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  • Best Non Joss Episode

    I have to say Fool For love, by Doug Petrie.
    doug petrie and Marti Noxon are 2 of the best other writers,

    DougPetrie:Fool for Love
    Marti Noxon:The Wish/BuffyvDracula
    JaneEspenson: The harsh light of Day

    So whats your favorite non Joss episode?

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    I think that Tim Minear is the best writer. (I love his episodes more than Joss' episodes in Ats.)

    But my favourite episode of BtVS isn't written by Joss;
    It's Ty King who wrote Passion, and I'm glad he did. I love it.

    And a lot of my favourite Ats episodes are written by Tim Minear. His episodes; Reprise, Epiphany, Reunion, Darla, Are You Now or Have You Ever Been, Through the Looking Glass, Somnambulist, The Prodigal, Sanctuary, Billy, Lullaby, Home, Sense & Sensitivity, the Ring, Couplet, Hero, That Old Gang of Mine, Benediction. And the teleplay of The Trial, (I don't know what that is ... but I love the Trial )

    My favourites are bold. But I love almost all his episodes. Reprise is my favourite episode ever on tv ... and it's written by Tim Minear.

    But I also love the episodes of David Greenwalt who wrote; Sleep Tight, I Will Remember You, To Shanshu in LA, The Trial, Dear Boy, Tomorrow and Angel. But he also gave us Reptile Boy, Teachers Pet and She.
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      So whats your favorite non Joss episode?
      Is this only BTVS or are we including ATS too. Im doing one for each season instead of each writer.

      Season 1: Angel by David Greenwalt
      Season 2: Passion by Ty King
      Season 3: Enemies by Doug Petrie
      Season 4: New moon rising By Marti Noxon
      Season 5: Fool for Love by Doug Petrie
      Season 6: Tabula Rasa by Rebbecca rand Kirshner
      Season 7: Help by Rebbecca rand Kirshner


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        Buffy and angel. although, joss didnt write many Angel eps anyway.

        I noticed on my top 20 list, 11 eps are written by Joss. Then a few other writers have 1 or 2 eps on it.


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          My favorites are:

          - David Fury: Helpless, Primeval, Bargaining Part II, Life Serial, Grave, Sleeper, Showtime, LMPTM, You're Welcome, Destiny, Lonely Hearts, Awakening, Salvage.

          - Marti Noxon: IOHEFY, BB&B, Dead Man's Party, The Wish, The Prom, Forever, Bargaining Part I, Wrecked, Villains, Bring On The Night.

          - Steven S. DeKnight: Spiral, Dead Things, Seeing Red, Deep Down, Apocalypse Nowish, Awakening, Calvary, Release, Inside Out, Destiny, Damage, Shells (my favorite Angel writer).

          - Jane Espenson: Band Candy, Earshot, Pangs, Intervention, After Life, Flooded, Life Serial, Doublemeat Palace, Same Time Same Place, CWDP, Sleeper, Storyteller, End Of Days.

          - Rebecca Rand Kirshner: Tabula Rasa, Hell's Bells, Help, Touched.

          - Drew Z. Greenberg: Smashed, Older And Far Away, Entropy, Him, Empty Places.

          - Douglas Petrie: Bad Girls, Enemies, This Year's Girl, The Yoko Factor, Fool For Love, Flooded, Two To Go, Bring On The Night, Get It Done, End Of Days.

          - Drew Goddard: Selfless, CWDP, Never Leave Me, LMPTM, Dirty Girls, Damage.

          - Mere Smith: Birthday, Loyalty, Ground State, Long Day's Journey, Calvary, Orpheus, .

