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  • Top 20 of BtVS and Angel

    This can be a place to list and discuss your top 20 episodes/story arcs of either show. Here is mine

    1. Once More With Feeling
    2. Becoming Part II
    3. The Gift
    4. Fool for Love
    5. Passion
    6. Amends
    7. Chosen
    8. Graduation Day, Part II
    9. The Body
    10. Help
    11. Forever
    12. Selfless
    13. Hell's Bells
    14. The Zeppo
    15. Wild at Heart
    16. Surprise
    17. The Prom
    18. New Moon Rising
    19. School Hard
    20. Innocence

    1. Not Fade Away
    2. After the Fall
    3. Shells
    4. A Hole in the World
    5. Lineage
    6. Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?
    7. You're Welcome
    8. Home
    9. Tomorrow
    10. Lullaby
    11. I Will Remember You
    12. Eternity
    13. Reprise
    14. Waiting in the Wings
    15. Sleep Tight
    16. Hero
    17. Apocalypse Nowish
    18. Destiny
    19. City Of
    20. In the Dark

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    In no particular order really besides Enemies being my number 1.

    1. Enemies
    2. Becoming Part 2
    3. Gradutaion Day Part 2
    4. The Body
    5. The Gift
    6. Innocence
    7. The Wish
    8. Hush
    9. Who Are You?
    10. Listening to Fear (I know I like the cheesy episodes. You don't need to tell me.)
    11. The Weight Of The World
    12. Tabula Rasa
    13. Two to Go
    14. Him (my only season 7 fave)
    15. After Life
    16. Checkpoint
    17. Helpless
    18. When She Was Bad ( Buffy the bitch!!!)
    19. Prophecy Girl (fantastic finale for only being the 1st season)
    20. Anne (I really like when Buffy's alone)
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      Hmmm some of those I expected. Others are... surprising lol


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        Which ones?! I am an odd one though you shouldn't be surprised. My opinions don't alway reflect what other's think. I was going to put Where the Wild Things Are in for After Life but just decided to leave it as is. But if you want the top 21 then add WtWTA to that and there you go.
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          I was really surprised that Enemies was your winner. I love the episode, but it never really stood out to me. The next few choices, I totally agree. Amazing episodes. Some of the more surprising episodes were Listening to Fear (as you may have guessed lol), Two to Go, Him in a big way, When She Was Bad, Prophecy Girl, and especially Anne.

          List your top ANGELs!


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            1. I Will Remember You
            2. Sanctuary

            I don't watch Angel. Those are the only two I've seen repeatedly and have taped other than that I never got too invested into the show to go and buy all the dvds. I did watch it when it was still on tv though.

            I was really surprised that Enemies was your winner. I love the episode, but it never really stood out to me. The next few choices, I totally agree. Amazing episodes. Some of the more surprising episodes were Listening to Fear (as you may have guessed lol), Two to Go, Him in a big way, When She Was Bad, Prophecy Girl, and especially Anne.
            Enemies is just the one episode I can watch repeatedly without ever disliking it. Other episodes get old after awhile. It's like watching The Gift for the millionth time. It doesn't have that umpf to it like it did the 1st time you saw it. Enemies has that mostly because it isn't a major episode. Plus it just has that sweet ending with the best dialogue ever! I don't know what it is with all those other episodes but I just love them. Although Him kind of gets thrown all over the place. Some days I love it some days I hate it. Listening to Fear is just my favorite Joyce episode. I her line: "I wish someone would've let me know there was tennis being played. I just didn't know." That's just too good. If I had a little more time thinking about it instead of you guys just randomly asking me out of the blue about my top 20, my list may be a little different. IDK if you've been on here awhile you would've seen me explain plenty of times why I love them. Like I said, I'm odd. If you're really curious though, go to the Episodes Explanation style and just start reading.
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              Buffy (no order):

              1. Restless
              2. Passion
              3. Innocence
              4. Becoming II
              5. Primeval
              6. Surprise
              7. Who Are You?
              8. Hush
              9. Fear, Itself
              10. Halloween
              11. After Life
              12. Seeing Red
              13. Entropy
              14. Villains
              15. Anne
              16. Prophecy Girl
              17. Becoming I
              18. Once More, With Feeling
              19. Two to Go
              20. The Wish

              Probably obvious what my 3 favorite seasons are...

