just general terrorizing of the towns folk. I think id be a bit like trick, in the business aspect.

    Slayers: I would definetly fight slayers. Id want to find and fight 2 or 3 just to become a legend like Spike.

    Soul: I really doubt id want the soul back. It would spoil the vamp fun!

    Curse: If i was cursed i think i could handle it, it would be hard at first but, you could just do what Angel and spike do and take it out on the Demons.

    Overall, id be a bit of everyone, except Master. that kind of power only comes with being very very old.

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    Hee! I like this thread.

    Originally posted by lee View Post
    What kind of vampire would you be?
    I think I'd be a Wishverse Willow type of vamp...we have that too-goodie-two-shoes thing in common, I think I'd go way off in the other direction and be way too good at cruelty.

    MASTER or MINION: totally master...unless actual vamp!willow was around, in which case I'd be her b*tch any time!

    STYLE: I'm thinking more calculating and sinister, with a side of scary never-know-what-you'll-do-next.

    SLAYERS: Hmm, not sure on this one...maybe? hee, if they were hot?

    SOUL: No way! souls are for losers with too much forehead...and puppies...
    CURSE: With way less brooding.


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      I think I'd fit somewhere between a Russell Winters type of vampire and Angelus.

      I'd definitely be a mastermind sort of vampire.

      Style, again -- Russell Winters verging on Angelus. Winters had a good system manipulating vapid Hollywood culture into being well-fed from the casting couch.

      I wouldn't go looking for Slayer trouble, and would probably try to deal with them through henchpeople. If a one-Slayer world, pre-"Chosen", my master plan would be to capture the Slayer and keep her in a chemically induced coma so that she was inactive but another one wouldn't be called.

      I don't see a reason as a vampire I'd be inclined to go looking for a soul.

      The curse... manageable. Funny thing is, if you were to be cursed before you even did anything, would you actually have any real torment?
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        I think I'd be a pretty hot vampire. I look @ Willow & Xander when they were vampires and they were so much sexier than their mortal counterparts! That's how I like to think I'd be. I'd probably dress like them too in the skin tight leather haha.
        I don't think I'd want to run a gang, but I'd like to have a tight knit posse- like angelus, darla, spike & dru.
        Obviously i'd be evil. I think it'd be more fun to be wild & terrorize people and
        No, I don't think I"d want to fight a slayer. Why play w/fire like that?


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          I would also try to turn people like Holtz, Lindsey, Willow and a slayer, so id have a powerful gang.


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            I think that I'll be a Harmony. I can see myself doing what she does. Finding a job where they know what I am and living like a normal girl.

            But my sire would make a difference, if I've some great vampire as a sire like Angelus or The Master, I would probably be a proud vampire, but if a random vampire is my sire, I would be Harmony v.2.0. And I would sire somebody and than be a normal vampire couple with jobs ... I don't need a team and I would probably have my ass kicked when I try to sire some good warriors.


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              I would be a Darla type vampire, start out all bitchy and selfish and then gradually grow and come to care about some people until I was prepared to give my life for someone. What am I saying! That's my life!


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                i would be something in between darla and drusilla. i'm a bit more gothic (the old-fashioned kind) and have the big huge eyes like a drusilla-type--i'd probably be just a touch out of my time--and i'm a bit off my rocker... but i'd probably be the type who wouldn't take a lot of chances--would lay low if there's trouble and would more methodical in the darla/angelus way--going for the pain rather than the kill. and looking for that perfect mate--wanting to be loved, yet incapable of it--yeah, i'd have a bit in common with darla.

                darla was the most traditionalist of the vampire quartet. i can imagine myself being a bit of a traditionalist--but a lonelier sort--i couldn't be in the master's court--and kind of a dowager empress in a group setting--though, i wouldn't probably really like the group. that is definitely me. the one who gets to look at all the foolish little ingrates i'm stuck with and roll my eyes until i find that perfect accomplice who i can form. i can definitely see that a superiority complex might pop up.

                and like angelus, i have a bit of an artistic, linguistic, historical knowledge and travel-hungry side to me.

                yeah, i can see myself going for old-school darla with just a touch of drusilla's style. i'd probably go on the darla and angelus route of going for the pain--the darla, angelus and drusilla route of going for the easy catches and avoiding the spike-style personal peril.

                knowing me, i'd probably have a sore spot about bullies and brainwashing (long story) due to my personal issues. i'd probably be a prime candidate for a vengeance demon. i'd be the protector of nerds and free will if i were a vengeance demon.

