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  • Fray

    It's not too long ago that i managed to have a read through this comic book and just thought it deserved a little comment.

    I love the character of fray and the future 'verse that she lives in. To me she has more than a passing resemblence to the wishverse version of buffy, all rough edges and streetwise self sufficiency. The main thing to me though is how much scope the comic book left for futher development and personally i want more. I realise that joss and co are busy at the moment with the continuing series 8 and the proposed angel series 6 comics but i really would love to see the continuing adventures of this futuristic slayer .

    So does anyone else see the scope for a continuing series here? Anyone similarly want to see more? And perhaps most importantly does ayone know of any further developments that may be happening to further this?

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    I love the Fray series too, and would like to see more. But I didn't realize that there were Buffy Series 8 comics out there! (I guess I've been out of the loop longer than I thought ) I'm really excited to hear that, and I'll be ordering the first four issues shortly.
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      I would love to see more Fray I was actually thinking about this the other day. However, I'd much rather Joss focus on Buffy at this particular time because it seems like a wish come true that we have actually gotten a official Buffy season. In my eyes Fray isn't as interesting as Btvs (although very interesting) so I'd rather Joss focus on one thing at the moment. We wouldn't want season eight to turn out like season seven with Joss focusing on too many things at once.

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        I'd like for Joss to finish both Buffy, Angel, and any other story to come before heading into the future again. We know how it ends, but I'd like to see how it ends exactly.