              Angel (no order):

              1. Not Fade Away
              2. A Hole in the World
              3. Reunion
              4. Reprise
              5. Epiphany
              6. Dead End
              7. Salvage
              8. Lullaby
              9. Forgiving
              10. Belonging
              11. Through the Looking Glass
              12. Damage
              13. To Shanshu in LA
              14. The Prodigal
              15. Habeas Corpses
              16. Release
              17. You're Welcome
              18. The Magic Bullet
              19. Shiny Happy People
              20. Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?
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                Well, I just did the buffy ones in another thread recently, but the Ats ones would be:

                1. A Hole in the World
                2. Origin
                3. Lineage
                4. I Will Remember You
                5. Five by Five
                6. Sanctuary
                7. Not Fade Away
                8. Fredless
                9. Parting Gifts
                10. City Of...
                11. Forgiving
                12. Billy
                13. Soulless
                14. Release
                15. You're Welcome
                16. Time Bomb
                17. Life of the Party (I found this eppy HYSTERICAL!)
                18. Shells
                19. Damage
                20. Destiny

                Yep, there's definitely a S5 theme going on there...


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                  I?m just gonna post my Buffy top, because I still haven?t seen all of Angel.

                  1. Becoming II/The Gift
                  2. Once more with Feeling
                  3. The Body
                  4. Hush
                  5. Restless
                  6. Fool for Love
                  7. Innocence
                  8. Passion
                  9. Selfless
                  10. Chosen
                  11. Dead Things
                  12. Graduation II
                  13. Conversations with Dead people
                  14. Lies my parents told me
                  15. After Life
                  16. The Wish
                  17. Villains
                  18. Doppelglandand
                  19. Who are you?
                  20. Normal again
                  21. Storyteller
                  22. I only Have eyes for You
                  23. Earshot
                  24. Something Blue
                  25. Get it Done

                  Doing a Buffy "top episodes" is pretty hard.


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                    I feel compelled to do this. I have a truly awful memory, so there's a more than likely chance I might have forgotten certain episodes that should be on the list. I did it off the top of my head, thinking that if I could choose only 20 episodes to watch ever again, these are the ones I'd pick.

                    In No Order:

                    • Not Fade Away
                      City Of
                      A Hole in the World
                      You're Welcome
                      Five by Five
                      Waiting in the Wings
                      The Trial
                      Smile Time

                    • Restless
                      The Gift
                      Becoming, Part 2
                      Graduation Day, Part 1
                      Graduation Day, Part 2
                      The Body
                      Band Candy
                      Prophecy Girl
                      Conversations with Dead People
                      Faith, Hope & Trick
                      Bad Girls
                      Who Are You?
                      New Moon Rising
                      The Wish

                    I think I got most of 'em. Who else is completely bloody grateful that they don't actually have to pick just 20 to watch ever again?


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                      Just like OkinawanSteel, I probably forgot some of my favourite episodes. But let's try.


                      01. Innocence
                      02. Passion
                      03. Becoming, part 2
                      04. Graduation Day, part 2
                      05. Amends
                      06. Hush
                      07. Prophecy Girl
                      09. The Prom
                      10. Forever
                      11. The Gift
                      12. What's my Line, part 2
                      13. Restless
                      14. Suprise
                      15. When She Was Bad
                      16. Intervention
                      17. Becoming, part 1
                      18. Homecoming
                      19. Graduation Day, part 1
                      20. The Body



                      01. Reprise
                      02. Not Fade Away
                      03. Orpheus
                      04. Reunion
                      05. Orgin
                      06. Soulless
                      07. Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
                      08. I Will Remember You
                      09. to Shanshu in LA
                      10. Deep Down
                      11. 5x5
                      12. Epiphany
                      13. Dear Boy
                      14. Lullaby
                      15. The Magic Bullet
                      16. Smile Time
                      17. Spin the Bottle
                      18. A Hole in the World
                      19. You're Welcome
                      20. Shells

                      Funny, I had a hard time finding my favourite 20 episodes for BtVS. The first 7 were without a question my favourite episode's ... but after that it became difficult. And that my favourite episodes are in the first seasons. The difference between my love for #1 and #20 is really big, where the difference between #1 and #20 of Ats, is less big. I love the best episodes of BtVS more as every Ats episode ever made, but almost all the 20 Ats episodes are above the last 10 of my favourite BtVS episodes.
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                        Nina, by your list, I guess you?re not a big fan of the later seasons, mostly 6 & 7.