                ...reading this should probably make me feel bad.
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                  I think I'd be quite a good vampire, not that they're good, but I think it'd be interesting because technically I'd be completely different to the way I am now.

                  Master/Minion: I don't think I'd want either, I'd just do everything myself because I think it'd be easier than running a posse of the undead.

                  Style: I think I'd be a mixture of sinister and whimsical, but also quite wild, be quite well planned out when it was necessary and the rest of the time just go crazy.

                  Slayers: I probably would because it'd be a challenge, but I'd probably be scared of dying too, so I might avoid it and just go lo-pro and stick to hunting in low-key slayer-unpopulated areas.

                  Soul: I don't think I would because then I'd actually care what I did and I wouldn't like having a conscience.

                  Curse: I think I'd probably handle it like Spike in Doomed and try to kill myself at first, then possibly try killing with it and if not I'd probably joing a group of do-goers because what else is there to do?


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                    I think i'd be neither a Master or Minion, I'd be a bit inbetween. I know Darla was with the Fanged Four but I always got the impression she was still tied to the Master as well. I'd be a bit like that, not tied to one specific group but not totally alone either. I wouldn't actively seek out Slayers until I was older and knew what I was doing. Being fresh out of the ground and going after a slayer can't be a good idea on any level, even if the slayer is new that day too they're still stronger. I'd be a vampire who went for the pain but wasn't adverse for going for the kill of those who annoyed me and were unworthy of dying lesiurely at my hands, lol. I think if I was cursed, I'd find it very difficult especially if I'd got to an age where I could barely remember my previous life. Over a century of pain must leave its mark. But I think in the long run, a bit like Spike as long as I could still kill I'd find a way to keep living. Probably only killing rapists and murders and vampires who annoyed me. Not sure I'd be able to hang with the white hats for tooo long without losing my mind though, so I'd be more of a floater, only getting involved if it benefitted me to.


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                      I'd be careful. I wouldn't go looking for trouble early on that's for sure. And honestly I think I'd be a lot like Angelus in wanting to make a name for myself. And I'd do it in the same sadistic way he did, by horribly cruel acts. I'd like the idea of being a 'legend' and feared and I'd keep out of harms way long enough until I've grown stronger and more skillful to defend myself. I wouldn't do anything as foolish as hunting down a slayer upon being sired.

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                        What kind of vampire would I be? Hmm…

                        MASTER or MINION: I wouldn’t join a vampire coven, or not on purpose. I might end up with one out of laziness. I’d just hang out with my vampire mates/lovers probably, wearing my leather pants and listening to heavy metal.

                        STYLE: I’d be wild and destructive and thrill seeking out of control, and sometimes cruel if I was in the mood, but not committed to evil. More Spike than Angelus, though perhaps more like evil Faith without the daddy issues. I might do some theatrics though – getting victims to play out fun psychodramas. I would probably go and kill all the people who’d pissed me off when I was alive first. I think I might be a little petty as a vampire But I’d also have a sense of humour about it. Nothing too grandiose and gothic.

                        SLAYERS: Nah, too lazy. If one attacked me, sure. But I’m not goal-oriented. I’d do it to show off if people were watching but otherwise, I’d just eat whoever I liked the look of.

                        SOUL: No! Souls only make you miserable. Stupid things.

                        CURSE: If I was cursed I’d seek out nasty!wrong!sex so I could still get my end away but not lose my soul. Or maybe I’d try to lose my soul actually…so I’d probably go looking for lurve while feeling lots of self loathing and probably doing risky crazy heroic things in my misery.

                        Overall I’d be somewhere between Spike and the one who was a psych grad student in Conversations with dead People.
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                          Nice idea for a thread .

