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Dude, I'd pay to see that: things we never saw but would've loved to

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  • Dude, I'd pay to see that: things we never saw but would've loved to

    Are there any events - that happened off screen and we didn't see, or never happened but should have, given the natures of the characters? Tell!

    Of things that happened off screen, I would've loved to see the time that Xander ran out of money and had to, presumably, work as a stripper that summer between seasons 3 and 4.

    Of things that didn't necessarily happen but I'd totally believe, I would've loved to see 70s Angel dancing in the manner of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Altogether now uh uh uh uh staying undead, staying sequin studded flares. Come on, he so would've. In a miserable sort of a way.

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    I always wanted to see Buffy's "slay heavy summer" between season 3 and season 4 as it'd be interesting to see the thing she had to deal with. As well as how she dealt with Angel and Xander's absence.

    I always also wanted to see Cordy's departure from Sunnydale, it felt a little odd we got no real goodbye from her.

    And I've always been interested to see Buffy and Angel's reunion in season six of Btvs/ season 3 of Ats.

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      Buffy and Xander kissing. Spell induced, in a dream, whatever excuse you want. It's just a flat out eff up that they *never* gave us Buffy/Xander kissing on screen. Giles and Anya kissed on screen.

      A Slayer getting vamped.
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        I would have loved to have seen how Buffy reacted to Angel's relationship with Cordy and his son Connor (I think that was in the original script of Chosen but it got cut). It may be in the comics, I must admit, I'm not entirely up to date but I do not wish to be spoiled.


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          I'm tempted to say Spike and Buffy's fade-to-black scene in Chosen, even though the whole beauty of the scene is that "what we want to have happened" is what happened.

          Tara as the First in Conversations with Dead People. The First appearing to Giles as Jenny. The First appearing to Buffy as Spike, preferrably in the bathroom, to deal with that incident in a more straightforward manner.

          That Evil!Tara subplot Joss had in mind for Season 7.

          The Faith/Buffy Enemies kiss as it was in the shooting script.

          Angel/Faith or Angel/Gwen over Angel/Cordelia.

          The extended version of Spike's Out of My Mind fantasy.

          The original plot they had in mind for Season 4, with more Maggie Walsh and more Oz (as long as they did something about his hideous werewolf costume).

          Xander/Buffy kissage.

          The Buffy-centric version of You're Welcome.

          Spoilers for The Long Way Home:
          Buffy's threesome fantasy onscreen. *g*

          More later.

          Originally posted by kana
          I would have loved to have seen how Buffy reacted to Angel's relationship with Cordy and his son Connor (I think that was in the original script of Chosen but it got cut).
          AOL Host: Will Buffy ever find out about Angel's feelings for Cordelia?
          Joss Whedon: I think at some point she probably will. She will laugh and laugh and they will all have a good time.
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            I'm on the 'scoobies reaction to Connor, Buffy's summer between season 3 and 4, and the meeting between Buffy and Angel' bandwagon.

            I would love to see that Angel visited Faith in prison more than once.
            Some more flash-backs about Liam's life and Angelus' first night as a vampire.
            Wesley facing Giles after all those years.
            Cordelia facing Wesley after the Connor kidnap.
            Little conversations about normal things between the Ats gang and between Buffy & Angel or Spike.
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              More Oz. I liked the character, but I felt that he was pushed to the side a lot, and didn't get many of his own storylines.

              Xander's reacetion to Cordy's death.

              Willow's reaction to Fred's death.

              A confrontation between Giles and Angel, both getting what they need to off thier chest, shouting at each other.

              Connor to appear in a Buffy episode, interact with the scoobies, and then leave without anybody knowing who's son he is.

              An onscreen (or onpage) confirmation that the slayerline runs through Faith and that Buffy's next death has absolutly no bearing on choosing the next "oficial" slayer. Nothing pissed me off more about season 7 than the character talking crap that we all know is false.

              The alley battle. Hell yeah.


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                I'd like to see what happened in Spike's place with Giles and Xander that made them decide not to kill him in "Intervention". They had every reason and every justification at the time based on the information they had, and they didn't. Xander gave a reason, but not really an explanation.
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                  Ooh, I agree with all of these. I'll add some:

                  The summer between Seasons 6 & 7, when Dawn, Xander, and Buffy were the only Scoobies left.

                  Buffy's explanation to Riley about her relationship with Angel.

                  A Scooby phone call to Giles in Season Six.

                  The original church scene in "Beneath You".

                  Cordelia's farewell party before L.A. You know she had one. Or, at least, her and Xander's last meeting.

                  Drusilla meeting an ensouled Spike.

                  Xander mourning Anya's death.
                  The story's kinda bland. It's about this guy named Dumbledore Calrissian who needs to return the ring back to Mordor.


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                    Oh wow, definitely would have loved to see an episode in the pre-Spike is back, pre-visions of Potentials time before Season 7 when Xander and Buffy were a de factor married couple/adoptive parents to Dawn and the three of them did all the leg work. We got a *little* of it in "Same Time, Same Place" when they were looking for Willow, but it needed to be an entire episode.
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                      connor and holtz in quar'toth.

                      angel in hell.

                      buffy and angel's season 6/season 3 off-screen meeting.

                      buffy's explanation to riley about her past.

                      the expanded welcome to the hellmouth dialog between buffy and giles that was in the unaired pilot (it's actually better than the one in the final episode--as in: more powerful--particularly buffy's comments about merrick's death as a retort and everything she's lost and how she wants to be normal). for that matter, i want joss to bite the bullet and release it in pristine quality.

                      the deleted scene in harsh light of day where buffy talks about how her quick fling with parker had to do with angel.

                      spike and dru at woodstock.

                      spike killing the orphanage and roger wyndham-pryce witnessing it.

