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Beauty and the Beast- The Willow/Oz Shipper Union

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  • Beauty and the Beast- The Willow/Oz Shipper Union

    Hey guys.. :waves:

    I personally, am a huge Willow/Oz shipper.. I absolutely loved the relationship. I loved how it focuses so much on the "cute" couple.. and every time I see them together, it always makes me happy.

    It seems as if the majority of fans ship Willow/Tara, but anyone left who prefers Willow/Oz? Or at least enjoyed the ship as well?

    What are your favorite moments as a couple?

    Why do you prefer Willow/Oz over Willow/Tara? If you don't, explain why..

    Do you think they have a chance in the future?


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    Oh I love Willow and Oz I thought they were perfect together.

    My favourite moments are when Oz first notices Willow in the eskimo outfit, when she kisses him at the end of Phases and when he gave her the Pez Witch.

    I love both Willow/Oz and Willow/Tara but I would always go with Oz because it was such a cute relationship. I think it is probably because it was Willow's first real relationship.

    I don't think they stand a chance in the future because Willow's now gay lol but I would have loved it if they could have got back together.


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      Please sign me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1) I love Wild At Heart, especially the last moments of it.
      Willow:"Don't you love me?" Oz:" all my life I never loved anything else." God, I cried so hard while watching.

      2)Easy. Cuter, Happier, Healthier, Better. and lovely, so lovely.!!

      3)they might have. They have such nice relationship with LESS MAGIC. You know, magic hurt Willow so hard.
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        Willow and Oz are definitely my favorite.

        1) My favorite scene to watch is when Oz asks Willow out on their first date. I also love their conversation in Oz's van, when she asks Oz if he wants to make out. "Willow kissage"

        2) I like both couples. I enjoy watching Willow and Oz more because they were so cute, and their sense of humor matched perfectly. I'm pretty sure they were each other's first big love, and the love between them really was intense. I was so sad when they broke up because of terrible circumstances -- not because they didn't love each other anymore.

        3) I think Willow and Oz will always have a chance in the future. Willow really has changed alot, what with the being gay and the super magic, but I still think there is potential. I have no doubt that she would still love Oz if/when he returns in S8. Willow is definitely gay, but I tend to think that her sexuality is more fluid than the strict category of gay or straight. As evidenced by Xander and Oz, Willow is certainly capable of being attracted men and women. Especially when her love and attraction is anchored in the person, and not their gender.

        Here's a question: If Oz returns in S8, do you think they may have gone through too many changes to start a relationship back up?