                          1. Master or Minion

                          I'd perhaps start off as a minion and grow in understanding of vampirism but as soon as the going got tough I'd betray my master (like Mr Trick) and go solo. After that I'd be a rogue or perhaps maybe have a vamp lover but I'd keep the ranks small and maybe only use minions much later on when I was a few hundred years old but even then it would be on a temporary basis. I'd spend most of my time alone.

                          2. Acts of Evil

                          I'd be creative with death. I doubt I'd be as sadistic as Angelus but I'd make it into an art of some sort, making it purposeful. Facing death and experiencing pain can bring us to a truth in ourselves. Unlike Angelus' need for control, much like VampMarcus, there is a curiosity to pull someone apart psychologically. This was true of VampWillow's sadism, but mine would be more personal. I would need to understand them through their pain and understand I can relate connect. Aside from that, flights of hedonism. While not as conspicuous as Spike, I'd be given to whims of the moment, every so often thinking about where it leads me and what pleasures I can gain from vampirism.

                          3. Take on a Slayer?

                          Nope, I'd avoid them. I would want to live a long time as a vamp so being staked a week after I'd been turned wouldn't be the best plan. I may possibly have one killed if it suited some kind of purpose but I doubt I'd seek one out.

                          4. Get a soul?

                          Not voluntarily. After killing for years, it wouldn't be nice to remember that with a conscience. I would also wouldn't change for love (in real life too). If I turned my back on killing, it would be because I personally believed in it, not because I'm trying to be who I think someone wants me to be. I could imagine mourning it though. The human world unforgiving but being human and having human nature is something I love, even with the pain of guilt. I can't imagine being truly happy as vamp. I'd find pleasure no doubt but my fervant emotions could easily turn into latent rage only manifesting into the external torture of others. I very much doubt I'd be able to love without a soul. Just a feeling.

                          5. Cursed?

                          I'd most likely go crazy with the guilties but if someone approached me to fight the good fight, perhaps I could be pursuaded...I doubt I'd fall in love with 15 year old girls though lol. I could also imagine turning my back on mankind. I often wonder whether our lives are worth anything now but as vamp, I could perhaps justify killing one. I'd feel guilty no doubt, but if I were to live an isolated life, I'd wonder about the value of life at any rate. I doubt I'd be a leader, most likely a part of group of do gooders. I doubt I'd get past Angel's mystical vendor routine. I might even do it for a price (not necessarily money but for favours maybe, there is always something that needs trading.) but is that so different from AI.
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                            MASTER or MINION: Control Baby... It's all about the control. (I could be a minion if my master were Spike! )

                            STYLE: -I like the calculating sinister, or powerful vampire who doesn't really have to "Be Evil" to be a vampire. That doesn't mean I couldn't - I would rather be "above" being evil.

                            SLAYERS: Nope.

                            SOUL: Probably.

                            CURSE: Not sure about that one. I would probably turn out just like Angel all broody, guilt-ridden and remorseful. I don't have a problem that - I can do that w/o being a soul-cursed vampire!
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                              Great Topic Lee.

                              Master or Minion I Would try and latch on to the most powerful evil being that I could find and at the same time still try and be my own self and have my own Identity

                              STYLE: I'd be the one no one wants to mess with. I'd be messy and destructive and my signature would be burning things and flames cuz I like fire.

                              SLAYERS: Of course I would seek them out, I would watch them in the shadows and study their every move and have their weakness down and then try to kill them.

                              SOUL: No!! That takes all the fun out of being a Vampire, Why would u want to have a Soul.

                              Cursed: After a While, I would like to be cursed and then maybe be a good "Bad" Guy and help the helpless and save kittens and weird stuff like that.


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                                MASTER or MINION: I think i would be the gang leader. But having said that, i'd either run on my own, or have a select few powerful people in my group of followers.

                                STYLE: I think i'd be more wild and out of control, hehe. And probably slightly insane.

                                SLAYERS: I don't think i'd be as bothered or as obsessed with fighting the slayers as Spike or Angel was, but if i came across a slayer, i wouldn't be afraid to deal with them.