                      soulless spike hurting girls dawn's age.

                      more on wesley's disfunctional father/son relationship and his watcher academy past.

                      learning darla's real name.

                      learning liam's (and drusilla's for that matter--william pratt is the only one we have a full name for) last name and getting a better insight into when liam became a self-fulfilling prophecy (and a better connecting of the dots between "i've always wanted to see the world, but..."/"show me your world" and angel's more nerdy language/memorization/travel interests which i believe were actually from a disillusioned liam).

                      a faith flashback to her life pre-sunnydale.

                      a flashback of what angelus did to drusilla's family.

                      getting any kind of backstory on heinrich joseph nest a.k.a. the master (the 600-years-old thing doesn't hold up because he would have been fully physically corrupted by the time he was 200... he is supposed to have been soulless as a human... his obsession with marcus aurelius points me to him maybe having been roman).

                      i would absolutely LOVE to see one of our main vampires start to go through the kakistos/master-like physical corruption (yes, i know angel is ----- now, but if joss ever wanted to bring somebody from the verse into fray--that storyline would be excellent, though it is the gist of an excellent fanfiction by cynamin).

                      the seemingly missing scene after the kiss that turns to horror where buffy mentions at the hospital having invited angel back to her house again "even after i knew what he was" (which is apparently why he actually showed up in time to coincide with darla's attack on joyce). it is insinuated that buffy must have invited him back, but it is not shown.

                      some ultimate rerelease edition of the dvds all in widescreen (the widescreen does exist! but it was only released seasons 4-7 in europe--and those seasons show flashbacks to earlier seasons which also show widescreen... there are a few scenes that have things sticking in the sides, however--seasons 1 and 2 are desperately in need of a massive restoration--and i don't think i'd argue with a better completion of some of the early cgi shots--and i'm saying this while being a massive han-shot-first don't-touch-my-star-wars-original-trilogy fan--the cgi could use some spiffying up--the vampire poofs need skeletons, the sewer snake and the mayor snake are in desperate need of some more work) with deleted scenes that were cut for time put back in (such as the harsh light of day mention of angel--which desperately needs to get back in--and even silly little bits like why gunn has blood on his lip in one episode--it always caught my eye and it turns out he mistakes angel's pigs blood for v-8 juice in a deleted scene included in the script).

                      the deleted "cordy!" scene in birthday should be put back in the episode. unlike the wesley/fred ballet fantasy, the "cordy!" scene didn't have any scene that replaced it. it would be neat if they could somehow stick that ballet scene in some episode though, maybe as a flashback dream sequence of wesley's ? la anya's flashback to once more, with feeling. underneath where illyria comments that wesley's been dreaming for hours actually would make a pretty good place for it. i just hate it not being fully canonized except for what wesley was thinking while angel was noticing the prima ballerina (the scene that replaced it). the other place would be right after wesley sees fred and gunn kissing and you get the brass reflection shot and right before the sword dragging.

                      that amy acker's screen test (the wesley-and-gunn-go-mystical-shakespeare segment) was part of an episode. it would be so cute to canonize it in very early season 3 (pre-billy).
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                        I would of loved to see what happened really happened between the off screen reunion of Buffy and Angel during Season 6. I know that Jane wrote a comic episode on it but it just didn't make me happy...

                        I would have loved to have seen how Buffy reacted to Angel's relationship with Cordy and his son Connor (I think that was in the original script of Chosen but it got cut).
                        I would of liked to see that too.



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                          Originally posted by LaJaula View Post
                          Ooh, I agree with all of these. I'll add some:

                          The original church scene in "Beneath You".

                          I've never heard of this, what did it entail?

                          I wan't to know who's actually older, the Master or Kakistos.

                          I want a lame, cheezy Christmas episode where Buffy meets Santa. He can be evil like Anya says he is, or he can be jolly. Meanwhile, we have a subplot where either Angel or Giles takes a "bah humbug" attitude to Christmas becuase they're depressed, and get visited by the three ghosts of Christmas. The episode could possibly have rhyming narration by Spike who takes a somewhat sarcastic approach to the whole thing.
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                            Nothing really to add... but I would have payed Joss to have had Buffy dust Spike in Season 4. Or even have him die for Dawn in Season 5.

                            Seriously. If I won the lotto I would give him a million to like rewrite stuff... jeez v.v

                            Oh.. and Buffy/Xander kiss ... any form. Seriously.
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                              Originally posted by Vampire in Rug View Post
                              I've never heard of this, what did it entail?
                              James Marsters: And so, you know, I got all my rocket fuel together and we filmed the scene, dailies came back, Joss didn't like the lighting, he thought some of the writing needed to be switched around a little bit. And so he rewrote it and came in and directed it again. By that time I was spent, you know, I had already filmed it and I just kind of came to the set... (walks across stage, head hung), how am I gonna rake myself again? But it always happens that you just get carried by the words and you just get carried there.

                              Douglas Petrie's version of the scene available here.

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                                Oh I know...the Giles/Wood dope smoking scene from Chosen

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                                  Thanks Enisy. While that scene was okay, I preffer what we got onscreen. It felt more tragic and Spike mentioned Angel, who is very important when it comes to soul-having. I would have been pissed if he hadn't been mentioned.


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                                    Originally posted by Wolfie Gilmore View Post
                                    Oh I know...the Giles/Wood dope smoking scene from Chosen
                                    I thought they were just supposed to roll a fag?

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                                      Originally posted by vampmogs View Post
                                      I thought they were just supposed to roll a fag?
                                      Nope, they were supposed to share a little jazz cigarette together

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                                        Originally posted by Wolfie Gilmore View Post
                                        Nope, they were supposed to share a little jazz cigarette together
                                        Really! Ah k then That woulda been very cool, a little Ripper coming out of Giles.

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