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  • Unpopular opinions of Buffy and Angel

    List your unpopular opinions of both shows, and make sure they're unpopular, so no "I hate Riley" and "I think Spike is hot" 'cause both are popular opinions. You can also discuss others' opinions.

    I liked season four better than season three.

    I didn't get interested in Faith until No Future For You.

    I don't like Buffy's relationships (Bangel, Ruffy, Spuffy)

    I lost interest in Willow the minute she started to desert the computer and become a witch.

    I find Buffy's boyfriends' scenes with Buffy's friends much more interesting than with Buffy.

    I don't side with anyone in Empty Places, while I felt bad for Buffy and thought it was harsh to have her leave the house, I thought the Scoobies had a point in their argument. I side with Buffy in Dead Man's Party, I side with the Scoobies in Revelation.

    I find Xander/Cordelia more interesting than Xander/Anya.

    I find the Scoobies more interesting and layered than the Fang Gang (Angel's group.)

    I love Riley and Kennedy.

    I'm not interested in Tara and Andrew. Tara was too much of a saint, Andrew was just... there.

    I prefer Buffy more than Angel and Firefly.

    I think Giles is sexier than Angel and Spike. Moreover, I think Xander is better looking than both vamps, too.

    I like Gunn more than Wesley.

    I liked Geeky Wesley more than Dark Welsey.

    I think Xander had a point when he said that soulless Spike shouldn't be trusted, but hated his behavior with Buffy in Entropy and Seeing Red.

    I think Buffy, Xander and Willow helped improve Spike, Anya and Tara better than S/A/T helped improve B/X/W
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    Probably my biggest one is that I can't stand Buffy herself. In almost every instance I view her in the wrong, he attitude annoys me, her self-righteousness and her sanctimonious speeches where she clearly expresses that she is better than everyone else annoy the heck out of me. She's easily the most detestable character for me in any work that I've ever loved so much.

    This ties in a bit to the first, but I think Whedon pushes the girl power notion too far. The big Bad is always a guy, and even Glory had to have a tie to the mortal coil where she was a guy. Based on what we see in the shows the vampire population is approximately 98% male, yet they hardly ever show male vamps biting male humans. In the show the male is always showed to be in the wrong, and even the characters we are supposed to like are written to have bad male like traits- Xander cheats on Cordelia and leaves Anya at the alter, Buffy's dad abandons her and then they make it where he left because he was cheating on Joyce, Giles is portrayed as harsh to Buffy anytime they want to empower her and he was portrayed as a bad man in his relationship with Jenny, etc. It's very tiresome and hurts the flow of the verse when the writers feel this need to always make males into the bad "guys" and females into the good "guys."

    I've stated before and I fully believe that for as mush as I love Whedon he must be a very limited writer. He, nor his team, clearly can't write a good functioning relationship and that is why they feel the need to destroy every relationship on the show. Not a single relationship lasts, either someone cheats, they break-up, or someone dies. The thing is that in order for their to be so much bad and heartbreak there has to be good as well, there have to be good relationships to show us what could be and what should be. Whedon doesn't realize this and his writing and his stories suffer from his inability to not implode every relationship he crea6tes. It reeks on unoriginality on his part and is one of the reasons why for as great as I think he is I also think he is quite limited.
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      I like Kennedy. I think she was one of the few potentials with character.

      I think Beer Bad is a really good, funny ep.

      I think Tara was a bit too much of a goody-goody and I would hate to see the character back because of how it would undermine Dark Willow.

      I don't think The Gift is necessarily all that special an ep. It's good but THAT good?

      I don't care if Buffy loves Spike or Angel.

      I liked The Master as a villain.

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        Gosh, most of my opinions are actually pretty popular, I feel so conventional...

        Ok I'm not sure if these are popular or not but here are some of my opinions.

        I actually see Jasmine's point of view dispite ultimately agreeing with Angel.

        I too like Riley.

        That's about it actually.


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          I love Beer Bad and Riley, and I like The First


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            Oh let's see.
            • I adore BtVS season 1.
            • I think that Ats is better written than BtVS 4-7.
            • I think that 'The Body' isn't a top 10 episode.
            • I think that 'Grave' is worse than 'Home'.
            • I always loved Angel. Yes, in every episode.
            • I like Riley.
            • I think that David turned out as one of the best actors. And I prefer his way of acting more than the overacting from some others.
            • I prefer Angel, Cordy and Wes more than the 3 scoobies.
            • I really like Connor.
            • I think that the bad guys in Ats are better than the BtVS bad guys.
            • I still think that SMG showed her best acting in season 1 and 2.
            • I like Buffy's shorter hair more than the long season 6 hair.
            • I think that the 'morning after' scene in 'Innocence' beats the AR everyday as the most shocking thing ever.
            • I don't like Groo, love the actor, but I really don't like the character.
            • I don't believe that Buffy's worst seasons were better than the other series on tv. Season 7 was awful and I don't think that a serie made a worse season ... ever.

            I also agree with Cell on the most points. Only I loved Buffy in the first 3 seasons and liked her in season 4 and 5. But in season 7 (and 8) ... I agree with you.
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              -Season Four is my very favorite. I love the character arcs, I love the resolution, I love Adam and Riley building a fort out of pillows, and sometimes, if I'm not careful, I even like the Initiative storyline

              -I love season six (for very different reasons) and I think the portrayal of Buffy's depression is the best portrayal of depression on television, anywhere.