                                SOUL: No soul for me. I think i'd rather be evil.

                                CURSE: If i was cursed, i'd probably handle it much like Darla did.

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                                  Me as a vamp? Oh, I'd be a very sexy vamp, a little bit maybe like Willow in "The wish" but with more control, I'd like to have minions, and I probably would, 'cause I love power and have power over people... I'm a control freak!!

                                  But eventually, if I find someone special I'd go down the road Spike took, you know, 'cause I'm also kind of "love's bitch" too. Love is all in life, I believe tha's the more important thing, and that would probably lead me to fight for redemption.
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                                    MASTER or MINION: Most likely neither. I'd be flying solo. MAYBE a companion or two, but I neither rule over them nor be their lackey.

                                    STYLE: Considering the fact that I'm a fairly dark, person, or so I'm told, I feel as though I would be not only sadistic, but totally sick. Like the "Flay my victims slowly and painfully" kind of sick. Blood would be my secondary reason for killing, I think. Sheesh, the idea of this kinda creeps me out.

                                    SLAYERS: I'd wait until I'd been around the block a few times, having killed some tough mortals and demons before taking on a slayer. But I think I'd take great pride in turning a slayer rather than killing. Then I'd teach my new pupil everything I knew about torture and mayhem.

                                    SOUL: Heck no, if I were a purely evil creature like I think I'd be, I'd hate to have, in the words of Darla, a "filthy human soul."

                                    CURSE: I wouldn't try to redeem myself like Angel, I'd just stake myself on the spot or go stand in sunlight. I wouldn't be able to go on after the horrible crimes I'd likely commit.

                                    Love the topic, very well done ^_^


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                                      MASTER or MINION: Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with everyone who said they'd go solo. I wouldn't want a clan or anything equally cliché. I'd be far more interested in having a close group of friends. If demons are capable of genuine friendship...

                                      STYLE: I think I'd be sort of a different version of Angelus. Psychologically and physically torturing victims not due to enjoying inflicting pain, but probably to see how much different people can take (again, psychologically and physically) and how much I can deal out. There'd definitely be a power game aspect there. It's not something I find particularly cool, but I'm writing on the assumption that a demonic version of... well, anyone would be interested in pain. And I love learning, so I could see myself using cruelty as a learning tool were I to be stripped of a conscience.

                                      SLAYERS: Early on? Heeeell no. At least not until I was 100-200 years old and very experienced. I'd definitely be interested in taking out a Slayer to make a name for myself, but I'd be aware of how incredibly stupid it would be to go up against one without having craploads of combat skill.

                                      SOUL: Thinking now, the idea of being a good vampire sounds nice, but I doubt once I became a monster that's cruel by nature I'd be interested in regaining my soul.

                                      CURSE: I think I'd try to make up for it, but I don't rule out the possibility of sunbathing...


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                                        Fun Thread!

                                        MASTER or MINION: Depends who would be giving the orders Ahem, more than likely I think I would be kinda like Dru in the sense that I am powerful and can take the lead, but don't mind others making the plans, taking the lead and allowing me to enjoy their work.

                                        STYLE: How evil would you be? Probably pretty sadistic, I think I would be wild and pretty sexual only because even now I sometimes get uncomfortable watching certain situations I think the demon would get rid of my reservations, and I always want really evil people to suffer so as a demon I would probably be a vigilante in many situations
                                        kinda like Gunn
                                        . Wanting to do some good still but in my very messed up way. On a cloting style note, again, Dru is my hero in the wardrobe department, I would want to dress like her.

                                        SLAYERS: Would you want to find and fight a slayer? Nah doubt I would go looking for them, would only take them on if a plan called for it or they got in my way

                                        SOUL: Would you try to get re-ensouled. No don't see it happening, if I am not good enough for you as is, take a hike Love's bitch I am not. And to be good again, no again since I would be having to much fun taking out other sickos.

                                        CURSE: If you did have a soul forced upon you, how would you handle it? I would probably react a lot like Angel did. I would be appalled with what I had done, what I was, and would at first want to hide and be nothing, but then hopefully I would snap out of that and want to try to find redemption.