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                          That's right, I love the first 3 seasons, I enjoy the next two seasons. But the last two seasons I try to forget. (But I like the first 6/7 episodes of season 7, but the rest of the season is awful IMO, which made me sad, because the first 7 episodes had potential.)


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                            Buffy episode- The Order will proly change as I watch the seasons Over
                            1. The Gift
                            2. Tabula Rasa
                            3. Hush
                            4. Prophecy Girl
                            5. Family
                            6. Fool for Love
                            7. Chosen
                            8. Grave
                            9. Two to Go
                            10. Spiral
                            11. Doppelgangland
                            12. Graduation day Part II
                            13. Angel
                            14. Band Candy
                            15. Help
                            16. Villians
                            17. Seeing Red
                            18. Halloween
                            19. No Place Like Home
                            20. Becoming Part 2

                            Angel- The Order will proly change as I watch the seasons Over
                            1. A Hole in the World
                            2. You're Welcome
                            3. Birthday
                            4. Shells
                            5. Not Fade Away
                            6. Spin the Bottle
                            7. Fredless
                            8. There's No Place like Plrtz Glrb
                            9. Hero
                            10. Orpheus
                            11. IWRY
                            12. Parting Gifts
                            13. Sleep Tight
                            14. Smile Time
                            15. Why We Fight
                            16. Bachelor Party
                            17. Time Bomb
                            18. Apocalypse Nowish
                            19. Lullaby
                            20. Origin


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                              I have to say that a lot of different list show up. And I?m sensing a trend of episodes concerning more the early seasons. And that?s good. That?s another reason I like Buffy, a lot of people pick different episodes or seasons, have different tastes.


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                                Since I never really got into Angel, I'll only be listing my Top 20 Buffy episodes (and this was hard!)

                                1. The Body
                                2. Once More, With Feeling
                                3. Hush
                                4. Chosen
                                5. Graduation Day I & II
                                6. Doppelgangland
                                7. Becoming I & II
                                8. Restless
                                9. Innocence
                                10. The Gift
                                11. Prophecy Girl
                                12. The Dark Willow Trilogy: Villains/Two To Go/Grave (I couldn't choose between these three!)
                                13. Passion
                                14. Earshot
                                15. Conversations With Dead People
                                16. Surprise
                                17. Who Are You?
                                18. The Wish
                                19. Primeval
                                20. Fool For Love
                                Why are you reading this when there's a great Xander picture to look at? Come on, you know you want to!


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                                  Buffyforever, your list is pretty good. You have a lot of interesting choices.


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                                    Oh another Chosen/Grave lover!!! That's good, go to the game section from time to time!!


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                                      I was never a Buffy fan, so my attempt has to resolve around Angel. Sadly, I wasn`t able to list my Top Ten. It`s actually impossible to list them in that way, however - I have one favorite:

                                      Are you now or have you ever been.

                                      This is for me the best episode ever made trough all 5 seasons of Angel. It`s such a gem, the theme, the writing, the acting, the choices made by both photographer and director.


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                                        At the present moment my Top20 in BtVS:

                                        School Hard
                                        Becoming (Part 2)
                                        Lover's Walk
                                        The Initiative
                                        Something Blue
                                        Goodbye Iowa
                                        Fool for Love
                                        The Gift
                                        Bargaining (Part 1)
                                        After Life
                                        Once More, with Feeling
                                        Older and Far Away
                                        First Date
                                        Lies My Parents Told Me

                                        (and I was rather surprised that it was actually really hard to pick just 20 )
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