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    So, on Buffy and Angel, Joss likes to choose bands that fit the shows atmosphere and use them over. and over. and over again.

    So, for Buffy there's Virginia something, right? Help there

    For Angel, they really like to use VAST. One song, "Touched", was used in "Lonely Hearts" and a few of their other instrumental songs were used in others. Plus, the promos for Angel were basically all VAST songs.

    Any other ones ya know of?

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    joss has a thing for alternate rock and country. also, ats had a ton of classical, big band, oldies and disco. ...much of it due to lorne and angel.

    there's also the occasional techno.

    two patsy cline songs were used--"i fall to pieces" and "crazy". one of which is also the title of an episode. that's country oldies. "not fade away" comes from the title of a buddy holly song.

    the country thing is from joss. he talks about it a lot.

    kim richey songs were used in btvs season 1 and ats season 5.
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      I never noticed Vast in Angel. I'm not terribly familiar with them actually but there was a song I found that I listen to quite often and adore. It made me really want to find some more of their stuff.

      Especially if they do lots of instrumental!!

      So thanks for the info 'cause I had no idea! Now I really need to find some more Vast.
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        This is kind of the opposite of the common artists, but I found some of the music they used to be quite humorous because it's stuff that I never expected them to use. In "Bargaining Part One and Two", Static-X is played. I couldn't believe that the first time I saw it. I love Static-X, but NEVER expected them to be in Buffy or Angel. Then, in the episode in Angel where Jasmine first shows up and they are all singing, if you look, you'll see Zack Wylde playing guitar. My husband pointed that out and we couldn't stop laughing.

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          I personally liked how he used a lot of bands that were unheard of (at least for me anyway). The songs also seemed to fit the atmosphere of the show - as said by another poster - and noticably changed as the character's got older. When the later seasons came around, it was more about making the songs darker and mean more than they had in the past. Although the scene in School Hard where they're all dancing is cute and I absolutely LOVE the first album's songs.


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            I agree with Kiera. Joss picks bands that aren?t very known to the music circuit. I also like how every band, every music fits the mood of the episode. I have to say that some of favourite music is in the episode "The Harsh Light of Day", the song is called "Lucky", amazing. I love Aimee Mann?s music too in "Never Leave Me" and the music throughout the entire episode of "Lonely Hearts" on Angel.


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              Is everybody forgetting Four Star Mary? Just about every song they did is in Buffy at one point or another (probably because it's Oz's band Dingoes Ate My Baby ^^). Furthermore, Nerf Herder has some songs (besides the obvious ). Also, I love Vast's Touched. One of the few "Angel-songs" I still listen too Darling Violetta (who made the Angel theme song...) are in Buffy sometime as well. That's all I can remember atm :/

              My favourite music from Buffy is beyond doubt in season three when Willow locks herself in a bathroom and "Wish We Never Met" by Kathleen Wilhoite plays. Love that song