              -I like Marti Noxon and do not think she's the devil incarnate

              -I love femslash and especially shamefacedly like slashing buffy and willow

              It's interesting to see what people think of as unpopular opinions...I bet this question would get very different responses in other areas of fandom because I know I've seen some of these opinions as THE main interpretation elsewhere, particularly dislike of the later seasons.



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                Originally posted by Cell View Post
                Probably my biggest one is that I can't stand Buffy herself.
                I thought I'd be the only one.

                Buffy is probably my least favorite character.
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                  I liked Riley+Buffy in season 4 better than I liked Angel+Buffy throughout their entire relationship.

                  I Liked Willow better when she was timid and dorky, and didnt like the fact that she became the big bad in season 6.

                  I think Buffy should have ended with season 5. That's not to say that I didnt like the last two seasons, but I thought Season 5's ending did the show more justice than season 7s.

                  It's my personal opinion that Buffy was a glutton for pain and emotional anguish. Granted, I can't judge cuz I'm not the slayer, so I don't know what it's like... But I just feel like she made everything too hard for herself, especially when it comes to relationships.

                  I strongly dislike Dawn. And Michelle Trachtenberg is a terrible actress, in my opinion.

                  And I agree with the comment a bit above mine-- Beer Bad is a great episode. That and Go Fish. I can't understand the negativity towards them.



                  I liked their enterence in to WR&H. I thought Season 5 really re-vamped the show and I was beyond bummed that they announced it was there last RIGHT when it was starting to get good again.

                  I liked the goofy/lighthearted episodes better than the serious ones.

                  I think that the guy who played Connor was unattractive, wormy, and dirty looking. I guess I expected Angel and Darla to create a slightly larger individual. With better hair.
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                    Is liking 'Beer Bad' an unpopulair opinion? Because I really like it as well ...


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                      Oooh, a few more,

                      --I had no problem whatsoever with Riley, and I really don't see all the negativity towards him, especially in his lone season 6 ep.

                      --I had no problem with Dawn, she could be a bit whiney, but some people are like that

                      --Fopr the same reasons I had no problem with Connor.
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                        • I like Riley okay.
                        • I like Kennedy okay.
                        • I like Nina okay.

                        ...that's about it, actually. There are very few things objectively "unpopular" in the 'verse, as I see it. Some of the stuff that posters above me mentioned I would definitely deem more "popular" than "unpopular".

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                          I like Buffy/Xander.

                          Nina was a great character who was treated pretty poorly.

                          Xander is more important to the overall story than either Spike or Angel.

                          I'll think of more -- it's hard to tell what is unpopular more than just controversial, such as...

                          Buffy deserves better than a vampire, period.
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                            Season six was great. It was a brave choice to show a strong character undergoing a period of true weakness and depression.

                            Closely related: The sex during season six (while probably not a good choice for the characters involved) was not degrading. It was a mutual decision between two adults and is, by definition, a natural and healthy form of expression.

                            Dawn was an unnecessary addition.

                            I liked the potentials and the idea of Buffy taking on the new role as their mentor/trainer. I felt that they added enough to the general mythology surrounding the slayer that they earned their airtime.

                            I find it problematic that Willow saved the day with magic after they spent such a long time showing us that Willow and magic was a bad thing.

                            Spike's character arc was the most interesting in the series and though it was practically accidental it serves as a perfect anecdote on the whole of BTVS: Things are not always what they seem and everyone is capable of doing something incredible and unexpected.
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                              See, the Season 6 / Spike / Spuffy stuff, for example, is more controversial than it is unpopular. Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon and David Fury, among others, have pointed out that most people will either love them or hate them. There's just little neutral ground, like there was with earlier, safer material.

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                                I've always thought Beer Bad was a fun episode also!

                                I also really like Nina, and I'm glad to see the chance for her relationship with Angel to grow in the comics.

                                Also, I think Season 5 is not spectacular, there are some good episodes for sure, but overall not a great season for me.


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                                  I actually kinda liked Kennedy.

                                  I think the idea of The Initiative was actually pretty cool.
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                                    Ok a few more,

                                    I too like Connor, and didn't mind Dawn (actually liked her in Season 7)

                                    Prefer Angel as a show and a chracter to Buffy and Btvs respectively.

                                    I too prefer the bigs bads on Ats than Btvs.

                                    Thought Mr Trick had potential and was sold short.

                                    Empathised with Wood in LMPTM even if I didn't agree with his 'mission'. Thought Spike in this same episode was trying to rationalize past events to make himself feel better.


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                                      I posted about this topic on another forum, but might have changed my mind today so..

                                      I love Connor, always have.

                                      I sided more with Wood then Spike in LMPTM.. and he should have given the jacket back to Wood, come on dude you killed his mother! I don't think forgiving him for trying to kill you is enough... actually I think that is the biggest mistake the show has ever made, seriously

                                      Season 7 should have found a way to include more scooby interaction.

                                      I like Beer Bad (especially the end) and Doublemeat Palace.

                                      I also like Buffy/Xander but only recently, and not sure it's unpopular anymore.


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                                        Originally posted by Sosa lola View Post
                                        I liked Geeky Wesley more than Dark Welsey.
                                        Ooh same, but you like Gunn more than Wes? Gunn??

                                        More of mine:

                                        Season 4 of Buffy is one of my favorites.

                                        I liked the Jasmine arc in Angel season 4.

                                        I don't think Spike is hot, I don't think he's one of the best characters, and in fact, think he is the most overused and overrated characters in the whole Jossverse.

                                        I think both Willow and Buffy became more unlikeable in the later seasons.

                                        I don't care who Buffy is with, be it Angel or Riley or even Xander, as long as it isn't Spike.
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