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Buffy/Angel dreams you thought were episodes?

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  • Buffy/Angel dreams you thought were episodes?

    Yep you heard me, have you ever had a dream of Buffy/Angel where you thought that it was an actual episode?

    I did, it invovles Warren, Andrew and Jonathan in Los Angeles, all I can people is I think they were trying to steal something but Angel followed them and evatually caught them at the airport, after bashing them up, he told them to go home. That's all I remeber but I thought that was an episode of Angel (Mind this was before I ever saw the seasons of Angel), so when IK first got Angel I am like "Where is that episode?" Until I realized it was not a episode lol. (Perhaps it has to do with watching Buffy, I think one of the episodes before Seeing red when the trio tries to escape on those Jets and Buffy catches them)

    So what about you?

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    One time I had a dream that Faith and Spike were making out, but then Buffy walked in on them and got all angry and stuff. I was so sure it was a real episode that i searched for ages on the internet for it, then I realised it was a dream unfortunately
    ..wouldve been great if it were an episode though