          - Jeffrey Bell: That Vision Thing, Billy, Quickening, Forgiving, Habeas Corpses, Calvary, The Magic Bullet, Not Fade Away


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            Thats almost all of them, I never noticed Steven S. DeKnight had that many good episodes.
            heres a top 20 list: Petrie wins my vote, with 4

            1. Fool for love. Petrie
            2. The wish. Noxon
            3. Helpless. Fury
            4. Destiny. Fury/DeKnight
            5. The prodigal. Minear
            6. somnambulist. Minear
            7.Buffy v Dracula. Noxon
            8. Passion. King
            9. Angel. Greenwalt
            10. The harsh light of day. Espenson
            11. Selfless. Goddard
            12. Enemies. Petrie
            13. Darla. Minear
            14. Primeval. Fury
            15. Barganning pt1. Noxon
            16. End of days. Petrie
            17. the yoko factor. Petrie
            18. Not fade away. Bell
            19. Bewitched, bothered and bewildered. Noxon
            20. Seeing red. DeKNight


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              I agree with Nina, Tim Minear is the best Angel writer

              In Bvts is it Marti Noxon with The Wish, oh and Ty King with Passion
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                My favorite of each writer? I'll pick one for each, and then pick my fav out of all of them. Here:

                Marti Noxon: (lots of bad episodes here) The Wish, by far.

                Doug Petrie: (SO hard, but....) The Trial, because I just love it!

                David Greenwalt: (so-so writer) Sleep Tight, it was between this and To Shanshu in L.A

                David Fury: (again, so-so) Salvage, but it was hard: he has either bad episodes, or great ones.

                Jane Espenson: Conversations With Dead people, even though it's co-written.

                Tim Minear: (favorite AtS writer) SO hard, between The Trial, Reunion, Reprise, and all that stuff, Lullaby still wins.

                Mere Smith: (great one) Calvary, even thought Birthday rocks, too.

                Jeffery Bell: (LOVE him) Between Forgiving, The Magic Bullet, NFA, and Calvary, this is a tough one. However, I'm giving my vote to the fantastic Forgiving.

                Steven S. DeKnight: (awesome writer) Inside Out or Calvary, but since Calvary is already voted for: Inside Out.

                Drew Goddard: (again, awesomeness) Selfless

                Now that we've narrowed it down, the winner is.....A TIE! It's Jeffery Bell and Tim Minear with Forgiving and Lullaby.


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                  Oh I forgot about Jefferey Bell, I love his episodes. Forgiving and NFA ... amazing.


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                    "Fool for Love" by Douglas Petrie, followed closely by "The Wish" by Marti Noxon.


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                      "Fool for Love" by Douglas Petrie, followed closely by "The Wish" by Marti Noxon.
                      It seems as if these are the two most popular Non Joss episodes


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                        To my mind best non-Joss episode is also "Fool for Love" by Douglas Petrie.
                        Followed by Lover's Walk by Dan Vebber and After Life by Jane Espenson.
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                          I'm suprised with the 'Fool for Love' love here. I would've expected more 'Passion' and 'The Wish' love I guess.


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                            I love Jane Espenson's writing...she give good comedy. My favorite non-joss would probably be earshot or band candy, followed by Pangs and then Triangle. I also love I Only Have Eyes For You (Noxon), The Wish (Noxon), Selfless (Goddard), Tabula Rasa (Kirshner), The Yoko Factor and Primeval (can't remember writers).



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                              Doug Petrie done Yoko. And either Petrie or Fury done Primeval


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                                Originally posted by lee View Post
                                Doug Petrie done Yoko. And either Petrie or Fury done Primeval
                                Primeval is written by David Fury Pretty damn epic for non-Joss, yeeesh?


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                                  OMG did everyone forget about "Five By Five" by Jim Kouf? In my top 10, so yeah, definitely a fav non-Joss guest writer

                                  Sorry for double post


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                                    i forgot about 5 by 5. classic. def top 10 non Joss


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                                      OMG did everyone forget about "Five By Five" by Jim Kouf? In my top 10, so yeah, definitely a fav non-Joss guest writer
                                      Sorry I usually do forget about Angel and all stuff related to it. But not in a bad way