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Spike in a coffin?

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  • Spike in a coffin?

    Here's a question for the experts!

    DAWN: Um, I was gonna fix 'em. I don't know how they got like that.
    SPIKE: I do. Clawed her way out of a coffin, that's how. (to Buffy) Isn't that right?
    BUFFY: (quietly) Yeah. That's ... what I had to do.
    SPIKE: Done it myself.
    It's from After Life and I wonder how come Spike's been burried in a coffin exactly. Through all the flash-backs we know that one night, Spike leave his mum to meet Cecily at some gathering, "You're beaneth me"...Spike leave crying and run into Darla, Angel and Drusila, Drusilla intrigued follow him and sire him. The last thing we know is that Vampire-Spike come home a few days after as his mother says.
    Where have you been? I've been beside myself for days.
    We knw that Spike's mother was certainly his only family and she didn't know where he was so she didn't paid for a funeral. Somebody might have found the body and warn the police in case the family would have been warned or the body would have been placed in a morgue but not burried in a coffin. The only possibility is Drusilla herself but I can't imagine why she would do that. She did it for Darla but she burried her in earth, not locked in a coffin.

    So what do you think?

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    It's not something to which there's an actual 'answer' -- it's basically a plot error, or likely plot error. Therefore... we fanwank!

    And I fanwank it by saying... you're probably right, Dru dragged him away and did it herself. Or, I would also think it's plausible, if that was a really lousy part of London, maybe he was just summarily tossed in a pauper's grave if nobody knew who he was?
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      I tend to think that Dru placed him in a coffin in the earth because she liked the traddition. I always thought the only reason that Dru buried Darla in the dirt was because she was nowhere near a cemetery and had that available thanks to Wolfram and Hart. I believe she would have chosen to bury Darla properly if she could have and did so for Spike as well. That's basically how I wank it.

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        As it's been said above. Spike said he never had a proper funeral but I guess the 'ritual' is different.

        Also, I guess one of Anne's servents invited them into the house as Anne seemed surprised to see him.