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season 4 faith and buffy body switch

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  • season 4 faith and buffy body switch

    ok so you all know the eps this years girl and who are you (hope am right wiv the ep names lol)

    but you know just after tara meets buffy(whos actually faith) in the bronze.... and tara realises that buffy isnt buffy that its not her.

    You know they do that spell to get her katra thing...

    well when riley is having sex with buffy/faith just after he says he loves u.... she goes all wierd and doesnt understand what he wants and where she is

    'what do you want from her' 'this is meaningless'

    i dont get it lol..... what happened then ?

    its confused me for a long time.. does buffy go back into her body for a short period.. is it willow ?

    please help wud be much appreciated


    hope i explained it properly lol...

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    The spell is having no effect whatsoever here.

    That is Faith saying that because she has never had a guy express any kind of real feelings for her like this before. Everything in her life has been meaningless, she has gone out with some pretty bad guys. Having someone say they love her made Faith freak out because she hasn't ever experienced this kind of intimacy or love making before, this wasn't a game as she intitally tried to make it with Riley. He didn't want to "play." It made her question if Riley was using Buffy, that he must want something with her because that's what she has always experienced with guys.

    When Riley asks her what is wrong she says nothing because she realises this was nothing, she wasn't Buffy, Riley felt this way towards Buffy not her.

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      I agree with vampmogs. In that moment, she realised that Riley was saying the truth about and that they share true, genuine love and Faith never had that and that was meaningless, because it wasn?t directed to her. Faith always viewed guys like a disposable object, that?s why she wants to "play", she never had anything meaningful in her life, guys were just a means to have fun, nothing else.


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        Faith doesn't believe *any* man can genuinely love a woman or that sexual intercourse connects to anything bigger than the pleasure principle. Sarah's line reading is fantastic in that scene, because it captures the idea that Faith is generalizing the feeling that she, personally, was being played by Riley to the inference that Buffy, too, must therefore be getting played by Riley, because what Riley is selling doesn't really exist to her.

        I've said this elsewhere, and I wouldn't want Riley to get a big head over it, but his making love to Faith is probably the definitive step in the turn she makes in "Who Are You?"
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